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12-02-2012, 08:54 AM
I've made a remake of Gallowmere map using Paint.NET:

There is a version with map legend:

12-02-2012, 09:20 AM
Oh the nostalgia... excuse me a moment while I gather myself... some of my earliest memories, that game. Great work, man. Rep'd.

12-03-2012, 01:30 AM
Wonderful map!

12-03-2012, 04:18 AM
Whoa...that is way cool. I don't know anything about paint.net or the game you speak of but I'll have to look now.

12-03-2012, 04:33 AM

12-03-2012, 08:44 PM
Are you sure you made this? I google'd Gallowmere and found an exact replica of this map.

12-09-2012, 08:40 AM
That's my own work making impossibly hard photos from game and merging it, on the Internet there are versions with some missing pieces, like westcoast cliff-side and purple clouds in NE side, near Zarok's Lair. In Medievil Wikipedia there is a map - but it's in low quality, it has in-game GUI and have some missing pieces, I've made the best replica map from game.

12-09-2012, 10:24 AM
Love it!!


12-09-2012, 05:02 PM
Wow. Did you go out and paint the entire thing? What was the process in recreating this?

12-09-2012, 07:04 PM
I was making screenshots from PSX game, then I decided to repaint pieces hidden under the GUI, then I drawed missing pieces and some of the edges and that's it. It took me less than 10 hours. Uh... Cutting GUI, repainting map, merging whole map, deleting magic circles from locations... But effect is very good.
There You have got two screenshots from in-game view, I deleted GUI from 37 in-game screens, repainted pieces hidden under the GUI and merged in one map. There was many troubles with repainting original map hidden under the black faded rectangle, and black pieces of map on the edges of the Gallowmere Universe.

Lost At Sea
12-13-2012, 01:34 PM
Hi, nice to meet you all. I don't want to hi-jack this thread or anything but I've drawn a map of Gallowmere from scratch, done earlier this year before I knew this site existed!


There's more about it in the blog in my profile.

12-17-2012, 08:32 PM
Nice job on this one Kasaichi!