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05-27-2008, 03:08 PM

I've been making maps for about a year and a half. I have mostly used non digital methods-pencils and colored pencils mainly though I have experimented using ink. I only recently began to use the computer to enhance the maps.

Spiral notebooks are very annoying if you want to scan something off a page of one.:x

I attached one of the maps that I've enhanced on the computer.

The Cartographist
05-27-2008, 03:13 PM
Welcome to the Guild, BlueDragon. Take a look around. The Guild is a wonderful place.

05-27-2008, 04:17 PM
Welcome to the guild! you are in good company... there are many new members (like me) :P

You stick around and you will learn allot from this guild! by way of a question... What art program do you use on the computer? I look forward to seeing more of your maps...


05-27-2008, 04:36 PM
Welcome o the guild BlueDragon!

05-27-2008, 06:58 PM
I use Paint.Net (NOT PAINT-no offence intended to anyone but people confuse the two regularly) mostly. I mainly use it to enhance maps once they are scanned in.

05-28-2008, 07:02 AM
Welcome to the Guild, BlueDragon. It's good to have more hand drawn mappers here!

05-28-2008, 03:45 PM
I use Paint.Net ...

I have played with it and think it is a good program (great that it is free)... but as I have said before in other threads, you should try GIMP... I think that it is the closest thing to "photoshop" that money can't buy.

I will see you around in the depths of some other thread perhaps :P


05-29-2008, 11:53 AM
Welcome to the Guild

05-30-2008, 10:41 AM
Hello & welcome! I hope you hang around for a long time, learning and contributing much!

06-02-2008, 02:58 AM
Greetings and Welcome to the Guild ... happy mapping and many may they be!! :D