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11-25-2012, 06:12 PM
This is an encounter map I made for Myrhdraak's Prince of the Undead Conversion (here (wizards.com) (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19921178/H1-H3:_Demon_Prince_of_Undeath_Conversion)). The map is for encounter G16: The Heart of Shadow of the P3 conversion, a sinister underground place in the Shadowfell.

The brief: 'My thinking so far is a cavern with different "platform levels", each one with a blood shadow pool where the "water" runs down the platforms in a number of waterfalls to meet in the central pool at the bottom. Rough staircases have been cut out from the stone platforms to allow access between the platforms. As the players arrive, they will be divided and appear randomly from different pools in the area.' There are living walls, blood pools, different ground levels and stone staircases on the map.

The WIP thread is (here (http://www.cartographersguild.com/virtual-tabletop-battlemap-mapping/20917-heart-shadow-cavern-encounter-map.html)). This map is 40 x 40 squares representing 200 x 200 feet. The map is 4000 x 4000 pixels and 72 ppi, so that's four and a half feet (1.5m) tall and wide. It's the biggest map I've ever attempted and my (relatively decent) computer could barely handle it.

The cliff and rocky overlays are from Dunjinni (DotW Feb. 2005 & dblade 2006).


11-25-2012, 06:41 PM
Excellent map Jack, you put a lot of time, effort and talent into it.