View Full Version : Dorrandin, a whole continent for roleplay in writing

01-17-2013, 04:19 PM
Hello !

This is my very first experiment in drawing... I cannot handle any pen or something else except to write my name, so I made a trial with the GIMP.

The context : I am writing in roleplay on board for nine years now, and of course we use some geographic elements to make our characters evolve. Such as two continents that actually exist in the Forgotten Realms campaign (Dungeons&Dragons). I decided to make one of those two maps more readable ; here is the "old" version (http://www.baldursgateworld.fr/filesforums/dorrandin.jpg) of the continent. Quite blurred, indeed... even French-speaking people cannot read some of the names written here...

After some fruitless attempts, I got that new version (http://www.baldursgateworld.fr/filesforums/dorrandindefinitif.png).

As I said, this is my first "work", so...

I used brushes I found here, made by Gidde (the trees) and Vhailor (hills and mountains). The canyon was made with a fault caused by an earthquake in Caesar III.

I do not want to have the continent map more detailed, but I think aesthetic improvements could be provided. Don't you ? :D After all, the goal is reached, in my opinion : the map is readable. But I would greatly appreciate some advices to improve it ! :)

Thank you in advance !

PS : excuse my poor English :blush: