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12-12-2012, 10:29 PM
Hello there folks. Allow me to introduce myself as an avid gamer, and role-player foremost!

I've been trawling this website for quite a number of months, often marvelling at the amount of work and detail in the maps created here. Now, which I can say with much joy and eagerness, I'd very much like to request one, please.

I'm setting up a Minecraft server, which will be dedicated to role-playing. This project has been in 'production' for around a year and a half, give or take a few months, and mostly covered gameplay and lore. However, my few attempts into world creation have failed drastically; the results were either too limited, or not that appealing.

I require a map to be drawn up, without great detail, in a method similar to this example (http://hamstercorp.deviantart.com/art/RNVa-World-Map-220976385) on DeviantART. I don't mind about the colours, but I would ask that should anybody kindly take up my request, that they leave the background transparent. This is due to the method that I'll be rendering the map into Minecraft using a program called "WorldPainter" which allows an image overlay.

Map Details


The majority of my map, as I've always envisioned it, was water. In the lore that I've already written for the realm, the map was once a large continent before a great global event resulted in it's removal from the majority of the world's landmasses, and broke it into several pieces.

To this extent, the map must have at least four large continents, and be spaced quite generously by water. Smaller islands can be offshore of these continents, but I'd rather have no extreme land-bridges. Several medium-sized continents would also be ideal, again separated by water but can have island populations nearby.

I'd draw up what I had in mind, but every time I do I feel myself hating what I've just done.


As mentioned above, I require no great detail into terrain, map markings or scenery. Preferably, I'd like the map to follow the same scheme as the map I linked above, in that landmasses are coloured in, and visibly distinct from the background.

Feel free to put suggestions for terrain, though, onto the map. When I'm rendering the map for Minecraft, I will be experimenting for the best options regarding this, and I'd love to have a veteran cartographer's input regarding what suits what.
Several strings of medium-large islands.


I do not intend to gain revenue from using this map, aside from some donations to keep the server that it will be hosted upon afloat. I will always credit the designer of the map whenever it's used.