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06-06-2008, 11:46 AM
Well, my band of Four Happy Carpet Orcs (aged 3 to 13) and I have decided to do a map, we browsed about and they chose Snapgallows, purely, I think, because of the recent influence of the Corpse Bride.
We are using this adventure to teach them the basics of several programs, Inkscape, Sketchup, Photoshop, PD Particles/Dogwaffle, and the original Terragen, so far, though the output of all of them may not make it into the final image.
Creative story telling will also be a big part of their journey, as every map needs a history, especially for children. I entertain the ones who are not actively working on the 2 laptops with bits of jibberish concerning just about everything I can think of, they ask amazingly astute questions, and we refine the tale.
Hopefully this will be the beginning of at least one Cartographers' or Tellers' long term journey, and as it is really for their enjoyment it may not be entirely appropriate for big folk, but you can take that up with the FHCO Inc. muscle.:o

Some of the basics so far, contingent upon the whims and wiles of FHCO Inc.

Snapgallows is now a village of middling size, rather grim and unkempt.
It sets on the remnants of a older, much more refined Town, once known as Haughley.
Of early Haughley little is known. That Limestone was skillfully quarried is evident from the partially standing town walls and towers that encircle Snapgallows, several fine structures walled and floored entirely with limestone blocks and slabs, and, of course, the large scale Quarry and myriad of Quarrier Digs,narrow twisting tunnels which followed the veins of blue tinted Limestone deep beneath the hill which stands to the north f Snapgallow. These tunnels were the earliest manner in which the fine Snapgallow limestone was quarried and a quite numerous. seldom visited in these days, as shal be seen.

Snapgallows, and Haughley in its time, is governed by members of the Seven Families, folk of above average wealth and status who through politic and persuasion (some times heavy handed) wheedled their way to the seat of power and control.

Most houses in Snapgallows are cobwalled with shingled roofing made from castoffs from the quarry, here and there bits of the older, finer buildings have been absorbed into even the roughest hovel. The Seven Families have made their homes from the last of the fully standing Haughley structures, a few of which were actually houses, some of which were quarry stone cutter's halls, (making for vast drafty rooms, bitterly cold in winter, but status outweighs comfort) and one of which was the original Haughley gaol (owned now by the Oboro Family, which sets firmly, and somewhat resentfully, at the bottom of the Snapgallows Seven Families Hierarchy).

Employment/livelihood. The Seven Families money is thought to come from trade, transport and security, as they are not known to raise a hand in labor, but many rumor that filching from caravans they have been paid to protect adds much to their purses.
Most other Snappies, as they are oft called, subsist by working the land, with taters and sow corn being the main crops. Taters for eating and sow corn for feeding, as the raising of a furry little piggish creature known as a casked belly hammer is another Snapgallow livelihood. Casked Belly Hammer's are rather intelligent and grow extremely quick on a limited diet, making for the perfect livestock. "Feeds itself and tastes grand", is the local opinion of these little porkers.
A semi feral breed of goat, known as Quarriers, as they roam the sparse fields near the diggings, is herded for its milk, making a tasty sharp cheese and the squeakiest curds ever heard.

Most other skills follow from these livelihoods, cheesemaker, glover, skinner, tanner, brewer (tatershine!), and so on. As well as the more common trades as merchant, smith, barber, pother, seamstress, booter and the like.

The origination of the name of Snapgallows, as opposed to its earlier moniker Haughley, is a tale in itself, concerning the last day and words of one Alfert Kier, Tanner by Trade, and his death above Gwillam's Seat atop Snapgallow Hill,,and shall be extolled upon the CWBP Wiki in due time.
"Fear the Head of Alfert Kier"


06-06-2008, 12:24 PM
This is wonderful. It's great to see this as a family effort! Really heartwarming - and producing a really good background too!

06-06-2008, 12:55 PM
It has been quite fun really, and luckily I am more the child minder than parent, as only the oldest, Lizzy, is mine, so once they are all suitably scared by the Head of Alfert Kier, I can send them home to keep their parents awake with their own version of the tales,,,which I have no qualms plagiarizing when better than mine;).
And Thrubmorton Fen gives me a locale to drop the daily stories I have been telling Lizzy and her youngest sister for years, into. In a form that is much easier to read than my scratchings, and much more tangible to them.
Thanks, SeerBlue

06-06-2008, 01:02 PM
I have just read by email the tale of Alfert Kier... its so awesome...

06-06-2008, 04:39 PM
Well, we of the FHCO Inc, thank you, the kids are quite happy an adult who is not related likes their/our effort. A lot of the little things, from wet boots to Cask Belly Hammers, started out as things they said. Ask them what they would need to survive in Snapgallows and let them do some internet searches on medeival england (of all places) and we run from there.
Today we spent at the Journey Museum here in RC SD, which covers Black hills history from dinosaurs, thru Native American history and cowboys, to geology.
So they are full of little germs of ideas for things to add. One of their favorite things is a full length Horse hair coat a local cowhand wore in the 1800's, so we talked about that for awhile and finally came up with a reason one would wear one, which will find its way into Snapgallows, "Well, the old bolt carried me for 20 years on her back with never a wicker, so I thought it only fair to return the favor"....
Gotta love kids:!:

Hopefully we are putting in enough little things to be hooks, reasons for further expansion, I find now that I have to keep a notepad or their PDA around to keep up. I sent them off yesterday with some very old copies of a D and D related magazine and they are really looking at the maps and stories hard, the oldest boy reads to the younger, which is good in itself. SeerBlue

06-07-2008, 11:53 AM
the FHCO and I are still chugging away at Snapgallows, right now they have a real good understanding of Sketchup, as far as making simple roofed and textured buildings for a map point of view, not all buildings have chimneys yet, some may not get them at all, poor chilly louts, and for the first map we are leaving out doors and windows due to laptop memory limits. Their laptop can handle it, but mine is olllld and slow, so moving the file back and forth for two to work on, (one building, one texturing) would be a problem. But, as we can export single buildings as skp files, and keep its position for reimport, "Rasce" as he is now known, is going to work that on his own via ruby scripts. As well as a bit of furniture, rough and Gallowish, here and there.
Redrobes has offered to supply FOHC with the terrain, which will go into sketchup as well, and perhaps terragen for an orthographic textured render. Roy wants to add a border around the map that imitates a birds eye view of different parts of the city, mimicking a view he found at rumsey maps (my favorite resource) as at 6 he is having trouble visualizing the top down view (ain't neber been in on a Wybern, he says, so totally in character, which by the way is named Royt Hayer, better known as HorseHair). So I have some homework to do.
Most likely mapping will take longer than adding bits of story to the Wiki, as kids have 100 ideas a minute and it is my job to sort them out with them, but it is their job to make a map. Which we will refine near the end.
BumbleMouse is our resident menu explorer and link/info finder, she is working from a list of words taken from the Thrubmorton Fen Wiki, and other places like the Journey Museum, to get information and reference pics, she is also the one who discovered Sketchups styles menu early on, leading to this very early in development render, which will perhaps be the basis for HorseHair's birds eye view Border.
Lemur, at 3, has contributed to buildings and sketchup, and being a master of "watch and learn" proved that the ruby script for roofs can be used on towers and circular buildings, after I had said it could not. The two squat circular buildings in the render, with the pointed roofs are part of her work, as are the bright yellow buildings in the background. The squat buildings have become the undoing of one Alfert Kier, as will soon be told on the Wiki, as they are vattish, they fit perfect. As for her yellow buildings all I know so far is "cheese" meaning I think this is the ageing house for the Quarrier Goats Cheese, or it is yelllow and made of cheese;) as is the moon, thank you, Wallace and Gromit .

"I looked for a man riding a horse, which is rare in West Fentor, a man who resembled a horse, which is common in West Fentor, even for a man who smelled like a horse, assuredly even more common, though I am befuddled as to why, as there are naught for Horses here."

From "The Weather outside is Frightful, BAAAAAA" A rainy day Snapgallow story by the FHCO , headed to a wiki soon


06-09-2008, 12:02 PM
Redrobes has posted the second installment of Snapgallow Tells, as the kids call them to the Wiki (http://cwbp.cartographersguild.com/index.php?title=Snapgallows)
for us.
The stories are a group effort for the FHCO and I, they come up with ideas and then we flesh them out. Really they are for the kids, but we decided that, if we did it right, they could be used for background during a game, and the characters could become npc's, this one is known as "Fear the Head of Alfert Kier" by the FHCO's, and introduces just a bit of history and a few characters,,,and the head of Alfert Kier and its "deably" (read deadly) power,,,which will be expanded.
Their are currently 3 further Snapgallow Tells inwork, which tie in or expand on this one, each from an idea the kids came up with.
"Fick Bring Me a Chair", "Yelping Limestone", and "The Weather Outside is Frightful" (it was raining the day we wrote it).
Each has its own flavor, and introduce characters and traits that may not fall within any gaming system, but could be adapted.
They range in length from 4 to 15 pages, kids can set still when they are an active part of something after all,.
I do heartily suggest that if you have kids, involve them in the CWBP, this has been the most fun, the most fulfilling, map and story adventure I have ever had,,,,when we are done our map may not be awesome, but it will be kept.

06-10-2008, 01:47 AM
Thank Seer. Great idea, getting family involvement. If at the end of the day the only thing we have to show for the CWBP is your post, I think it will have been a success. Great work, giving real meaning to collaboration.


06-10-2008, 06:22 PM
I have done stage1 map for ya. Will do a closer view but it should give better idea.

06-10-2008, 07:20 PM
For me, this bit of the CG is growing to be something much larger than the whole.

06-10-2008, 08:46 PM
Thankie much, Redrobes, or in the words of Ole Horsehair "sweet. can we go there tomorrow"

06-10-2008, 09:07 PM
Meet ya for a pint of Black Rat or a Thatchers or is yours an Old Peculiar ?. Actually its real hot here right now. I could just glide one of those down right now...

I will do the Snapgallows hill as a higher res map yet. Bit late now tho. You could give me an idea of where the quarry is on that map as thats probably large enough that it should show up !

06-10-2008, 09:25 PM
It were ole Hookie, actually, from Hook Norton Ales,I liked the best,,,don't even know if they are still brewing.
The quarry sets right about where the first black dot below and left of Snapgallows red dot is, but any where will work, as with sketch up we can, and do, move things about. Any old Bitter will do, after 10 years of tastless beer that actually is improved by being left in the sun, in can, under a dead dog, named Burt.

