View Full Version : Importing Maps into CC3

10-29-2012, 05:53 PM
I'm pretty new to map making and just got CC3 tonight. I've previously made a pretty simple map in PhotoShop that started out as a scanned map that I then inked in PhotoShop and so forth.

Here's my question...
I'm wondering if there's a way to import at least my traced map from PhotoShop into CC3. Honestly, I'm gonna be pretty shocked if there isn't a way to do it, so I would really appreciate any help I can get on the matter.

And on top of that, after importing, is there any weird stuff I'm going to have to deal with or does anyone just have any basic tips after importing? I've made one basic map as a bit of a test run, pretty much just completely following a tutorial, so my knowledge of CC3 is still pretty minimal. I really appreciate any help I can get.


11-07-2012, 09:11 PM
Hello midge,

I find myself in the same position in that I had a line layout of a town and regional area that I wanted to use some styles available in CC3 and I had the same problem...Bought the prog (not just THIS goal in mind, but was one of the deciding factors) with some add-ons and couldn't figure out how to do just what you are trying to do.

Just now I think I might have figured it out...Under the DRAW menu there is a "Insert File". Clicking that opens a window that allows for choosing a file or browsing to find one. Go looking for the file that you want, click Open. you will get the cross hairs for you to click the top left and the next click anchors the bottom right of your image. I suggest that you set your work space to the same size as your image, or at least the same proportions...Also note that CC3 will only import certain file types so make sure that your image is in one of those formats.

That SHOULD get your image into CC3, but I haven't tried doing anything with that image yet so that is as far as I can guide you on this. Hope this helps you out some.