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The Marked Hat
12-15-2012, 02:43 PM

Presenting a new world. This map is heavily inspired by Jeffery Beebe's Refractoria (and apparently he recently joined Cartographer's Guild).

While I realize I left everything north, south, east, and west unknown, I have no intention of continuing this map. It is finished.

And this is my first map. After the December 2012 Challenge Entry I did. Excluding that, this is the first.

12-16-2012, 05:07 PM
Nice, have you thought about digitizing it? It would be pretty neat.

I thought it looked a little bit dark so I went ahead and brightened it up a bit! :)


The Marked Hat
12-17-2012, 12:22 AM
Thanks for that! I'm actually now using a black pen to outline it, so I plan on re-uploading the picture (so that most of the text could be read), but, I change my mind I lot, so I'm not completely sure.

Anyway, here's a tidbit of info on the map: The Mist from the Salty Skull is caused by winds that swirl around due to the different environments near it, a desert, mountains, a lake, the whirlpool... add to that the water is very salty at the Skull Rock, so it creates a heavy mist.

12-17-2012, 12:45 AM
No problem!

I'm excited to see what comes of this map, it seems very creative. :)

The Marked Hat
12-17-2012, 09:23 PM
On: Yojihikamisu Island

First discovered by travelers from Isle Detri, on Port Arada, Yojihikamisu is a divided island, into three by the two rivers running through it. The middle area, between both rivers, is ruled by Lord MacRoy from Castle Icaria. Unfortunately, the area between the rivers has little of note and only one other settlement, Dragio.

The area to the left, however, has one of only two canyons. Eterna Canyon, so named because the bottom is said to never end (an eternal pit). The left side is of more note then the middle, and is home to four settlements: Mu, Port Dup, Bone, and Petalburg. As with any island, however, small cottages and villages are scattered throughout the island.

The area to the right is of note due to the Brown Forest. Right next to Brown Forest is the town of Vault, and farther on, northeast, is Bucket. Directly west is Irda, and nearby is Travis City. The Brown Forest has a huge tree in it, the Great Tree.

Maps of Yojihikamisu often also include Travis Islet. The inhabitants of Travis City used to live on that islet, at least before a terrible hurricane. The islet could have recovered, however, the year 787 S.M. was unlucky all over the world, and on Travis Islet, it was the worst. Following the hurricane was several furious lightening storms and it is known that four tornados struck. A very wise man, Lurk, died due to one of the tornadoes. The island's size decreased considerably as did the population. Furiously unhappy and feeling very miserable, the former people of Travis Islet, lead by Yuda, left the island to Yojihikamisu and built Travis City on the shoreline.

Castle Icaria was built long ago (year 446 S.M.) by a man named Kiro MacRoy, a banished citizen from Mijimar. He built the castle out of stone, mud, and dirt (some say magic was involved, to support it) and claimed dominion over the land between the rivers. Gradually, more moved to Castle Icaria and stayed, causing the castle to become more of an overgrown fortress-city-market cross. However, the walls are as stable as ever. Eventually, some decided they were dissatisfied with life at Castle Icaria and moved away and built the settlement of Dragio. Though Castle Icaria claims dominion, it rarely issues laws and it's more a friendly social network. However, people (for the most part) do what Castle Icaria says.

Eterna Canyon was once very thin and small, but the ground near it was very unsteady. Settlements were built around it and pressure built as the cracked and damaged land heaved and hoed. And then came the most impossible thing that could have happened. The small canyon blew up like a volcano. Lava and magma and everything. The canyon expanded heavily. All the former settlements, all the people in that area, all died, except for a superstitious child who claimed to have forseen it. (the event happed in 679 S.M.) He now lives in Mu, his name is Arlek. Some, though, have nicknamed him the 'Rant' because he constantly launches into long rants. Since then, most stay away from Eterna Canyon.

Brown Forest is so named because the area seems to be constantly in a state of autumn. The leaves are varying shades of brown and the bark - is also brown! Using a wide variety of leaves, twigs, and chopped trees (they were regrown), the town of Vault was built. Not many are sure why its called Vault, but some think that the answer lies in the Elder's House, while others think that the vault was built under the Elder's House. Most people just facepalm and walk away.


That is about Yojihikamisu. It's nice to expand the land beyond a map.

The Marked Hat
12-21-2012, 12:45 AM
A heavily edited, online created, original based, entirely redone, 'Really New World'! The Return of the Really New World! This map is of Really New World some hundreds or thousands of years ago after the original, hand drawn one was mapped. Of course, I mapped both maps in less then two weeks... Enjoy!


Some locations have been moved, some locations are entirely new, and others are shortened or in alternative locations! This map was made in Microsoft Paint, and I did not have the time to add location names. Mijimar seems to have elongated, whereas the unnamed island has moved far north. The Grande SS sails south of the Island of the Wizard's Curse, while it seems that everything has moved north slightly. Brown Forest has shrunk, and Kurki Strait is barely a strait.

Those are only some of the changes. Can you identify others?