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10-29-2012, 02:02 AM

I'm new to the guild but joined it because I'm looking for a map for the story I am writing. If I could figure out how to do it myself, I would but I'm completely at a loss. I saw some of the maps here and thought they were amazing. I was hoping that if I posted the info from the story someone would be able to make me an awesome map for me. This is what I've come up with.

The world is called Oden. I'd like there to be 6 districts and each district to have 1 major city, then some smaller cities/towns/communities as well. These are the names of district - name of major city (short discription):
Roald District - Harvest (central and largest district)
Cyma District - Dalmot (majoring farmland)
Abilene District - Sadat (is a wasteland - was once beautiful)
Dillan District - Bidgeway (small island)
Velius District - Laverine (surrounded by mountains and forests)
Holt District - Pewit (richest forests)

This is the discription of the 6 districts straight from my story:

They divided Oden up into six districts. The Roald district was the largest of all six districts, and would later become the capital district. Holt district had the most beautiful forests with lots of critters that were good for hunting. Cyma district was the majoring farmland, where the crops for all the other districts were provided. The district of Abilene was the most beautiful of all the districts, with wild flowers and large blossom trees. The last two districts, Dillan and Velius were the smallest, and separated by a large body of water. Velius district was secluded, surrounded by small forests, and large mountains; one could easily get lost. Finally, the Dillan district was a small island, the only district to truly be separated from the rest; you could only travel there by boat or plane.

I hope that's enough information. I'm not sure what else would be needed, if someone could take on the task it would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind imput into what you think works better, and I don't mind if you want to be creative with the map. Basically just want the world to be called Oden and it to have 6 districts with those names (they're weird, but for the story they are the name of the 6 gods that created Oden - just to give you more info).

Anyways, thanks, and I hope someone can help me out!

EDIT: I am looking to possibly, maybe get this story published, although I am nowhere near getting it finished. So if I did get this book published then I would be willing to pay. (Can't figure out how to change prefix to [Paid?] so that's why I'm editing this post) I am mostly looking for the map to help me visualize what I am writing. Of course if I do publish I would like copyrights to it, so I could put it in my book. I don't mind if the artist wants to use the map in their portfolio, but would not want them to use it for commercial purposes. If you need to contact me then you can email me at cabury_queen=at=hotmail.com (remove = and replace "at" with @).