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01-15-2013, 12:12 AM
Hey everyone;

We're building a new game, and looking to establish an alpha tileset for a fantasy map. Normally, we'd take this kind of thing to DeviantArt, but we suspect that the folks here might enjoy the challenge a bit better. ;)

Please contact us via e-mail, below, if interested.

As this is an alpha, price will be a consideration for us- but we'll open that discussion separately.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


We're looking to create a hex-based tileset of ~50 tiles, with standard terrain (mountains, hills, forests, plains, swamps, and so on), along with some special tiles (crypts, castles, lava fields, etc.)


We're open to unique and interesting styles, but updated D&D hex map iconography would work as well.

Quality & Size

As this is an alpha, we will consider both Professional and semi-Professional quality.

Size is TBD.

Time Constraints

An initial set of tiles (perhaps half) would ideally be completed in early February, with the remainder in March.


Full Copyright, although we'll be able to work something out for your portfolio.

Contact Details

academagia at gmail.com