Edit, we popped the quarry there as we decided the stone cutters/polishers would need a bit oh water, and having the sheds in the center of town would cause a bit oh racket, that is until Ole Oboro discovered Yelping, and then it would cause a bangin lot of racket...Yelping, often compared to the sound an amourous boar makes, if he gets his bollies caught in the sty gate, used to cut, polish, harden, strenghten Snapgallow Limestone, and other things.. magick? blessing? invention of a 9 year old who smashed his thumb while cracking rocks for ammonites?, only the Scribe knows.

06-11-2008, 02:22 AM
Yesss! The FHCO's finally decided on a look for their map, not the easiest thing to do...or to do.
It requires 2 renders in sketcup, one using the cool waterclor style and one using the natural papyrus style, and then some work in Photoshop to blend it all together, the girls wanted color, the boys wanted papyrus (because it has that Indiana Jones look, they said, and is way cool,,,???).
But at least they are happy, all I do is set the layer blend and type the labels, of which on this cropped picture there are only 2, but that decision for the font took forever,,,just cause WingDings sounds cool, doesn't mean it will look cool,,,

I haven't got them to do a straight orthographic render yet, may not ever, they like a bit of a birds eye view,,any way, here is a crop of just on bit of the map,downsized from 4k by 2k, and as you can see walls and towers are still being built by the Underfed Serf's Semi-Alliance of Unskilled Rock Movers, and a as yet unnamed guild of rather short folks is still building houses.

Six year old to adult. "How come your laptop is so much slower than mine"
Adult. "Cause it is older than you are, and old ones run slow, they think slow"
Six year old. "OH"....long pause..."is that why you never make a goal when we play soccer?"
Adult. "I think your mother is calling"

SeerBlue and the FOHC

06-11-2008, 08:17 PM
I say Indiana Jones but colored... erm on Papyrus... um in 3D - yeah !

Very cool. Are these Ruby extensions then or normal sketchup ability ?

I have Snapgallows Peak now. It took half hour from start to finish with 3D and resizing etc. Getting the process slick now ! The hill is off center because, as you know, GTS works in tiles and it snaps the work area to the nearest tile boundary and since the hill is pretty small on the bigger map it snapped it well off center. I kinda got away with it a bit better on Fenridge but it sticks out on this one.

Put the town where you like and ill fix up the roads to it later when we know where they go. Can sketchup output a height map or a standard .obj / .3ds / .lwo etc kinda 3D model from which I can get a height map ? We could get Snapgallows with the terrain into DragonFlight - though I expect that it looks good in sketchup already.

Oh - should mention that the high res bit of the map or the 3D one is about 25 miles square.

06-18-2008, 11:37 AM
Back from a good long jaunt out into the Black Hills National Forest with the kids, rock,fossil, and wildlife adventure. I snagged the pics above and we will plop Snapgallows down today, and modify our heightfield a bit to match the general terrain of where it ends up,,,,the FHCO's are being quite picky, as I have prattled on about villages needing water, tillage, protection, access to roads and such, so everything ends up being a "I think" discussion, though at 3, the discussion is more like jab a finger on the map and say "There, no there, THERE!".

06-18-2008, 11:41 AM
the discussion is more like jab a finger on the map and say "There, no there, THERE!".

Sounds like the Kings of old and 3 year olds have a lot in common!

06-21-2008, 08:14 PM
Been bit of a hectic day or two, the Four Happy Carpet Orcs now have a baby sister, born about 12:30 pm today, Kimi Kay,(two days late) so they are more than a bit distracted and excited.
Before we confuse any more folks, we confuse a lot of people as we are always seen together, I am just the child minder, storyteller, tour guide, for the younger three, so I won't be passing out cigars.
So it may take a few days for them to get back into the project, but it should give me time to do a few renders and edit/clean up a story or two to post.

SeerBlue and the FHCO's + 1

06-23-2008, 12:17 PM
I had some time to put a bit of our mish mash of notes together with a bit of what the FHCO's have been learning in PS (they can PS at home, as they have it), so here is just a morsel of what I think will become consumed by the FHCO's PDF for Snapgallows. Introducing Gimphor Lope, Vanner. oh, and a bit of Threeways and Nab....

Gimphor Lope be a Vanner by trade, one who carries goods across Thrubmorton Fen strapped to his back in a Vanner's pack, from Thrub in the North, through Threeways, and on Southing to Fort Braven.
Vanners are a hardy lot, in general, as passage on foot in Thrubmorton Fen is deadly at best, and down right carnivorous at worst. Most have some degree of skill with simple weapons for defense, any vanner who can not swing a short sword or heft a buckler will likely as not never make a second trip: but their best defense is in numbers, they band together in large caravans as far along their route as possible, only traveling in small groups or singly to the more remote destinations. The speed at which they can travel whilst tumping a heavy load is well known, and has saved the life of many a vanner.
“Legs like trees, and nearly half as smart.” is a common jibe at the vanners expense, paying respect to their physical prowess while demeaning the seeming stupidity of any man who would repeatedly traverse the most dangerous routes in Thrubmorton Fen for a pittance, which he can only collect if he returns to the original consignor with a chit, perhaps years later.
The majority of vanner routes follow the high ground, well away from the lowland fens and river bottoms, home to a wide variety of Fennish nasties, some of which prey on vanners for their cargo, and others which find the flesh of a fit vanner a right tasty morsel.
Most all are employed, as needed, by members of the Caravaner's Guild, signing on to “tump” a load of cargo from the Guild Marshaling Yard to it's destination, where ever that may be, and then signing on again to tump a load back, if possible, as “an empty pack is twice as heavy as a full one”, vanners say.
Guild rules require individual vanners to sign a bond, known as “Pledging the Hand”for each load they carry. Tradition holds that in the early days any vanner who failed to deliver his full consignment or returned without a chit for his load, lost a hand, and any vanner who failed to return at all, doomed whomever he had pledged as his bond, to the same fate. The Caravaner's Guild soon discovered that a lack of “handed” vanners, or kin willing to be bonded, cut into their profits, so it began accepting coin or property as bond, equal to the value of the goods at it's delivery destination, or twice that if rare.
This new policy quickly put coin back in their satches, as only the most experienced and skilled vanners could afford to Pledge the Hand for valuable cargo and receive the higher pay, needless to say most of those had two hands, as did their children, and were easily recognized.
It is said that in some of the less seemly parts of Thrubmorton Fen one can still stumble upon claves in which two hands is an oddity.

Vanners are easily identified by their Vanner's Cap, a brimless cloth hat blazoned on top with their Vanner's number,unique to each Vanner, and their sigil,which is passed down through family lines , the cap is also stitched profusely about the sides with the Rambling Man's Prayer, for luck and godly intervention on the routes.
“Ooick, though I tump through the valleys and fens of the eaters of death, I will fear naught of scaled evil : for thou are with me; thy shadow and thy roar, they comfort me.” Rambling Man's Prayer, verse 1

Gimphor tumped for a variety of Guild members for much of his life, keeping both hands, and earning the trust of all who employed him. After a frightful experience on the Black Holler trail Gimphor resigned his independent vanners cap and took up with Nab, the proprietor of the ThreeWays Inn, situated in Threeways, West Fentor, Thrubmorton Fens, as Nab's head vanner, due to the fact that the guards Nab employed out of Snapgallows tended to make off with more than the Fennish nasties.
Nab's inn is renowned for its fine drink, tasty platters, well stocked leaf room and comfortable accommodations.
It sets in the middle of the junction for the roads connecting points east of West Wickham, west of Fort Roundtop, and south of Snapgallows.
Gimphor is well versed in the trails and tracks of West Fentor, and often looking for reliable guards, carters and vanners, only the two handed need apply.
Nab suffers from the old malady common to many who keep an Inn and Topboard, a wealth of information and few guests or customers worth sharing it with. Nabs three large sons keep the peace beyond the topboard of the Inn, and act as guards for Gimphor and Nab's caravans when needed.

Gimphor sees a Stumbler
Threeways Inn, Threeways, West Fentor, Thrubmorton Fen, Ansium

“And oim telling ye I did” the stocky vanner spat back, Gimphor by proper calling, Gimp to most due to his odd gate, “It were two of 'em, stumbling up Black Holler trail, and they was dead.”
“Dead don't stumble, Gimp, they shuffle.” shouted a sotted voice from the back of the common room to a chorus of loud laughs and hoots.
“Shuffled then, ya idget,” Gimphor retorted, “makes now nevermind to me”...
“OR TO THEM” yelled another voice, followed by a loud belch and an even louder thud, as his head hit the topboard in front of him, witless. This drew even louder guffaws from the drunken caravaners and carters who had taken shelter from the cold drizzle that had plagued their footsteps for two days of travel. The unconscious man soon lost his satch and one shoe to the greedy hands of his fellows.
“Your a roight lot of fools you are” Gimphor hissed, heard only by those who stood near, “ I done saw two corpses, I did, and they was dead as old man Keel, stum,,,SHUFFLING, off toward Snapgallow, and I for one ain't following in THEM steps.”
Gimphor thunked his empty clay cup down on the topboard, drawing a stern look from the keep who stood behind it, “nother tatershine here, keep,” Gimphor said sheepishly, it would not be good to break a cup and find himself rousted out the door into the rain, what with stumbling, or shuffling, corpses about.
Gimphor pulled a large, outland silver piece from his pocket, cupped it in his palm, and slid it across to Tab's bony hand unnoticed, instantly returning to the good graces of Tab, the keep. “This be for a room above, if ye have one spare, and as much drink as it will get me til I can catch a van going North.”
Tab quickly slid the outland coin from the topboard and judged its heft, fine silver it were, and near the full width of his palm, certainly worth more than any room in the place and twice the drink this old vanner could drink in a season, or two.

06-23-2008, 12:20 PM
part 2

Tab pocketed the coin and sent one of the bottle boys off to set the best room to rights; a man who has one outland coin, in his pocket, likely has three in his satch, he figured, and one of those could well be his own, if Gimphor was treated proper.
Tab pulled a full bottle of Tatershine from under the topboard and Gimphor's eyes went wide at the site of “ Morton's Castellar” scribed on a small tag which hung from the cork. “Oi!, I'll not have me coin going all in one night, pour me a bit of Snapper, and I'll be foine.”, the words rushed from Gimphor's mouth, high pitched, trying to get out before he changed his mind and spent himself into bed under a hay mow outside the village.

