View Full Version : [Other] Fantasy World Needed

12-13-2012, 12:56 AM
So I am trying to create a big rpg project, and translating everything created to Minecraft to bring the world to life, and allow for real time exploration. I have every single book available on story planning, world creation, and ect. but cannot seem to use all the material to put together a physical world, only the stories, and backdrop. I really need a complete world map created for a fantasy rpg world, something grand. I really need a heightmap version of this created world, and also it would be very amazing if a political map, with names and everything created also. Each map has to be seperate, and I can go from beyond that point to bring it to life. Credit of world creation will go to the map creator. All 3D work through Minecraft my own. I really look forward to collaborating to make wonders!!!