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10-05-2012, 05:35 AM
First, a quick hello to everyone and a gracious thank you for this site, the wonderful information found within and to those that provide it; in this case, especially Ascension.

This is the first digital map that I've ever created and I did it with the help of one of Ascension's tutorials. I skipped and tweaked a few things for personal preference but without it I'd have been quite lost. Thank you.

The lands are a place created by me though it lacks much of a real history or background. It is based around the Forgotten Realms setting and features Human, Elf & Dwarf populations as the main races. The map isn't fully complete though and I'm not sure what I may add to fill some of the lonely areas. The largest issue I have with the map is the rivers. For as zoomed out as the map is, the rivers don't move and wind enough and were created with a slightly too large of a pixel. I'll go back later and redo them if I don't move on to another map first. I'll also add some roads eventually, I think.

Most of the map is fairly easy to figure out without a key. However, it may help to note that red squares are Ruins and lavender triangles are Sites.

10-07-2012, 02:16 AM
With a few additions and the change of the rivers, I think I'll move onto the next project. Here's where I call it done for now. Thoughts?

Klaus van der Kroft
10-08-2012, 09:44 AM
Welcome to the board, Fusblr!

You have a very interesting map going on, which is heading in a good direction. That said, the overall shape of the map seems too determined by the canvas, making it look unnaturally rectangular. A way to fix this would be to increase the canvas and redraw the outer edges of islands/continents so they spread better, or do it the opposite way and eat away some of the coasts. Also, you could simply have some of the landmasses extend beyond the edges of the map.

There is also an odd group of waves surrounding the two islands westward of The Smokelands, that overlap with each other and also into an island to the south. I see similar, but much less noticeable, patterns surrounding other medium-sized islands, specifically those in the Kirthari Sea, the one where Dorstad Fortress is, and those two westward from the Isle of Wyrms.