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Ren Yuki
11-16-2012, 11:36 AM

Hi Cartographers Guild,

I'm a newbie here, and i just found about this page few day ago because i'm on a project of making a free for all RPG on this site: Vnsharing (http://vnsharing.net), it's a Vietnamese Anime & Manga's fanpage. My project thread is here (http://vnsharing.net/forum/showthread.php?p=11339200), it haven't many worker in team yet, just me and my best friend *sob*. I know this may is a hard request because it's unpaid and big but i still take a try. We're just student, so we don't have enough money to pay for something like this.

And, about my english, it's may have bad words, and if you feel bad about it, i'm sorry i didn't mean anything, please take it easy.

Project Scope:

Use for a free for all RPG in this site (http://vnsharing.net/forum). It's not for sell or anything making money, it's for hobit and fan stuffs.

Map Details:

Map 1
Name: Old Tresorbis World.
Size: World map.

It's a world with 1 big continent with look like a three circle joined together. The lore of this world is the land was created by 3 wheel from 3 Chariots of The Sun Gods. So yeah, it's make from wheel so it's look like that. But don't make it's just a simple circle like, let make it look like a real wheel from Sun Gods's Chariot. May be the wheel will look like a Sun Painting or something like that, may be.

Map 2
Name: Tresorbis World.
Size: World map.

And now, time had gone, the old 1 continent world now slipted into 4 land with 3 land in 3 different way and 1 in the middle left behind.
And now day, the lands had the human hand in there.

Land 1:
Name: Acharia.
Local: East.

This is the land of Crusader, Knight, and Hunter man. It's just like Europe (but not look like on the map). It's have some big island around, and have some ruined sky-island on above. Some big rivers, lakes and few big mountains.

Land 2:
Name: Anosia.
Local: West.

This is the land of Science and sci-fi, a new found continent. It's like America. A big continent with many many small island around, and a some big island a far. (It's Pirates base *evil*) Lot of rivers and lakes, some mountains.

Land 3:
Name: Arulia.
Local: On the Northem Sky.

Yeah, it's a very special one, it's a skyland. It's a land of witch, mage, wizard, and all things of fantasy things. And on the top of it may be have 3 or 7 triangle island (which one is the sunray on the sun painting of the Chariot's Wheel) but it don't look same. (i mean it was changed by time, so it's can't be same). Lot of rivers, lakes and big mountains, about 40-60% of the land is mountain. And it's have a big lake in middle.

Land 4:
Name: Animia.
Local: On the middle of 3 land above.

This is the biggest land with a lot of island around and on the way to the other continent. It's have a very beutiful terrain to live, don't have so many big moutain, a lot of resource on the ground.

Other map: Map of 4 Continent on above.
Size: Continent, Island.

Style: [Impostant]
It's for an Anime & Manga site, so please don't make it's in 3D or etc.
Please make it's look like was drawed by hand on oldpaper or leather or something suit with A-M style.

Format & Quality:

Format to JPEG and PNG.

And a archive file of your work with all of stuffs that you use to making my request maps, and please make it an easily editable. [Very Impostant]
Because of our game, the world in game will changing by time with the story of it, so we need to edit the map in some time (add more land, destroy some land, add city, destroy city... etc).

I recommend it's a PSD file use on Adobe Photoshop(i'm good at this) or a save file of Campaign Cartographer (trying to learn how to use it), i don't have other program or can't use too.

For the Quality,
It's use for web. But may be need for print. So some where under 3000 pixel is okay, but i don't mind if it more.

We will write your name and your webpage under your artwork and on credit with a big thanks when we public it on the web. So please don't add any water mask in your artwork.
We will not use your work for something that making money or etc.
If(just if) we can make some money by it, or someone want to buy your artwork, we will let you know and give you a pay.

Transfer of Files:
You can upload to any web strorage that you please. But non-prenium request for download will work.
Recommend: mediafire.com, minus.com, box.net, etc.

Contact Details:
Mail: kidcrazyzero@gmail.com
Web: oOo VnSharing oOo (http://vnsharing.net/forum/member.php?u=531357) VM or PM, all okay.