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Leeland Artra
12-17-2012, 05:04 PM

I joined up here because I really liked many of maps I have seen. I am a Sci-Fiction / Fantasy author in search of excellent map makers. I love detailed maps with elevation elements and which look more real than fantasy. I actually have a number of maps hanging on my walls of the world because I love the look.

My problem is even after following the tutorials here I still produce really horrible maps. I have spent at least a few hundred hours trying to get to a basic level with the computer programs to little avail. I do love the vector graphic drawing tool Inkscape. But I have more luck with Paint.Net, start shooting now I know that is horrible ;^)

For the gamers out there you may remember a map pack from the late 80s called the cities of Harn. These were very detailed top quality maps that I loved. What I want is to start making a realistic world top to bottom with cities that were both organically grown and some that were planned by fully trained advanced civil engineers who knew they were looking at specific problems.

I am going to lurk a lot and learn the lingo. I look forward to meeting many of you and hope to someday be collaborating with many excellent friends here building worlds.

Thanks for reading this!

+ Leeland

12-17-2012, 05:08 PM
Welcome aboard Leeland, enjoy the journey

12-17-2012, 08:39 PM
Welcome Leelend, I wish you all the best in your quest.


Leeland Artra
12-17-2012, 09:59 PM
Thank you very much. I am having fun poking around the forums looking at all the amazing work the members here have produced!

Leeland Artra
12-17-2012, 10:01 PM
Welcome Leelend, I wish you all the best in your quest.


Hello Arsheesh,

Is there a reason your signature links don't work for me? When I click on any of them I get a 404 error.

+ Leeland

12-17-2012, 10:59 PM
I'm sure there is a reason, but I can't seem to figure out what it is. The links all broke last week and I can't figure out how to fix them. I've noticed that a few other seem to have had some problems with broken links elsewhere at the site so hopefully one of the admins will take notice. Thanks for pointing this out though.

12-17-2012, 11:10 PM
The link on my sig still works, but maybe it is set up different than the others.

And welcome to the Guild Leeland.

12-18-2012, 01:23 AM
Welcome aboard.

My signature links that are external all work fine but anything pointing internally seems to be broken. We recently were upgraded to a new server and I'm guessing some option has changed but it should clear up eventually.

12-18-2012, 11:27 AM
Welcome from a "gamer" with a shared view on the wonderful maps of Hârn, Lythia & Kelestia !

12-27-2012, 10:52 AM
Sorry all-

Due to some changes in the SEO of the site, the old forum.cartographersguild.com links don't work.

People can just edit their links to "www" instead of "forum" and the links will work.

I'm checking to see if I can run a sql replace query to do this in batch....

-Rob A>