“Gimphor” Tab said as he unwrapped the tag from the cork and handed it to Gimphor, with the care a Chanter bestows upon a holy relic, “you can drink the finest of “Morton's Castellar until you sprout 12 eyes”, a reference to a potatoes many eyes, “ and still have a big enough chunk of that coin left to buy a horse.”
Gimphor's caressed the tag slowly, never had he held one, from a bottle which would soon be chalked with his name, in his life. “12 eyes then” he whispered.
“Aye” replied Tab, “12 eyes and a horse.”
“Name it “Gimphor”, Gimphor breathed, “ pull that cork, and grab your self a glass, keep, I think we are getting drunk”.
Gimphor leaned back, and banged smack into a wall of carters and caravaners, all looking intently at the bottle which Tab gripped in his skinny hand, working the cork out with the other, twisting a cork hook back and forth gently so no corking would foul the Castellar. The bottle, fine translucent green glass, was just light enough for all eyes to see the large stick of castellar which bobbed about in the tatershine.
“Hoick”, a man behind Gimphor exclaimed, “tain't never seen a stick of castel that thick in me loif, gonna spread that bottle about a bit are ya, Gimp, ahh, Gimphor, carter's way and all?”
Gimphor swung around best he could against the press of bodies, “Not loikely, I'm no a VANNER anymore”, Gimphor reached up and pulled the dark brimless cloth cap from his head and threw it on the floor at his feet, “No Cap, No Vanner, I thinks I be a,,” Gimphor paused and search about his Tatershined brain for a thing to be, “I think I be a guest of Tab, the top keep, in the Threeways Inn.” Gimphor's refusal to follow carter's way, and his pitching of the vanner's cap, a sign of pride to many, onto the rushed floor, brought forth a volley of angered voices. Tab clucked his tongue, once, and his three large sons stepped from the shadows behind the topboard and stood behind their father, thick stone cudgels resting lightly in their muscled hands. The crowd went quiet.
“Now, Gimphor, as you have so kindly offered to share a glass with me, and just one mind you, I've a topboard to mind” said Tab, as if nothing were amiss, “I will ask you to join me for a piping in the leaf room, I have a good bit of Wessel just in that I have not yet unwrapped, and a glass of Morton's finest deserves a pipe of Monkton's smoothest”. The cork came free of the green glass bottle with a loud pop, and the scent of Ansie and Rasp berry filled the room.
“Hoick,” a voice from the back corner of the common room whispered, “I can smell it from here!”

Tab's largest son cleared a path through the sullen crowd, from the topboard to the leaf room. The sound of the stone cudgel thumping in his huge palm deterring even the drunkest sopp from wheedling up to Gimphor.
“Well now, Gimphor, my guest,” Tab began as they both settled into comfortable chairs of woven willow and large soft cushions. “ I have sold just three bottles of Morton's in my lifetime, and never, not once, has the man who bought it invited me to drink it with him, so I thank you, sincerely. In truth I have never more than licked the cork, to make sure it had not gone off, so this is a pleasure most unexpected. A whole glass, and a small one I assure you, a good piping of Wessel, and then I must be back to the topboard.”
“Nay, Tab” Gimphor objected as he watched the smoky black and red liquid swirl into his glass as Tab poured. “Stay and drink until we each have four eyes, and perhaps a goat, I beg you. Surely your sons can mind the topboard!”
“Well enough, they can, I guess” murmured Tab, the heady scent of the Morton's whittling his resolve to return to his spot behind to board, away, slowly. “Moike, the eldest, who stands outside the door now, if I know him well, has a fine head on his shoulders, handles the tallies for me now, as my eyes are getting dim.”
Tab handed Gimphor his glass, “Spin it like this, Gimphor” he said as he twisted the glass slowly about before his face, “mixes the flavors from the castellar stick well and good.”
Gimphor followed Tabs directions and twisted his glass, the liquid spun slowly, black and red, Ansie and Rasp berry, merging as he watched.
“Now a sip, Gimphor, before it separates out again.” said Tab as he raised the glass to his lips and took the lightest of sips, a look of pure bliss growing on his face.
Gimphor touch his lips to his own glass and sipped slowly, a bit more than Tab, he was sure, and savored the flavors that crept across his tongue. “Holy Heret's Shadow ,” Gimphor sighed, “ I ain't never tasted the loike, why, it's got more flavors than a brood cats got nipples.”
Tab laughed out loud at this, “I would have to agree, Gimphor. Licking the cork, which I thought bliss before, is a guttering candle to this.” Tab sat his glass down on the table. “Well now, I think I owe you more than a piping of Wessel after that, so lets set to a good smoke, I am sure Moike and me boys have the room in hand out there, and then we shall work on that good and drunk you spoke of.”
“That's more loike it, Tab, but I've got no pipe, on of me fellows snicked it ages ago, and I've not bought another.”
“Hmmm,” said Tab, “ no pipe in a leaf room, now thats not proper, good thing the room you've let, until you sprout 12 eyes and buy a horse, comes with a whole case of them, right there on the table aside you.”

Soon the leaf room was redolent with the scent of Wessel and Castellar, Tab and Gimphor well passed relaxed, and still a half glass each sat before them from the first pouring.
“Gimphor” spoke Tab, his voice mellow and melodic.
“Yes, Tab” replied Gimphor shortly.
“Who is, or was this “Old Man Keel you spoke of earlier, in the common.”
“Ahh,” came Gimphor's voice, drawling those three letters out a good bit further than he meant. “Keel were our vans Tallier, for as long as I can remember. Sat up on his little perch afore the gates to the marshaling yard. A right stickle for counts he was.” Gimphor raised his glass and twirled it slowly. “He climbed up there well afore any vanner entered the yard and stayed til well after the van had rounded the first corner on the road out. His right hand held up high above his head, bobbing up and down as his left ticked off carters and vanners names . It were always the same, no matter the weather, him up there counting and us down below trudging in or out the gate. Paying him no never mind really, didn't even have to look up at him, as he knew who was who by the number and sign stitched on the top of our vanner's cap, and what you carried, from the list afore him.” Gimphor inhaled deeply, his lungs filling with the heady Wessel.
“One day, we marched out just as it done begin to snow, and the wind were dreadfully biting. Mind you, most of us wanted to turn tail and hike right back out of the marshaling yard for our digs, but we had already put our name to what we carried, and so were bound to deliver it or pay out of our wages, or bond, for its worth, and not it's worth tallied were we was at, but for its worth totaled where we were humping it too on or backs , or more!.”
Gimphor rapped his pipe, a fine bone and silver piece, gently against his palm and then drew a deeper draft of Wessel.
“ A few hundred vanners,” He began again. “ and a hand of carters, all headed out at once, trying to beat the storm before it really set to. Course we weren't all going to the same place, but being that there was only one Tallier, Keel, we had to all leave by the same gate and pick our course from there.”
“Loike I said, I think,,,,it were bitterly cold, and it took a good half a day for alls to get clear of the gate and Keel do his counting.”
Tab slid the packet of fresh Wessel across the the table to Gimphor, as his pipe seemed to need a fresh tamp.
“ Put our heads down and slog we did, all the way to where we was bound, delivered our goods, had our numbers ticked on a tally sheet for a load to hump on the leg back, and tumped on back. Me, I was a full month out of the yard and away from my digs, afore I crossed below Keel again, setting up on his perch with his raised hand a bobbing. Didn't pay him no mind, just made sure me cap was right ways 'bout so he could take my number and send my count off to the owners.”
“See, my boss, he be smarter than most, he figures a good way to make sure every vanner humps the trail, and carter drives the teams, as quick as he can, is he pays a bit of a bonus for the number of loads a man carries each season, handed over after the last van. For days on the trail is days he waits for coin to hit his coffer ”
“Some bosses pay by the worth of the load you hump, but, you see, our disburser, the one who assigns us a load, divvies them up so each man carries about the same worth of goods if they be bound the same route, lose one man and his load and you don't lose the purse, so to speak. You may get lucky and carry your pack with just a small sack of coin in it, or you may be damned and carry your weight in pelly seed. Best to stay on the disburser's good side it is.”

06-23-2008, 12:21 PM
part 3

Gimphor finished tamping his pipe and paused to set the leaf to light, drawing lightly on the stem until the bowl glowed cherry red.
“Three days later the yard marshaled out again, and two weeks after that we humped back in, it went on loike this for three quarters of the season, in and out below Keel's stickling eye and bobbing hand, through the full winter, planting, tending, and right on into Harvest time next.”
A slow smile crept over Gimphor's face, “Then one day four men wearing the Guild bosses livery trotted in ahorse, rode in the gate while us vanners was slogging out. Caused a good bit of confusion it did, but Old Man Keel payed them no mind, he just kept on tallying loads going out, by our numbers, you know.”
“Yes”, slurred Tab, a good swig of Castellar swirling about his mouth, “on your carter's cap.”
“Vanner's, carter's gots a brim” said Gimphor tapping his head, totally unaware that his cap, which he had worn for most of his life, now sat squarely under the foot of a burly Thanelander, soaked in warm piddle. “Caps, hmmm, well in a short bit, them liveried men are yelling up at Keel, he's ignoring the lot of them, hand just a bobbin above his naahhhhggggin” Gimphor blew out a large smoke ring and giggled, as did Tab.
“Them four start jostling their horses about, horses which didn't like the press of carter's nags around them one bit, and they git all skittish and set to rearing up. This sent vanners and carters slogging every which way, in and out the gate”.

“That's when I, and most others, new something weren't roight, you never went back in Keel's gate once he tallied you out, not 'til after you had delivered your load and humped another back.... Now there was vanners and carters either scrambling to git away from the horses, or staring up at Keel, his hand high over his head, bobbing away as always.....”

“Odd, most odd” intoned Tab, his hand fluttering above his head mimicking how he imagined Keel looked on his perch, no matter the weather.

