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10-31-2012, 01:32 PM
For those Kickstarter patrons for the Kaidan project that contributed $40+, a free one-shot adventure module for 4 player characters of 7th level, called Up from Darkness by Jonathan McAnulty, is complete and will be made available today from Steve Russell of Rite Publishing. Think something along the lines of "Den of the Slave Lords" combined with continuous TPKs and no GM guilt (ha!). This adventure uses the Kaidan reincarnation mechanic to the hilt.

There were 3 maps for this adventure, but the upper levels held by the Shadow Ghoul master, Inochitanto is the most interesting (that's him in the cover art below - art by Mark Hyzer.)

This map uses my hand-drawn and digitally finished hybrid style map... using Xara Xtreme Pro 4.




10-31-2012, 06:35 PM
Very cool, I like your hatch-mark work, it's very distinctive.


10-31-2012, 09:59 PM

If it looks a bit scribbly - that's my style with intent based on speed. I created this and two other maps in 2.5 hours, last night from 9 pm to 11:30 pm. That includes drawing, scanning, placing beveled shapes with shadows to show walls and floor, as well as bridging over the capsule shaped 'botai chamber', and labels. I touched up the final page layout, exported to PDF and uploaded by 11 am today, and now it's available for $4.99 at DriveThruRPG.com (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/107645/Up-From-Darkness-%28PFRPG%29). Like everything else, I get things done quickly, so I can move on.

I prefer to create maps of my own design, but this map was for a one-shot demo game for Origins this year, and the author devised the dungeon design, so I tackled it to meet his specs and get it out for publication, right away. I plan to do a series of specific Kaidan location maps, all at my design in the near future. Something more to my tastes and need for some historical/architectural accuracy.

10-31-2012, 11:17 PM
The hybrid-scribbly approach really gives Kaidan maps their own style from the ones I've seen, I think. Plus I'm a big fan of hand-drawn stuff and I've been leaning towards it more and more myself lately.