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Having re-read some fantasy novels from my childhood I have been inspired to once more to pick up the GM screen and roll some dice. However as a 33-year-old I have decided that this will not be a simple dungeon crawl or hack-and-slash that requires nothing more than a combat skill and some decent equipment.

This is a fantasy story from a book, not a computer game.

To that extent I am putting a lot of effort into creating the world and I am a huge fan of physical props. As alot of the opening adventures will take part in a capital city, I am in need of a highly detailed map that will be printed out for tabletop use. Detailed enough for every street, alley and building to be identified.


Size: A0
300 DPI – The detail on this map by Zong is just what I am after - http://www.cartographersguild.com/content/attachments/35634d1304895666-castranfinalsmall.jpg.html
Colour: Sepia - I am in love with this particular style by Schwarzkreuz - http://www.cartographersguild.com/attachments/cartographers-choice/41844-imperial-worldmap-arden-schwarzkreuz-smallerversion.jpg


I wish to start as soon as possible, so I would love the map to be finished by mid-January. However, I am fully aware of how short a time this leaves, especially considering it is over the Christmas period, so this is more of a strong hope than a necessity.


I have no intention to make any commercial gain from this map. I would want to print a copy out, plus I have considered the possibility of creating a web page of resources and story updates to keep everybody informed of how the campaign is continuing, but beyond this I have no desire to have any further use.
If I do put a copy online I would, of course, give complete credit to the artist, I would provide links to their other work and I would only use a reduced resolution image so that it could not be reproduced.


To be negotiated, but due to the high level of detail required and preferred short timescale the final price will be generous.

Contact Details:

This thread, the forum PM system or MattSibley100(at)Hotmail(dot)com.

Additional City Information:

I have created all the rural and urban areas utilising these amazing resources:

‘Medieval Demographic Made Easy’ by S. John Ross - Medieval Demographics Made Easy (http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/demog.htm)
‘Fief’ and ‘Town’ by Lisa J. Steele - Fief & Town by Lisa J. Steele (http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/fief.htm)

Urban Area: 360 acres (145 hectares)
Population: 21,800

The world is a low-fantasy setting, with the city within a temperate zone, residing next to a huge cross-continental river running North/South. It is the capital city of a nation with a vast quantity of natural resources, and has the architecture to match its wealth.

The city has survived for nearly two thousand years and has established a number of city walls as it has grown. Critically it has one large stone wall in the centre, based on the original site of the city. This is on the highest piece of ground in the area and there is a decent amount of space inside. This is where most of the aristocracy live as well as the palace.

There is also a hugely impressive bridge built over the vast river on its eastern side, that was built approximately 1000 years ago in a time when stone crafting and engineering were at their peak. This knowledge has now faded into myth, but the structure still stands, with extremely little damage from use or weather. It points directly towards the Palace and allows those who travel over the bridge to be greeted by this amazing site on their arrival.

Trade routes run north, east, south and west, with the north/south routes running parallel to the west bank of the river.

Additional must-haves:
Garrison (that isn’t near the inner wall)
Cathedral (single faith city)
Sewer system utilising the river
At least 2 graveyards
Large Market Square
Guild buildings – although magic is rare, so no mage’s guild.

Map must include the local farmlands around the city, as these will become refugee camps.

There does need to be some sort of family crest but it doesn’t matter what. Key locations and roads are to be named, but I have no personal preference how.

The rest is up to you. Feel free to create whatever you like, as long as it is believable for medieval times. Just the one bridge or six, more graveyards and churches or less, it doesn’t really matter. Port on one side of the river or both, don’t mind. A greater percentage of the population inside the walls or outside, your choice. The cartographers on this website have continually impressed me with their realism, attention to detail and flat-out amazing creative flair. The internal wall and bridge are non-negotiable, and the ‘must-haves’ are the bare minimum, but the rest really is up to the artist.

Amazingly Crude Map Outline:


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