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10-01-2012, 11:49 AM
This is how it was described to me ... my resulting map is my interpretation of this description. I hope you like it.


Valek's Landing: This was once a bustling seaport town. All the island's trade made it's way through here at one point. Since I'm proposing that there wasn't much farming going on, since the Wardens are jailers and not farmers, this means all the blankets, rice, beans, and ale came through this port. The sword makers imported their steel, coal, coke, and whatnot. The innkeepers imported their booze. You get the idea. Add to this that prison ships would drop prisoners off... So I imagine the port was once big enough to handle the trade. Say four docks (only one of which is in good repair to this day).

The town today is just a fraction of what it once was. I would imagine that people would cluster close to the water, and abandon the rest of the town (there's safety in numbers, and it's better to be closer to where the ships come in). So the outlying, landward neighborhood would be dilapidated. Population? I have no idea. I'm picturing something analogous to The Black Death; German towns with populations in the thousands were reduced to a few hundred.

There has to be *enough* here to interest adventurers to stay. Valek's Landing is making a come back, so we can't make it too desolate. Also, please, no town wall. That's so overdone. Finally, keep in mind, to my mind, this is a town, not a bustling metropolis.

There is now a community of fishermen who live in long houses down by the water's edge, up the beach.

Nystul's Infinite Dungeon
Posted with his kind permission


10-01-2012, 04:58 PM
Once again, lovely work Kolyana! How long does it typically take you to crank out a map such as this out of curiosity?


10-01-2012, 05:07 PM
Thanks Arsheesh!

This one was about 6 hrs (Saturday afternoon). I probably could have done it slightly quicker had a certain cat decided not to take a nap on top of it ... WHILE I was in the process of inking everything in. "Don't mind me, coming through, oooh ... nice spot! Zzzzzzzz"

There is another I am going to post later this week that I did for Kobold Quarterly that is the same size, but probably took twice as long due to the extra details.