“Dead odd” intoned Gimphor, mimicking Tab, mimicking Keel. “And that whats he was, dead, dead as you can git after most of a year perched out in Fentor weather, from the first snowfall to the next years harvest.”
“You say not” exclaimed Tab, his hand quickly dropping to the table to lift his glass, fully aware of the fact that mimicking the dead be number three of the unlucky nine sins. “Dead, all that time!”
“Yup” replied Gimphor, suddenly realizing that his hand still bobbed above him, so he batted at a ribbon of smoke quickly and then reached for his Castellar. “ Seems them liveried riders came half way cross Ansium, from the boss hisself, cause Keel's tally sheets stopped being delivered, last one they got was from the inbound hump before the snow storm I telled you of, or did I.”
“Hmm,” mused Tab for a moment, “I do believe you did.”
“Roight, then” said Gimphor as he tried to regain the thread of his tale, “oh yes. Any way, one of those horsemen sent a carter climbing up the ladder to Keel, to have a looksie, you know, but he didn't pick a very smart one, twere 'ol Onecup. So this carter clambers up and has a look about, pokes Keel a bit, and then another look, so the horsemen yells up “Well, is he dead?”
“Who” old Bertie Onecup yells back.
“KEEL” the horsemen bellows up.
“OVER DEAD” Bertie bellows down, and then he piddled off of the perch onto the horsemen below....

Tab guffawed loudly, fine Castellar spraying the table, Moikel poked his head in the leaf room door, shook it and disappeared.
“Ahhh, Gimphor, you've had me boot this whole time, haven't you now”
“What you mean, Tab,” Gimphor replied, positive he had not taken Tab's boot, ever.
“KEEL OVER DEAD, that's grand, and then he piddled on the liveried men and their horses, grand I say. As a keep, I've heard a tale or two, but never one loike that, I had no idea it was a boot pull 'til the very end.”
“What's a boot pull? You've got me fuddled, Tab”
“Why it's a joke, a tall tale designed to draw the listener in, to make them think it is true, until the very end, and then you “pull the boot”, or yank their leg, I think it is called in the outland, Gimphor, where perhaps all are bootless.”
“It ain't no tall tale, Tab, it's true, any carter out there”, Gimphor waved his hand at the door, taking great pains that it did not bob in the least bit, “ will tell you the same, it's as true as them stumbling corpses I seen today, I swear it!”
The smile slipped from Tab's face and he set his pipe and glass to the table. “Yes, those, Gimphor,” Tab looked deep into Gimphor's eyes.. “I believe you Gimphor, I do, that you saw corpses walk, and Keel was dead, all that time...”
“Tamp your pipe afresh, my friend, and refill your glass, and I will tell you a tell , it will have no ending loike yours, I assure you, its the Tell of the Mid-Tending Hop ....

At the hop....at the hop...

Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah
Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah, at the hop!

Well, you can rock it you can roll it
You can slop and you can stroll it at the hop


More to come, as old Horsehair wants a tell of dancing skeletons, bahhing like sopped sheep interrupting a festival.....and so we shall search one out in the dusty annals of West Fentor.


06-23-2008, 08:34 PM
Thats awesome - as usual, it seems !

Its so bizarre to have mapped an area from nothing, patched it together like a Frankenstein of Cartography and then for it to spring into life like this with your text. I put a red dot down and now people are living there. They're real - and scared it transpires !

Brings a tear to the eye. Dare not post in case there is more to follow. I gives me an appreciation of how powerful the text can be. A picture might be worth a thousand words but no map could convey one tenth of that.

06-23-2008, 09:34 PM
We thank you most heartily, as it is high praise from the Lands Creator, as you have been dubbed by the FHCO's...Honestly most of the stories are driven by the kids, they are so insightful and make me work at it. They pick little things out of the air and throw it at me,,"make a story out of that" they seem to say somedays Luckily we don't have a video camera or they would suggest (again) we tape a session of tells, which would reveal that SeerBlue owns a collection of very, very old muppets, a not so new Marvin the Martian puppet, a few japanese puppets and several oddling voices for the menagerie.
Yes the muppets and all are mine and they are older than my Daughter BumbleMouse, in fact I am pretty sure most are older than my oldest Mt Bike, which turns 20 at the end of june (A Cunningham designed titanium frame which caused me no end of import problems in England way back when,,,"it's worth 'ow much, oy, you Yanks is right off you are" or some such is what I heard over and over, until they finally let me take it home.) Ahh youth.
As the kids are keen to play in Thrubmorton Fen, and Carols husband has some friends who D and D a lot, we are going to compile a pdf they can show them, and say "our Snapgallows is roight Ficked, compared to your little realm"
I was told I should have chosen a better word than Fick or Ficked, meaning lovingly crafted., cool, and so on, especially as Lemur uses it now,,,,though the pronunciation varies, she is only 3 after all.

It will be a few days before another Lonnnng post goes up, I created Photoshop monsters, and we have to sort through their creations to find ones that fit what we have written,,,or rewrite a bit....Old Lisbet, of the purple topped wagon, also known as BumbleMouse, now looks like she has embraced the Punk culture of the Sex Pistols era, purple and orange whisps of hair protruding from beneath her hat. See below, PS'ed by BumbleMouse, and Ole Horsehair, or maybe Raske Elly, the Wyvern trainer....I don't know for sure but I will find out,,,,,once they read this,,,,from this original image
russell lee klika (http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=3655565)
attribution license

SeerBlue and the FHCO's+1

06-23-2008, 10:33 PM
Wow, I just realized, from looking at the original image when I checked the link, how much they did,,,,I am going to take Photoshop lessons from them,,,how did they modify the nose and chin. I only have PS elements or some such, I think they have CS2.....ahhh youth, and the parents who indulge their creativity....
I think I have to email my Mom, I am sure she has missed 20 or so birthdays;)

06-28-2008, 12:31 AM
I have a new found respect for the poor souls we have dropped into West Fentor, as for the last three days I have been putting in a garden the old fashioned way, by hand,,,,,its only 60 by 30 feet so nothing major, but it made me realize that the citizens of the CWBP who work the land ain't got it easy...
Any way, as far as Snapgallows goes we have a good sized chunk of terrain modelled and I am now working the kinks out of dropping the buildings which the kids did in sketchup onto the terrain. Luckily the skp's "remember" their position so I just have to save them out in small groups or individually from the original file and import them into the one with the terrain. The first thing to go in was the walls and towers that are still standing, so here is a render.
The original is like 3000x2000 pixels, so this is scaled down.
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

Gwillam's Seat: an ancient artifact that sits upon the summit of a small hill north of Snapgallows.
It has rested there longer than Snapgallows, or Haughley before it, has existed.
Its true purpose is unknown, though it is said to have been once secured in the Vault of Restricted Artifacts, under the watchful eyes of the Circle of Wizards Society, (CoWS).
Rumour, or local legend, maintains that the very same Fick, who built Alfert Kiers gallows, is responsible for Gwillam's Seat being inadvertently deposited atop the hill, as his previous lot in life, before building gallows, was as the Fetcher in the Vault.
The Seat is the current resting place of the standing corpse of Alfert Kier, still headless, I am sure.

Sevener's Wall, the feeble attempt of the Seven Families to prevent their dead ancestors from entering the village and consuming the flesh of their descendants, as cursed by Alfert. Truly a greedy lot, instead of repairing the ancient walls which extend north of Snapgallows they settled on erecting a smaller barrier, scavenged from the decaying walls, against the Sevener's incursions.
(See the Wiki for more detailed info on Gwillam's Seat and the Seveners.)

The Marshalling Yard. Maintained by the Caravaners Guild. Here is the place that Vanners and Carters, along with their guards, arrive in and depart from Snapgallows with their goods. In order to properly tally arrivals and departures, entering is from the South East gate and departing is from the South West gate. ( See the story of Gimphor Lope, A WAYS ABOVE IN THIS THREAD, for information on Vannners, Carters and the Guild.)

06-28-2008, 02:27 PM
just a quick post of structures going into the terrain, the FHCO's haven't got fully to grips with Sketchups stamp tool yet, but as it is their first go we will keep the effect and fit the story to it. For this set of buildings, as I am sure the will figure it out.
These are the Caravaner's Guild offices, home to the different Talliers and Disbursers employed by various Guild members to oversee their business in Snapgallows.

06-29-2008, 10:55 AM
I forgot another superb resource of character images. On EnWorld there is a guy called Storn A Cook who is prolific with his insanely high quality characters, tho many are superhero types. Many (if not all) on there are released with a CC SA-NC-Attrib licence so you can repost.

Start here and have a tissue handy to mop the drool...

06-29-2008, 11:01 AM
Good call Redrobes, it's quite a thread.

06-29-2008, 09:18 PM
Great find Redrobes, I will have to let the Orc's stroll thru it.
Here is another update to Snapgallows, FHCO style, they have family coming from back East next week so they want something to show that has a finished look, so we knocked together a small section of the village, forced folks to take up residence, and discovered there is a vast system of tunnels underneath Snapgallows Village, used by the common folk to circumvent the control/petty rules of the Seven Families. (they were actually trying to drape paths and roads on the terrain in sketchup, dropped them underground, and quicker than Kier, we had a tunnel network.)
I will be quite busy this week, I think, finishing up the girls garden during the day, and writing tells for the new characters they discovered living next to Hebbies' Ale House....Personally, I like the name Odduck (pronounced odd duck) the Grand, now I just have to find out who he is and what his story be.
Any suitably odd wizardling tales out there.

06-29-2008, 10:58 PM
Just a view to show that the tunnels are beneath the the ground.

07-01-2008, 01:47 PM
I like Nope's Smithy.

"So is there anyone around here who can do some metal work for me?"
"Oh well."
"Nay, nay. Oweul's the baker. Over on Bending Road. Ye be wantin' Nope the Smith. Down the street, jest past Hebbie's place."

07-01-2008, 06:13 PM
Hi Seer, I have another one...


Not so many but also of excellent quality. The top post says they are all CC (actually the CC-SA-NC-Attrib as usual). Theres some ones in there that seem pretty relevant to your Snapgallows style tho.

Bagsie I get the Wyvern tho... :D perfect as Brokus Warclaw - Krulls Steed !

