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11-15-2012, 12:28 AM
This is what happens when a very senior archmage who can create pocket universes and bend spacetime gets bored, starts to create his retirement retreat, then goes slightly insane and keeps building...

It's also what happens when I get shipped off to a dark, cold industrial town for a week, with very little to do in my hotel room of an evening except sip rye whisky and doodle. This actually started out as an attempt at mapping a tower house or lightly fortified country manor - you can see the beginnings of that in the lower edge of the plan - then I got bored and let my pen wander. About a third of the way through the idea of the House of Many Rooms came to me, and I ran with it though to completion.


If you follow the outside wall of the thing around, there are only six outside doors; the theory being that they all lead to a different outside location - different parts of the same country, someplace on the far side of the world, maybe even somewhere on another plane of existence entirely. Some of them might never lead to the same place twice, when opened from inside the House... Each window also seems to look out into a different location, and the inside is tacked together from architectural elements "borrowed" from all over, and one gets the unsettling feeling that chambers just out of sight are slowing changing while you can't see them...

Assuming I don't get bored and move onto the next shiny thing, I might well spin out an RPG fragment of sorts, allowing GMs to plug the House into a campaign world. After all, each of those six doors could well be anywhere, at least from the outside.

Black .05 ink on plain white paper, photographed then cleaned up minimally in GIMP. I'll probably spin off a parchment background version too, and add a legend and such if I actually start writing the background material down.

11-15-2012, 12:34 AM
That is very cool :)

11-18-2012, 01:53 AM
So I took some time today to fire GIMP back up and work on the House of Many Rooms again.

Added a parchment effect, some colour to make the outside doors stand out, and a bit of a legend, showing which doors (at the time this map was made, at least...) lead to where.


(given that this is more WiP than Finished, if one of the mods wants to move it to Building/Structure Maps, that'd be fine...)