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Sean Huggins
01-09-2013, 09:14 PM
Drawn by hand and by hand only :D. Took me quite a while. This is my first post so go easy on me :P. I am a 15 year old new cartographer from Canada and I just found this incredible site, so I have decided to post one of my major works from last year.

01-09-2013, 09:21 PM
That looks pretty cool man. I like your style! Welcome to the board!

01-09-2013, 09:42 PM
Whoa! You weren't kidding, that is fairly detailed. This has a real medieval feel to it. I really dig it. Welcome to the Guild young sir, and have some rep!


01-10-2013, 12:40 AM
I love Hand drawn stuff and that isa really pretty cool map. Tons of detail. I can see why it took you so long.

01-10-2013, 02:25 PM
You are the devil, to give us this.

Many are the Hells of this sultry vixen. Pity the warts, but love the body.

Much depth. Countless intricacies. Butt ugly in the face, though.

May you live long, and may you never stop drawing. Draw your ink from a bottomless well.

It would take forever to explore this map. Isn't that what we want, though?

Your style is. . .crude isn't the word. I'm not sure how to describe it. Young. Your map is a creature of youth. We see this world through one eye. May the day come when we see it through your other eye.

It is a mish-mash of everything, yet like a mute, it says very little.

Why torment us, even as you seduce us? That's what makes you a devil.

Of course, there's much worse fates in life than to be anointed a cartographic devil, my friend. Much worse fates, indeed!

Congratulations on what you have achieved, here.

01-10-2013, 03:15 PM
I feel compelled to speak at greater length, about this map.

I was trying to figure out what it was, exactly, that I found so disconcerting about this map. When I zoom out, and most of the text just fades and blends into the map's terrain, the map is far more beautiful than when I zoom in. It really is.

Zooming in, the artwork, itself, certainly isn't majestic. But, the disconcerting part is due, I think, to the obliteration of a singular, common frame of reference, visually speaking. The obliteration transpires from the sheer number of different visual angles that spring forth from this map. It's not like looking at a typical map.

It's a work of art, and a work of imagination. I give the nod to the imagination, over the art.

Zooming out, though, and I am drawn to those ranges of mountains in the northeast quadrant - Defiren Range, Ayzer Muntains, and Payser Range. Fairly lovely maidens, from far above.

Each name has a story to it, but I am ignorant of this world's tale. Long and winding is its history. Verily, this is as truth! But, how does one appreciate the diamond that has not yet been seen?

The Great Face of Ighledam - Have you been there?

This map was initiated on September 27th, 2011, and it lay finished (::snicker:: as if any map is ever really finished) on May 15th, 2012. And here I thought that it was many years in the making. That's a wee bit of a disappointment, to be certain. Thirty lashes, I say! Thirty lashes, and not a lash more.

The Gansma Mountains, the naval fortress at Baytower, and the Gate of Gazal. Then, too, Jaiker Crags, Fogwatch Towers, and Ruins of Ut-gren. Have you been to the Gozine Fisheries, as I have?

Lots of spice in this one.

I want to know why this one was drawn, though.

Does this devil have a tongue?

Sean Huggins
01-10-2013, 05:26 PM
Grimfinger - I think you would be happy to know that before I scanned this image I actually signed the date wrong at the top. Make that September 27th 2010.

I wonder if you would be able to tell me which provinces, mountains, forests and rivers etc I drew in 2010? I think the timeline of developing art styles tells a story in itself.

As for why this one was drawn? Originally for self enjoyment, and later turned into an independent study for a school project. The problem was this project had a due date. A shame, for I would have rathered to get more out of this map, rather than having to resort to drawing larger biomes to fill space, i.e Mistreach, Ighledam, Adenzic Desert, Allanora range.

Yes there is a lot to this map, and yes it takes a while to explore, infact I threw in a few allusions, easter eggs in (The islands in Mistreach spell M-I-S-T-R-E-A-C-H, the names of the cities in Outlaw Grove are Waltuo and Evorg which are Outlaw and Grove backwards, and more if you have the need to look).

But this map is drawn completely from my imagination, with very little influence from the world of Cartography and Worldbuilding, for I have not searched for sites like these until recently.

I would hope you would be joyed to know that I am continuing to draw, and I am drawing right now with completely re-vamped art-style/outlooks on cartography, while keeping the same amount of heart and imagination that goes into my works.

-The Devil with a Tounge ;)

01-11-2013, 11:26 PM
I think that a lot of the older forests are north of Mt. Rai, Pinter Mountain, and The Young Mountains. I say that, because there are a lot of forested areas, but the vast majority of them have no names. Also, a lot of the trees have less of a tree shape, and tend to be more scribbled in appearance.

I think that a good example of one of the newer forests is Kayle Woods. You left a space around it, and it's labeled with a name inside of that space. That, to me, indicates a more experienced artist. It's purely a guess on my part, though. Also, the coastal strip directly on the left side of the Kayle Woods gives a more defined look to that coast. It's a darker, thicker line that denotes the coast along that particular river that runs by there.

There's a four-tower castle to the left of The Mist, and slightly northwest of it, there's the tower that denotes Fogwatch Towers. Those seem to me to be examples of early buildings. Down south of The Young Mountains, there's Lunar castle. It demonstrates much greater skill in drawing a building. I noticed, just now, that the Fogwatch Towers run a long stretch across the map. They are more two-dimensional in appearance, whereas the one at Moonset Field (Lunar Castle) is more three-dimensional.

Armspeak Tower is huge in size, and dominates the visual landscape, but while it displays some elements of three-dimensional art, I am inclined to say that it is an early construction, also. There's a fortress of some type just below it, at Colgate. That one, I'm not sure of. The outside of it looks better than most of the buildings, but the shaded inside makes it hard to discern the inside edge of the top of the walls.

As far as mountains go, I would say that the Ladnire Mountains (it's hard to make out the spelling on some locations), at the bottom center of the map, are an example of early mountains. The lines on those mountains are longer than the ones on, say, plus there are fewer lines on them. Later mountains probably include Ignire Mountain, Kyrenya Mountains, and The Allanora Range.

The Upper Winding River is an early river, as is the Sidiran River.

A lot of the newer text has a more decorative font. Earlier text tends to be plain letters.

Some things, I can't really make out what they are. Perhaps they are supposed to be farms.

Your style for population centers doesn't appear to have improved much, over time. It may simply be intentional, as far as what you are using to represent cities is concerned.