07-01-2008, 08:18 PM
Believe it or not, suliam, it went pretty close to that, each of the FHCO'S got to make up a name or two, and Lemur, who's 3, was being a grump (cause I would not let her run the rototiller) and when Ol' Horsehair asked her if she wanted to make up a calling for a character , she said "NOPE!!",,,,,and it stuck...and I think we shall filch Oweul the Baker, as I forgot a bakery, the kids remembered a sweet shop though,,,,and Bending road works good too,alot of their roads are bendy,,,,,,names get to be a lot of work, we start looking on soda cans, cookie wrappers, raisin tubs, and so on, their pronunciation makes for a good laugh and better name.

They like plays on words, Ol' Horsehairs real name is Royt Hayer,,, (cause he wears a long coat made from the hairy hide of his last mare, " she carried me true for twenty years, so I figured I owed her a ride or two.")
so it goes
"Where's Ol' Horsehair?"


"No, you weren't a moment ago!"


"Nay, you weren't roight heah when I was looking for ya!"

and so on, Ol' Horsehair was once a courier, who ran messages to the nearest Wyverns for his commander, and his annoying habit of always being Royt Hayer!, appearing out of no where, and talking loud, led to him being sent to Snapgallows to await an important message, "wait as long as it takes", they said, and so he has, for years and years, proving his loyalty, and making his commander so happy.

Thanks for the link Redrobes, the kids really enjoy looking about, and concocting histories based on what they see,,,,,at least now they are out of the Pokemon frame of reference and more Snappy.


07-01-2008, 09:45 PM
Well today has been another day tilling the earth, and not just in the figurative manner, Oi've got blisters to prove it, so we just did a little brainstorming.
Every Place needs a Faith, perhaps Snapgallows more than any other.
So we decided that, since the moneyed folk (the Seven Families) have been cursed by Alfert Kier, they are not of the mind to tithe a single copper,why buy a ticket to the great beyond, if you ain't never going ,,the major Religious bureaucracies of Thrubmorton Fen avoid Snapgallows like it is surrounded by the walking dead, the hungry walking dead, baaaaaaaa,,,,leaving just the Church of the Heret.
Our take on this is still in the "plant the seeds and see what grows" stage, and is subject to change.
So here goes, Heret was once a Paladin/Esteemed Knight type guy, who for some unformulated (at the moment) reason, wanted to be a God, or, at least, a Godling.
Presto, chango, green eggs and ham, he found a way,,,,almost, somewhere betwixt the pressing, and the ham, things went wrong, TERWIBBLY WONG,and he "divided".
Now there is Heret, who is a vengeful godling, spawning the saying "by Heret's Ire",,,,,and Heret's Shadow, a nurturing godling, giving rise to the more often quoted verse "by the Grace of the Shadow".
Being a Godling, of yet undefined power and reach, perhaps local to West Thrubmorton Fen, he has few churchy types (still working on a name for his Iresome priesthood; edit: would you believe they are called "Thumpers" behind their backs!), the main proponents of the Shadow are Chanters, which are a cross between Gregorian Monks, in appearance, and Mahayanist Monks, in chanting style (2 note throat singing) and beliefs.....This suits me fine as it is an apt description of Myself,,,,,though I hear "look there goes Rasputin" more than "look there goes a Mahayanist who looks like a Gregorian Monk".
Chanters live in the Chanters Cottage, perform most religious functions, including marriage, which is simply called "the Hop", meaning two folks who want to marry enter the cottage singly, each leaves a copper for the Chanter, and then, as the leave they join hands and "Hop" over the stone that is at the base of the door (I have been wracking my noggin all day to remember what it is called, newlyweds carry or get carried over it, DEPENDING ON WHO HAS THE STRONGER BACK). edit: 2 days later and I remembered "Threshold".

Chanters also Chant the daily prayers from the Chanters Tower, a picture of which is below, and was a Sketchup oops, that worked out well and gave rise to all of this......

as an almost end note Heret is short for Heretic, a family joke as I was raised catholic and wandered of too Buddhism, so I am Heret, at Christmas.

SeerBlue and the FHCO's (In case you are reading this and think "what the?", the kids and I are working on Snapgallows so they can have their own place to play, when we get to that point, and a pdf to show about, so stories, renders (of questionable palette choice), and pictures of just about any manner may show up.......anyone ever try to design an original watch for folks that don't have such a thing, cause a 7 year old asks, "how do the know what time it is" ...
Sketchup to the rescue.)

07-02-2008, 01:24 PM
Would the FHCO's like to apply some questionable palette to this...

07-02-2008, 02:13 PM
Awesome, after luch and some gardening, and some photoshopping of a pic of the four of them so they can post it (they want to look cool) I am sure Raskelly will have a great time at it, This is much better than my stick figures, and people in Sketchup are dang hard. SeerBlue and the FHCO's

07-02-2008, 08:33 PM
Okay, so we printed off about a dozen copies of your pic, Redrobes, and when I left the kids, and the gardening, they where busy with their crayons and colored pencils setting up a color scheme they can agree on,,,,day, night, sunny, storming, so on,,,I am real glad I taught them the basics of shading ages ago cause they are doing a real good job. Once they get something they like we'll set up a psd and name the layers and let them loose( which means I will have to give up the wacom Intous 3 for a few days, dang). Lemur does a good job of colorizing/ hitting the filtering buttons, but typing layer names is not her suit, they end up like jdkdnchfjdhshjd, as can be seen at her spore creature creator repository, I think they go by Bumblemouse there........

As it was cool outside today they helped pretty much all day in the garden, so they did alot of character work. Ol' Horsehair, and his Horsehair riding coat, has a few pets that are kinda of a cross between an armadillo and a roadkilled flying squirrel, from what I can tell, it is real flat and furry, and rolls up in a ball when afraid,,,,and since they match his coat in color, that is where they hang out, camouflaged. His explanation is "if someone tries to rob me, the little furry guys (name inwork) pop their big eyes open and it scares the robber,they also have sharp quilly things they can shoot which confuse the robber and make him forget he saw them,,,,I think he called it "washes his brain"......

Rascke Elly changed his name to Raith Elithy, and his story is that Odduck (pronounced Odd duck ) the Grand (so I guess when he named him he was intending him to be a befuddled magicker) once accidentally shrank him,, the only way he can get bigger is to train the Lesser Wyverns to do "stuff Wyverns do" really good. Odduck can't change him back as he doesn't remember how,,,,to many nights in Hebbies.

They, and Lemur (3," I'm a good girl, so I am good!"), decided Lemurs character is a good sort, during the day she plays the flute in the town for coppers, but at night she goes about seeing who has ancient artifacts that they don't know they have, or shouldn't have, so bad things can't be done with them. Then she returns them to the Vault of Restricted Artifacts (which I still haven't typed up yet). Horsehair says Lemur either knows where poor Alfert's head is, or has it, and doesn't trust the silly Wizards. ( I can use the night soil removal expert here to help her, yes!)
Their logic for having her have a day job, even though she appears to be a child, is "Snappies would wonder where she got her money for sweets if she did not work."

I guess I messed up the name of the Sunderers shop,,,,in the journey museum here there is a "Sundry" shop, and it had a display of oldtime candy jars, which they remember best.....So after explaining the difference between sundry and sunderer it was decided we would FHCO it and make the shopkeeper a retired warrior, perhaps a relocated Thanelander,all muscles and fight on the outside, who loves to make sweets....since most in Snapgallows are semi literate, the sign painter (me) mispainted his sign, Sundrier> Sunderer , and few know the difference anyway.
I muse that this is their twist to Shrek the Thirds Captain Hook and his Marigolds.

Finally, cause I am tired o' typing, we decided to give the 4th edition a go and bought the players guide, we will minimize the rules/stats to a number they can enjoy and let them play soon.

SeerBlue and the FHCO's

Things I got to do so I don't forget.
Finish modeling the clock/watch tube, which will be produced by the tinner (I have to learn the names,,,,arrgh)
Make a road sign in Sketchup to go outside the gates which uses pictures instead of words, for Lemur and Bumblemouse ('' Where's that road go"?,,,,Threeways,,,,,''How do they know"?)

Steel General
07-02-2008, 08:39 PM
Well today has been another day tilling the earth, and not just in the figurative manner, Oi've got blisters to prove it, so we just did a little brainstorming.
Every Place needs a Faith, perhaps Snapgallows more than any other.
So we decided that, since the moneyed folk (the Seven Families) have been cursed by Alfert Kier, they are not of the mind to tithe a single copper,why buy a ticket to the great beyond, if you ain't never going ,,the major Religious bureaucracies of Thrubmorton Fen avoid Snapgallows like it is surrounded by the walking dead, the hungry walking dead, baaaaaaaa,,,,leaving just the Church of the Heret.
Our take on this is still in the "plant the seeds and see what grows" stage, and is subject to change.
So here goes, Heret was once a Paladin/Esteemed Knight type guy, who for some unformulated (at the moment) reason, wanted to be a God, or, at least, a Godling.
Presto, chango, green eggs and ham, he found a way,,,,almost, somewhere betwixt the pressing, and the ham, things went wrong, TERWIBBLY WONG,and he "divided".
Now there is Heret, who is a vengeful godling, spawning the saying "by Heret's Ire",,,,,and Heret's Shadow, a nurturing godling, giving rise to the more often quoted verse "by the Grace of the Shadow".
Being a Godling, of yet undefined power and reach, perhaps local to West Thrubmorton Fen, he has few churchy types (still working on a name for his Iresome priesthood), the main proponents of the Shadow are Chanters, which are a cross between Gregorian Monks, in appearance, and Mahayanist Monks, in chanting style (2 note throat singing) and beliefs.....This suits me fine as it is an apt description of Myself,,,,,though I hear "look there goes Rasputin" more than "look there goes a Mahayanist who looks like a Gregorian Monk".
Chanters live in the Chanters Cottage, perform most religious functions, including marriage, which is simply called "the Hop", meaning two folks who want to marry enter the cottage singly, each leaves a penny for the Chanter, and then, as the leave they join hands and "Hop" over the stone that is at the base of the door (I have been wracking my noggin all day to remember what it is called, newlyweds carry or get carried over it, DEPENDING ON WHO HAS THE STRONGER BACK).

Chanters also Chant the daily prayers from the Chanters Tower, a picture of which is below, and was a Sketchup oops, that worked out well and gave rise to all of this......


I've added a modified version of the Pantheon from my campaign world to the Wiki for all to use. You may want to have a look at it to see if any of the deities in there fit what you have in mind for Heret. If so, let us know which one and I can add Heret as a local "avatar/alias" for this region to the Wiki entry. If not we can always add a new one.

