View Full Version : Maps For ArkEarth

05-30-2008, 10:24 PM
Hi if anyone hasn't heard of my ArkEarth then please visit the WIP in world building Section. but heres a brief summary: ArkEarth is an idea I had a while back. it started out as two planets connected by magical transporters then it grew bigger and the idea grew, A planet inhabited by the descendents of humans who left our Dying Earth in giant ships called Arks. A Planet so massive it is at least as large 5 Jupiter's. At most who knows. I wanted to make a massive world because then it can be constantly expanded upon and anyone can add to as much as they want which is exactly what I want from people. If anybody wishes to they are allowed to make a map for ArkEarth they can, I prefer them to be World Maps but the nice thing about ArkEarth is that instead of worlds there is super oceans, endless swaths of water, and in those super oceans the continents are realistic lengths away from each other. Also the Climate's and Lifezones aren't based on equator and tropics and arctic zones and such, it's controlled by the gods. but it still has to be realistic, no arctic tundra's right next hot deserts... Unless I really like it. So those who want to help go right ahead.