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11-03-2012, 04:16 AM
This month's challenge:

Maps as misdirection: create two versions of the same map - one for players and one for the GM. This might take the form of a player map scrawled by some earlier, unfortunate, explorer - or a treasure map created to throw them off the trail. Think about how you can use a map as a means of controlling the flow of information.

The challenge will close on or about the end of the month for voting.
It will be for voters to decide whether your map fits the spirit of the challenge
Voters will be allowed to vote for as many entries as they wish.

Please post your entry on a new thread and follow the naming convention set out in the contest rules (or just refer to previous entries in the archives to see how it's done)

Good Luck everyone!

11-03-2012, 09:31 PM
Did I miss something, or is that the way the voting is going to be from now on, instead of based on the number of entries? :?:

11-04-2012, 06:43 AM
We brought it in because people were always ruing that they didn't have enough votes for the maps they wanted to vote for and the new system allows people to set their own voting priorities. e.g. I can vote for every map, although that doesn't help to choose a winner it does extend my appreciation to the people who made those maps.

We are still testing it. Once we have had a few contests with the new voting system, I guess we'll ask for feedback and then decide whether we want to continue with it.

Please feel free to tell us what you think of it!



11-04-2012, 02:25 PM
Aha, gotcha.

Cunning Cartographer
11-07-2012, 10:38 AM
Not personally a fan of the new voting process, people already get two votes and I think letting people vote on as many entries as they like will lead to:

a) People "voting" for an entry because they like it, not because they think it's a winner
b) People supporting their friends/other members they know well entries just because it's public if they didn't but had the option to

As for the topic, looks like another good one. I did something similar in an old Star Wars adventure where I made a map blueprint of a building for my group to break into, but the map was old, so when they got in there they were like "where the **** are we?!"

11-07-2012, 12:55 PM
I personally am undecided about the new voting procedure. On one hand it's a good way for people to recognize the entries (although repping the entrants works just as good) On the other hand if people vote for each entry it could lead to "contaminated" results. I think we should try it for a few challenges and see what happens. :)

11-27-2012, 01:47 AM
I think we should try it for a few challenges and see what happens. :)
And that's pretty much what the CLs thought. I think the hope is that it will still create a winner while also providing a more visible appreciation for the rest of the field. I think there have been some real blow outs in the past that look more lopsided than they really were because you only had one vote. If it just clutters up everything I imagine it will go away.

Also, I'm starting to feel like an adict jonesing because I haven't been able to do any artwork lately and I feel like I'm going to explode soon. I've been too busy with my day to day business and by the time I get home I'm just worn out. On the bright side I'm making good money but on the down side my artistic endeavors are being neglected. I hate it and I'm working hard to rectify that but we'll see how it goes.

11-27-2012, 02:05 AM
I know the feeling, Jax. It was really just a fluke that I had the free time, motivation, and ideas for the last couple of challenges. By all rights I shouldn't have had; this is the absolute busiest time of year for me.

12-01-2012, 07:27 PM
This should be locking up and going into the voting process at any moment. Hurry with your last minute changes if you got em. I have an anniversary party I'm heading out to for in a few minutes and if I'm up to it when I get home tonight I may be able to lock em down and fire this challenge up for votes. If anyone else can do it that would be fine however because I'm not sure how late this party is going to run tonight so it's possible I will just come home and hit the sack. In other words, don't count on me to get it done.

Worst case I should be able to do it Sunday but we are already late. :)

Edit: Got home a fairly reasonable hour so I'm going to wrap this up especially since it looks like everyone is ready to go.