07-02-2008, 08:49 PM
Cool, we were browsing thru there today, as, Iresome, or nice, or Esteemed Knight guy is a pretty lame description, and as far as pantheons go I only know Buddhism and Catholicism, one of which does not fit and the other of which clashes with the kids belief system, and I don't tread on those toes. Fictional ones are okay for them to hear about.

07-02-2008, 09:08 PM
oops, I was supposed to post this, this is Hebbie the Elder, the owner of Hebbies Ale House who satched many pieces of copper the day Old Alfert lost his head, its been on my HD for awhile so I don't remember who Photoshopped it from the original public domain image at the Library of Congress, but I will be told I am sure. Just a couple of filters and a layer of two with the air brush, I think.
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

07-03-2008, 01:39 AM
Okay on my long list of things to do for the FHCO's Snapgallows Compendium, as of today, was road signs for the Villages that one can get to from Snapgallows. As I did not do a good job of explaining it to the FHCO's I made an example of one so they can take a jump at it,,,,and even remembered to save it as an skp so all they need do is change the center bit and text which is specific to each village.
This one is for Fort Roundtop, which is north and west of Snapgallows via Threeways. I took the name to mean it sets on a round top hill, or goes 'ROUND THE TOP of a hill so here it is, one render is detail and the long view. Don't laugh this is the first adventure for me at Photoshop without their sense of " cool/yuck" at my side. SeerBlue

07-03-2008, 01:40 AM
oops, here is the long view, the thing in the back ground is supposed to be a road. SeerBlue

07-05-2008, 01:14 AM
once the long weekend is done methinks the FHCO's and I will give the monthly mapping challenge a try for fun, if they have time.
Placeholder Entry for challenge, Hebbie's Ale House, is HERE (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?p=25267#post25267)


07-07-2008, 01:54 PM
updated the Hebbie's Ale House thread (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?p=25629#post25629)
Some minor changes to the floor plan on the inside, but it is still Hebbie's on the outside. Perhaps even more so, as the challenge has really challenged me to make it work.

07-07-2008, 07:55 PM
been working on tokens for the challenge and hit a bit of a wall, so I looked back through my notes for the FHCO's and the things they suggested, Ol' Horsehair and Raith both want really different, than the average weapons, so based on Riath's description of what he wanted I modelled a weapon for Gimphor Lope the Vanner, it may make it on to his token, and it may not, so I will post it here.
I started modelling something similiar for Raith awhile back, but ran into problems on how to design it so it would work,,,,today I remembered, "Heret, this be Ansium, anything be possible, especially in Thrubmorton Fen. So I pulled out all the springs, gears, releases and such,,,and tossed in a good bit of Wijjery, thanks to Bumblemouse and her Ethiels. Ethiels are a palm sized coin that Bumblemouse spreads about to the Good Sorts, and they are full of power and Wijjery...thats the condensed version.
Sooo, as far as Lope and his Staff Blade goes, an Ethiel is what powers it, not my overly complicated springs, gears, releases and such. As it is crafted by Nope the Smithy and Cagil the Artificer, and not SeerBlue the Scribe, it works much better.

The pic helps to illustrate it, but basically it is a hollow steel tube, forged from the finest of Nopes steel and Snappie iron, around the tube is wrapped the local version of Bamboo,as a Vanner with a wooden staff raises no eye brows, but a Vanner with a gleaming 6 foot 3 inch foot long steel tube may. In each half of the tube is a three foot blade, of unknown origin, but exceedingly fine workmanship.
In the center of the tube is an Ethiel on a pivot, when positioned, via a twist grip and lever, horizontally between the blades, they rocket straight out from their retracted position inside the tube and lock in place. Twist the grip and move the Ethiel so that it is on edge within the tube, and the blades whistle back in and lock....kind of like a loadstone on steriods, that only effects the blades...
Any how I have to plot out just how all this was discovered, leading Vanner Lope to hire Nope and Cagil to craft it, and how Raith will end up with one...

The Lope Blade is about 90% done, an hours work all told, mating the twist grip and lever inside the tube is giving me fits in Sketchup, so in the illustration the parts that should be inside are on the table....by the way if you had access to an Ethiel, with all its wijjery intact, two blades of this mysterious metal, and Nope and Cagil, you could build one yourself,,,,from the skp.


07-08-2008, 02:37 PM
This is truly a powerhouse of creation and the most detailed world building of anywhere on the CWBP - you guys deserve a special award!

07-08-2008, 03:25 PM
hahahaha, I'll take a summer house in Karstview, with a Dalmatian in the yard.

Hopefully the final product of all this will be a game board (or two) for them to play on, with all the maps, a PDF/ODF with all the info, illustrations, and stories,(links too, of course,), their new tokens (which I never even thought of until this months competition), a couple of archived discs,,, and lots of good memories for the FHCOs.

I haven't even posted a smidgen of the stories, they need clean up and continuity checks,,,names changed mysteriously overtime, and the FHCOs let me know. Pushing about 40 typed pages and ooddles of scribbled pages in my notebook. New characters appear all the time and then need to be given a tell or two.

And I have also learned loads that will translate over to ME-DEM, which is a definite bonus.


07-08-2008, 05:10 PM
Weeeel, I'm thinking less of you and more about the kids. Is there something that we can do to thrill their little hearts?

Do say, and we'll see what we can do.

07-08-2008, 05:24 PM
Dang, well off the top of my head, since they do most of there preliminary ideas for buildings, maps, and villages and such in crayon and watercolor pencils, before going into sketchup, PS/Gimp, and now Dungeon forge, perhaps a little "Future Cartographer" icon of a crayon on a map scroll.
They have their own login, but can't post, so I guess if that is the type of something you have in mind, it could go on my posts, and I will put an automatic blurb at the bottom of all my posts that says it is their award,,,(I think I can figure out how that portion works:?)
That will certainly tickle them.

07-09-2008, 02:04 AM
I have a four year old and a two year old. I often get name ideas from the Tadpoles, but maybe I need to get them more intimately involved in the process. I know some of Artoo's nightmares have provided grist for the Monster Mill. Tickle Bats(shudder)...

07-09-2008, 06:17 AM
Dang, well off the top of my head, since they do most of there preliminary ideas for buildings, maps, and villages and such in crayon and watercolor pencils, before going into sketchup, PS/Gimp, and now Dungeon forge, perhaps a little "Future Cartographer" icon of a crayon on a map scroll.
They have their own login, but can't post, so I guess if that is the type of something you have in mind, it could go on my posts, and I will put an automatic blurb at the bottom of all my posts that says it is their award,,,(I think I can figure out how that portion works:?)
That will certainly tickle them.

Do you have a group photo of them? We could make a special certificate and put it up on the news section (other CL's willing - I'm sure they won't object)

07-09-2008, 10:20 AM
Yup, though the ones I have on my HD are a bit old, Lemur has grown a bit, I'll get one from them working in their garden last week, they are quite proud of their work on it, so no mugging for the camera.

07-09-2008, 10:59 AM
Just realized I was in the wrong thread when I posted this (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?p=25855#post25855)

Got my Snapgallows and my Hebbies Ale House confused.

Basically it gives me a bit to work from for Ol' Horsehairs history, now he is a former member of Bedell's Company of Rangers, of the Roebuck Rangers.

Bedell's is actually a Revolutionary War Ranging Company which mustered out of Haverhill NH with soldiers from the surrounding towns, like Bath NH, where my ancestors are from. Here's a page (http://www.grimshaworigin.org/WebPages/WilmRevNH.htm) with some pic's of the monument
The Stephen Smith listed on the Revolutionary War plaque be my mothers ancestor, he got paid a penny a mile to protect the borders of the wilderness during the war, sometimes walking as far as into Canada.and spent a good bit of time at a "mean little" fort on Gardiner Mt (the site of which I would love to find)..He later, after the war in mid 1794, went out to work in his fields and was never seen again, leaving his large family to be spread out among the locals, he either drowned crossing the river or was killed by indians. The Greenleaf listed is related also, on the otherside of my tree, and ends up being my Mormon connection,,,,,,hmmm, might have to drop some polyandry (one woman having multiple husbands) into Snapgallows Seven Familes for some confusion.
If you are really bored, and like genealogy, here (http://dharmazard.books.officelive.com/default.aspx) is a bit of mine, I haven't updated the pages in awhile, can't get the online editor to run on my laptop consistently, and Snapgallows and the FHCO's rule at the moment. Rest assured I am clinging to a branch there somewhere.
This other one (http://codfishblue.spaces.live.com/) is kind of like my online vault for stuff I learn/write related to things that interest me,,,a mishmash of unsorted tidbits.

SeerBlue and the now awake FHCO's

07-09-2008, 01:20 PM
well, taking the basic story that Ol' Horsehair has told me, whilst
tilling his garden, and mixing in "Roebuck" from Thrubmorton
Fen, a good bit of Horsehair's tell has emerged.

To illustrate just how are process works I will type Horsehair's
words, the parts of the tell that are his creation in Italics, and my
expansion not in italics....

"Well, I was a Soldier, one of them Horse Soldiers", which you used to see about alot more often than now, "I was".

"Served in the Roebuck Rangers, in one of the best companies
saddled, under Captain Bedell. Long time I rode horses all along
the ridges running messages back and forth, cause we got no
Wyvern then, like Snapgallows got now".

Horsehair paused to take a long biting sip of Red Pochard, one of
Hebbie's custom distilled Tatershines. Tinted blood red and sharp
enough to peel the fur off your tongue (always wearing a
horsehair riding coat, Ol' Royt often had a furry tongue), it was
his drink of choice and Hebbie always kept a bottle or three
tucked into a cubby, or three, near the top of the Tatershine rack
behind the topboard.
" Had a good Horse, don't know where I gots it, though"

(here we took a break and ran in to look at the wiki to see where
in Ansium really good horses could come from, and to get more
Tatershine,,,,drink boxes, and I scribbled Horsehair's tell in my
notebook, and he remembered where his horse came from)

Horsehair paused a bit and scrubbed his Pocharded memories for when he found his old mare.

