View Full Version : A few questions regarding a WIP

01-13-2013, 02:27 PM
Hello Everyone,

I don't normally post on this site very often however I'm one hell of a lurker. I've been able to pick up a lot of information over the various threads posted. The question I have though is a 2 part question. The 1st part, the middle bottom continent is a desert/wasteland type deal with two major pools of water still remaining. It's obviously not enough to sustain any sort of major civilization and the people still remaining on this broken continent have adapted to extreme environments. Anyways, I need to know of a good way to blend the different areas (Desert/wasteland/grass around the oasis). I tried going through the various layer blending options and cannot find one that accurately does a good job. Any help on this would be great as I do not want to manually blend the three different areas together I guess if I have to though so be it.

The 2nd part to the question is; Are the land masses to uniform in their construction? As I am not even close to completing this project (and this is just the world map portion) I wouldn't be opposed to starting over if the land masses themselves do not look somewhat natural. While the world itself is oozing with chaotic energy (this is tied directly to the equator) so the landmasses need to seem somewhat alien they also need to seem somewhat real. It's a fine line I guess.

Also for further information I'm using photoshop CS5 and the image is a quick and poor export to jpeg. The actual working project, the landmasses aren't squished in size like that.