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12-07-2012, 08:00 PM
I am looking for a map for a homebrew campaign I am working, though as of yet I have nothing much to go on: This means design is nearly completely up to the artist.

Something in the spirit of Maps of Golarion: An Unofficial Google Map of the Inner Sea (http://www.mapsofgolarion.com/) would be ideal.

I wish I had more to offer up front, though I am not in a rush on this and willing to answer any questions.

As of now I have no illusions of publishing, but if I do I will contact the artist to work something out.

12-07-2012, 08:34 PM
Actually, what I would be looking for is a 100 mile stretch in the center of the world. A major city, think Sharn from Eberron in the edge of a major ocean. To the south west a large forest area and on the eastern edge a massive mountain range. A small mining village nestled in the southern section of the mountains, a trade route connecting it to the major city. In the ocean, about 15 miles off the coast is an 3 mile island with a giant prison structure on it.

12-18-2012, 04:58 PM
Perhaps more details on the area I am mainly looking to get done would help:

The realm of Privaria, is named after the remarkable capitol city which is a beautiful show of magic, technology and artisan craftsmanship. The town was built nearly on the edge of 300 foot cliff overlooking the Turium seas and Dead Man’s isle about 15 miles out. Looking down from the edge, the port can be seen as well as the old fashioned, stone stairs and ramps that were carved into the side of the cliff. Underneath the metropolis are the dock warehouses, dug deep into the side of the cliff as well as a series of elevators leading to nearly any of the town districts.

The city of Privaria is the largest in the known world. Over a thousand feet above the ground is the capital building, appearing to be held in place by twelve thick pillars. A few hundred feet below that are the sky wards, various districts of the city including noble houses, an arcane sector, and various shopping districts. About 100 feet off the ground are more assorted districts and at the ground level would be the slums. Starting outside the city are ramps that lead directly to the second level of the capitol city. It is clear that the slums are not meant to be seen by visitors; throughout any of the districts elevators can be found to the higher or lower levels.
The population, though still heavily human, is far more diverse since the majority of trading between various other parts of the world and planes occur in Privaria. Anything from Dwarves and halflings to Drow and Ifrit can be seen on any level at any time. Rumors of even more exotic species have been reported, including various reports of angelic or demonic activities. Inside the city all races are given pass as long as things remain peaceful. Guards are normally stationed on various levels depending on experience or types of training. Most districts have ways of fast travel between them.

The island known as Dead Man’s Isle is about fifteen miles off the coast. The island is about three miles wide and the only noticeable feature is the keep that now functions as a prison. The keep features twelve large towers that reach forty feet off the ground. One tower is in each corner and there are two towers evenly placed along each of the four walls. Between each of the major towers are placed smaller ones that only come to thirty feet off the ground. The tops of the walls, which are twenty feet high, have a walking path that is ten feet wide. The massive keep has several buildings. One serves as a barracks for the guards that is two levels and houses nearly 300 guards. Another building is the mess hall for guard dining. In the middle of the keep is the hot box, a torture chamber of sorts for certain prisoners. There is also an armory on the premises that is heavily guarded. The sub-level to the prison is where inmates are kept containing rows of cells built to house numerous prisoners. The entry level to the keep is mainly a passage to the other levels with a reception area for new prisoners and other guests. The second level is officer quarters and the top level is the warden’s quarters.
About two days ride south of Privaria is a large forested area. The forest is home to a variety of elf tribes, as well as some halflings, goblins and orcs. The forest is large enough for other species to exist and not be known about. Rumors even exist of a feral tribe of gnomes, but this is as of yet unconfirmed.

To the east there is a massive mountain range. To the southern section of this range is a village that has only been there about two years. The city commissioned a large excavation to the mountains to begin stockpiling resources for an unnamed project. The village sprung up around the town and has been steadily growing. The village has begun building a relationship with one of the dwarf clans in the region and has even become a small trading hub for ore, ale, gems, and protection. The mountains have numerous caverns and communities, those that are known include a couple of drow cities, one very close to the surface and a clan of deep gnomes. The village has also been warned to not travel to far south as there is another clan of dwarves that is not too friendly to outsiders. Stories include massive feasts with the outsiders being the main course.