"Yup, it was in the Beastlands, tween the BlueMane Wood and the
RiverWarsh, you can get a real horse there"

A few tired Snappies wandered into the Ale House, looking
rather put to after a day slaughtering Cask Bellied Hammers for
the upcoming Harvest Burning Fest. Hammers may look
cuddleable on the outside, but their little noggins are full of fight
when they sense their end is near. Sharp hooves on each stubby
leg and two spiraled tusks makes putting them to the blade a
dangerous endeavor. They soon settled down across the common room and tucked into a platter of goat and cheese.

Receiving a fresh tankard of Pochard, from one of Hebbies bottle
boys, Horsehair began again, speaking a good bit lower than his
usual bellow as the common room slowly filled.

"Yup, thats where my horse came from, had her a long time"

(here is where I poke and prod for more info, he said he had her a
long time, and I KNOW he is wearing her hide as a coat now, so I
ask what happened to her,,,,outside a storm rolls in and thunder
and lightening start, so we ain't going out....Horsehair studies the
maps of Ansium...)

" I was riding along a ridge taking messages (points to a spot
between Fenridge Castle and Nortonspire) when a storm came in.
"Every fool knows you don't wanna be out in a storm especially
up atop an exposed ridge, but I were stuck. FenRidge, behind me,
were closer, but I had to go UP to get there, Norton were where
the messages was bound, and lower, but a lot further away."

" I gots down off my horse to look at my map to see where I could
go, when BOOM, my horse got Lightened and I got knocked down a
cliff. When I wokes up, and found my horse, she where dead, the
skin peeled rights off her."

(Horsehair backtracks here, perhaps realizing he now is the only FHCO without a cool pet)

''Nope, when I wokes up, there where all these little furry animals around me,,they was small with big eyes, and lots off teeth."
(nother prod to get a better description which ends up being they look like a cross between a squirrel that flies and an armadillo, later he adds two quills which inject a brain warsh, as Raith's Wyvern has a tail stinger).

"They were brown, like my horse, and looked like a jumping squirrel, the ones that fly tween trees in the forests to the south o' here, and when I got one scared they all rolls up in a ball".
"They was friendly", though I had a moment when I thought they weren't, they got a mouth full of teeth, lots of rows of teeth, looked sharp as razors.
"Me being stunned a bit, I weren't sure I was seeing what I were seeing. Then the rain came, and all them little" squirrillos came at me, Oim lunch", I thought, "but all they wanted to do was gits out of the wet".
Ol' Horsehair pulled a rather large piping from his faded Ranging Company tunic's backpouch and stuffed it full of "Rusty Mallard", nicked from Odduck's silvered tin on the topboard. No objection came from Odduck, as he was far from Grand right then, his bald head resting on the smooth wood of the topboard before him, soft quackish snores escaping his open mouth.
With his piping pouring forth a cloud of sweet smoke, Horsehair went on. "Me and them furballs climbed back up the cliff, they was hung alls over me, just whistling."
On top "we found my old horse, with her fur all pulled off, so we put it over ourselves and gots out of the rain".
That is how old Horsehair got his coat and his squirrillos, it ended up, or is becoming, a much better tell than my "horse died and I made a coat of her" version. I am sure more will come, as they now have a 4th edition players guide to peruse, things will get added, just as the brainwarsh quills did, in a moment of cool weapon envy. Some more polishing, more detail on Bedell's Ranging Company, which I will pull from my research, a few documents for his tunic pouch , and Ol' Horsehair will be happy as a squirrillo in a horsehair coat in a midwinter blow.
That's how we write em, a child's imagination, the world, the Wiki, and the maps, which are the best part of what goes in.
SeerBlue and Ol' Horsehair of the FHCO.

07-09-2008, 10:48 PM
Well, this arrives before you simply because Ol' Horsehair is out and about, 'praps some where in the Limestone pavements and mossy hummocks to the south and east of Snapgallows. So the Tell of the Mid Tending Hop is put on hold, as Ol' Horsehair requested it, and so it became his responsibility. Being that 3 of the FHCO's needed something to do, we decided to work on the intro for the tell, some way to get from Gimphor's Tell to Nab's Tell, uniquely FHCO's, without resorting to “Once Upon a Time”.
So we extracted Marvin the Martian from Paddington Bears embrace, released the Japanese Puppets from their glass cases, and whilst hauling the old Muppets from the bottom of the collecting chest we found a rather old biscuit tin filled with 50 P pieces from foggy lands across the water, collected in the era of the Ramones and F-111's over Libya (sorry, France).
These silvered pieces had that odd shape, equilaterally curved heptagon, which I found conducive to “spinning” on the topboard in the Bull Inn in Charlbury, near Oxford, while enjoying a good pint, or three, of Bitter.
So we cleared the trains off of my still smooth maru table and set to spinning, our intent was to see how many 50p pieces we could get going simultaneously, and how much noise they would make, as the maru table's top is thin and vibrates quite rhythmically......but we ended up with this, after a small step from
“Gimphor pulled a large, outland silver piece from his pocket, cupped it in his palm, and slid it across to Tab's bony hand unnoticed, instantly returning to the good graces of Tab, the keep”
as related in the story of Gimphor Lope, Vanner. The coin originally had no value to the story other than its worth in silver.
Add a short rendition of Ben Stiller as the night guard in “Night at the Museum” speaking to Atilla and his Huns, by Bumblemouse.
-Stiller, while fluttering his hands about before a confused Atilla “Mahhhjikk”
-Atilla, his eyes bright with comprehension “ahh, Mahhjikko”
--Bumblemouse, gesturing at the coins like Stiller, “Mahhjikk”.
And this, a rather looonnng intro, to replace “Once Upon a Time”, occurred. And as it needs to be uniquely FHCO, there is of course an oblique reference to piddle.
We will get back to the Hop, once Ol' Horsehair returns, as the Skeletons are yearning to Dance, and we now have a home for them, though it be Dim.
Really, the place this takes place is Threeways, not Snapgallows, but NOT every character in the stories could BE from Snapgallows, so we shuffled a bit north along the trader's path and introduced Gimphor Lope, in a previous tell at Nab's Threeways in, which means, down the road we will have to work on, at least, Nab's fine establishment. Like I said, it is a rather long intro, so I will have to post it bit by bit,,,,and regrettably, it doesn't even finish....we are at odds over if it takes 3 spinning Ethiels to do what must be done, or four, and if it takes four, which character, or new character will get one.....
so below follows, on the next post,

Nab's Tell
Three Spinning Ethiels and the Dim Cellar
For Distance, Poli!

even the name is up for grabs

SeerBlue and the FHCO,
ohh, I wrote this a while back, and just got to type it,,,,,I type slow. the beginning of the tell is here (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=2189&page=2) on post 19, which illustrates how slow I type quite well.

07-09-2008, 10:54 PM
the beginning

Nab's Tell
or Three Spinning Ethiels and the Dim Cellar
or For Distance, Poli!

Nab rose slowly from his chair and wobbled towards the door, with a distinct lean to the right.
“Loike a bit to eat, would you, Gimphor, my goodwife Limmy makes an awfully good herder's platter,” Nab asked over his left shoulder, balancing his lean to the other hand out, “cold cured Cask Belly slices, fresh baked bread, and what not.”
Gimphor could taste the meal already, Monkton's Wessel leaf was a heady smoke which set the senses alight. “Oii!, That I would Nab, I've not had a slice of those wee Hammers in ages, and certainly none “cold cured”. Gimphor replied through a mouth thick with saliva.
Nab opened the door slowly to tap Moikel, his eldest, on the shoulder, as Moikel watched his younger brother, Barlin, lift a taller, lanky Thanelander clean off his feet and near over his own head as he trundled him through the parting crowd of sots and sops to launch him out the open shutters of the front window.
“The DOOR, Barlin, out the DOOR!”, Moikel barked loudly over the heads of the crowd, “how many times do I ha' tell ye, now you've dropped another in Mum's herb plot, again, and she'll have your ear for it!”
Barlin turned and shrugged his broad, knotted shoulders slightly, “He be taller than the door is wide, Moi, and I don't want to be denting Da's door jamb again”, Barlin yelled back, a sheepish smile upon his face as he pointed behind Moikel at Nab standing there silently. “Thanelander's got right hard helmets for heads, they do, cause nasty dings in the wood!”
Moikel waved Barlin back towards the topboard, where several drunken carters struggled to balance an unconscious vanner on his head, using a stack of Nab's stools to support his limp body.
Nab stepped past Moikel and yelled at Barlin, “Take that one to the door, Barl, and offer noicely to show those louts out the SECOND floor window if they don't set me stools to right and settle down”.
Barlin's face broke into a huge, euphoric, grin, as he waded through the crowd towards the carters and their victim of tatershine, and stupidity. Barl liked nothing more than hefting screeching carters out the upstairs window, and into the manure pile below, fresh from the stables. In fact, he thought quickly, if he could find Poli, the silent boy who minded the carter's horses and dogs for board and keep, before the idiots did any real damage he could heft them out and into a steaming wet dung heap. “Oick,” he laughed to himself as he slowed his advance, “'perhaps I'll let them break a stool or two.”
“Poli”, he yelled towards the dark cubby the thin, hair lipped boy favored,
“spread fresh hot dung round the heap, like quick, oim going for distance tonight, I am.”
Poli leaped from his shadowed corner and bolted for the stable door, distance meant the heavy barrow would be needed, and he had filled it to the brim with the wettest, steamiest manure he could fork, as soon as the carters had started ordering double cups of Snapper and belting out verses from their trail songs. Rude nonsense which rang out in the common room behind him, still, as he wheeled the barrow out and started forking furiously.
Poli knew his job, carters, and Barlin's habits, well.
“I got me a nag who drags me load, mmm hmmm mmm hmmm
Vanners got legs loike an old gully toad, mmm hmmm mmm hmmm
I earn me coppers with nary an ache,mmm hmmm mmm hmmm
Vanner's got a smell a dowsing can't break.”mmm hmmm mmm hmmm

I'll trade me nag when the silvers right,
A Woven tail, two eyes with sight.
Vanner's marry theirs, so they be stuck,
wid a Nag for a wife, and their cap for luck.”

