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11-15-2012, 06:39 PM
A friend of mine linked me to this. I found it pretty spectacular. I think others might appreciate seeing it too!

100,000 Stars (http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars/)

*edit* You can click and move the mouse to pan the view at the different levels. The bar at the side is basically the zoom bar.

11-15-2012, 07:00 PM
Wow, that is pretty awesome! I can never find that kind of stuff on my own when I'm looking for it... This would have been soooo useful when I was running a GURPS sci-fi campaign with my friends three months ago!

Nice find by your friend!

11-15-2012, 07:16 PM
Wow is that cool !! Thanks for sharing. :)

11-15-2012, 08:33 PM
wow it is cool!

made me think how we are small in front of this 8)

11-18-2012, 08:59 PM
That's absolutely awesome!

Reminded me a lot of this:
The Known Universe by AMNH - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jymDn0W6U)

11-22-2012, 01:47 AM
So Awesome...Overwhelmingly actually. Thanks!