Moikel and Nab watched it all from the door of the Leaf Room.
“We'll be out a stool, or two , Da.” sighed Moikel, tallying the cost in his head.
“Aye” replied Nab with a mischievous grin, “but Poli be needing a new pair of boots, and a shirting or two, he be growing so, now that he gets tucker. Barlin will gift him that, when that scrawny carter, there,” Nab pointed at the apparent ring leader of the as yet unsuccessful balancing team, “slides into the alley. Poli's been wetting the heap for two days now, on top of the rain. I swear on Heret's Shadow, I've never seen a youngling make so much water.”
Moikel laughed loudly, the deep bark enough to send the carters, and vanners, standing near skittering back in fright.
“What you need, Da?”, Moikel asked between chuffs, “I don't reckon your Wessel Leaf or the Vanner's Castellar is gone already.”
“Gimphor”, replied Nab curtly, “his calling be Gimphor, Moikel, and he be a guest, not,” he continued as he pointed out at the jostling mass , “not just custom for the night at the topboard.”
“Okay, Da,” Moikel replied softly, “what you and Gimphor be needing?”
“Ask Limmy to send one of the older bottle boys down into the cellar to fetch her cold cured Casker, that which hangs high,” said Nab as he watched Barlin wander off into a quiet corner of the common room, “some of the last of her Mammie's curing, if she would be so kind. Mind you, use those words, Moikel, oim not loikely to get any if you say “Da wants some of Mammie's Hammer, am I?”
“I know , Da,” Moikel replied as he absently swatted a swaying outlander back into the crowd, “Ma's roight stingy with Mammies Casker, but I have some, now and again.”
“Oh, do you now, Moikel”, came Nab's incredulous voice, “ well then wheedle me some fresh herbed bread, and whatever else your mam deigns to favor you with, above her own goodman!”
Moikel smiled and replied “Then I guess you be wanting some o' that cheese she's got tucked away, from ol' Wallis in the Dale, the Wensley.”
“By Heret's Thin Shadow, I do!” snapped Nab, before his voice softened and he added, “so please ask noicely, will ye, Gimphor and I are quite in the need for some tucker, and me thinks we shall be a bit longer, talking, and what not.”
A knowing grin slipped into place on Moikel's face. Moreton's Castellar and Wessel Leaf from the ****e of the cloistered at Monkton Monastery made for a powerful mixture, which easily loosened the tongue and set the thoughts to sloshing.
A mixture Moikel, himself, wouldn't mind swimming in, but Nab's personal store of Wessel and Gimphor's bottle of Moreton's were not likely to pass his dry lips any time soon.

Moikel slid closer to Nab, “Through the door,” he whispered near to Nab's ear, “I heard you mention the Mid Tending Hop, Da,” Moikel looked about, quickly, to see if any drunkards stood close enough to over hear. “your not going to tell an outlander, Gimphor, I mean, the tell are you, not the whole tell?”
Nab placed his hand on Moikel's shoulder, pulling him out of the path of a spray of tatershine and vomit. “Tooms”, he yelled to a bottle boy crouched behind the topboard, “a bucket and clean rushes for the floor, please!”
Nab fished the large multi sided silver piece Gimphor had passed him earlier out of his pocket and brought it up between Moikel and himself so no other could see, Moikel gasped and tried to step back, but Nabs thin hand on his shoulder, which had a deceptively strong grip, restrained him.
“Aye, Moikel”, hissed Nab softly, “I thought it were one of Bumblemouse's Ethiel silvers, and as Mammie showed you hers more often than me, your eyes say I was right then... Few ever see these, fewer ever own one, and Gimphor carries it in his pocket!”


07-09-2008, 11:01 PM
a bit if the middle

Moikel interrupted, “It's not loike he's gonna lose it ,Da, you can't lose an Ethiel.”
Nab slipped the coin in his pocket and replied, “I know, Moi, once gifted an Ethiel, one is never without, even if you gift it away. What is it Mammie always said, “An Ethiel in the pocket freely gifted, two in the satch there'll soon be”, my point is someone gifted him one, and it remained Ethiel, so he is a Good Sort, he gifted me this, and I know it's true worth, would, I think, even if Mammie had not had hers, as the Ethiel tells me so. It's not just an odd silver coin in me pocket, as it would be to any odd lout, it's an Ethiel!” He finished in a rush.
Nab paused and ran his hand through his thinning hair, “Damn Wessel has me thinking odd, circling the point loike old Cally circles the Inn, 'til we open the doors in the morning. Anyway, Gimphor is a Good Sort, who just set our fortunes to the better, come Scalies or Heret himself, and I think I can trust him to help get what be in the Dim Cellar out, they been there for far too long, they have!”

Moikel tipped his head back and stared at the ceiling, his habit whenever he was tallying the books or thinking deeply.
“Oick, Da, your most loikely right, but there are only two Good Sorts who hold an Ethiel, the one in your pocket, and the ones in Gimphor's pocket.” Moikel lowered his gaze to meet Nab's eyes, “ the Chanter said it takes three bearers to do what your thinking, so even if Gimphor holds 20, your still one bearer short.”
“True enough, Moi,” Nab murmured, his Wessel fueled scheme fading, just as his most artfully crafted smoke rings did in the soft summer breeze, which wafted across the leaf room porching, when he retreated there for a quiet piping.
Nab's eyes lit up, “OF COURSE!,” he exclaimed, drawing startled glances from about the common room, “yes”, he lowered his voice and continued, “Gimphor assuredly has more, he travels often, ranges far and wide, he must meet many of the Good Sort, and loikely passes on an Ethiel, with all its power, not just silver, easily.”
Moikel was staring intently at the ceiling again, “But, Da, it doesn't matter how many he has gifted, how many he's received back, how many he has in his pocket, his satch, or his shoe, you need three bearers of the Good Sort, the Chanter says, and so does Bumblemouse, or he would na' said naught....”
Nab waved Moikel to silence “Let me finish, before I lose the thread,,,, Gimphor may have gifted an Ethiel to some among his fellow Vanners, they are an honest lot.”
Moikel interrupted again, his eyes still locked on the ceiling, many in the crowd of sots began wondering just what he looked at so intently, so they followed suit, until they toppled over backwards, to thud loudly on the floor. “Thems that got two hands, anyway, is honest.”
“Yes, two hands”, murmured Nab, “so Gimphor may know of a third Good Sort who can help,,,six hands and three Ethiel,,,with whats in the dim cellar.”

“And if he don't”, asked Moikel, as he looked askance at Barlin, pushing through the mass of vanners gambling for small coins with Kadda sticks, an act which was nominally illegal in regions that fell under the Ire of Heret, or the Grace of his Shadow. Kadda sticks, from lands to the south, were said to be wijjered, controlled by the will and character of those who threw them, so their use by vanners was ignored, as vanners were respected. If a carter had uncased them for a throw, Nab or his sons would have quickly trod them to slivers and buried them in the Temple ground, next to the carter, if necessary. Carters are an ill lot, mostly.
Barlin reached the carters, who had finally succeeded in standing the unconscious fellow upside down, and more importantly, in breaking a stool. The joy was writ bold across Barlin's face. “For Distance !, Poli, open the windows wide!” he roared above the din, as he plucked the skinny carter high and bounded for the stairs.
“Well then,” mused Nab as he watched Barlin rocket up the narrow staircase to the already open window, the screeching of the carter lost in the hoots and calls of “For Distance” which thundered about the room, before most of the locals hurried outside to watch the spectacle. “I guess I should have to gift an Ethiel to some one, then, to a good sort.”
“In Threeways”, squawked Moikel, his head cranked round as far to the right as it would possibly go, in hopes that the scrawny, whining carter slid far enough into the alley for him to see. “ I doubt there be another Good Sort about , Da, you and Mammie,” Moikel paused to press his thumbnail firmly to his forehead, “you be the only two I ever heard tell of being gifted with Bumblemouse's silver.
And you can't gift an Ethiel to kin, no matter how good they be, just as you can't inherit one, it fades when the Good Sort does, them is Bumblemouse's rules.

Nab felt a touch, light, on his shoulder, and jumped nearly to the the Shadow, a hairs breadth from old Mammie's side.
“Sorry, Nab,” exclaimed Gimphor, “but I just seen, or thinks I seen, a skinny carter fly off your roof, shrieking like a bogwallop, and then skitter full across the roading out back. He ended up under the porchings across the way, he did!”
Moikel slapped his meaty palm hard against the door jamb, “New boots and a few shirts for Poli, Da, out of Barlin's purse for sure.” He laughed.
“Aye, and trousers off of the topboard's takings, as well, he screeched loud enough to bring round the Chanter, and his gilded satch,” rejoined Nab, as he turned to face Gimphor and slapped him firmly on the shoulder. A pale faced Gimphor, who looked as confused as onlyone who has piped Wessel and twirled Castellar can look.
“Worry not bout the carter, Gimphor, my friend, Barlin lofts them softly into the far downslope of the dung heap, and good Poli has been making a mire of the back yarding for two days now. So the unfortunate fool slid with nary a scratch, I am sure!”
Gimphor pulled at his thin mustaches. “Well, I weren't worried bout the carter, really, it looked to be Gibber Trate, bad sort through and back, he is. Nothing loike his brother, Deft,” Gimphor mumbled, flustered,” “a vanner true, Deft is, shakes with two hands and a smile, as good as you'll get.”
Gimphor gave quick nod of his head , “I was more worried bought myself, my wits, you see.”
Gimphor paused as the locals crowded back in through the narrow door from the stabling yard, with Poli on their shoulders, led by a grinning Barl who was busy slapping backs and pressing his hard earned coin into the hands of Seble the bootmaker and the husband of goodwife Tabbin, the seamstress.
“I was a frighted” Gimphor continued, “being I've never piped that much Wessel leaf , and not once tasted Moreton's, well, I done more than tasted it tonight,,, but I was of the mind that more than my cap was missing from my head, when I see Gibber flapping by, screeching so, and I full well expected them stumbling corpses next!”
Nab laughed loudly and tapped both of Gimphor's shoulders soundly, thrice, “You're quite well in the head Gimphor, never fear, sometimes carters get out of hand and Barlin and Poli have a bit of fun. Not a one has had more than his pride hurt yet, and after Gibber has a good dousing in the trough, Barlin will set him drinks on the topboard, out of his own pocket, as will more than a few locals, who do like the spectacle of a flapping, screeching carter, me thinks.”
“Ohh,” blurted Gimphor, “oi don't know bout that, Gibber's got a mean streak twice as wide as his skinny shoulders, he does, and a blade in his boot.”
“Aye” laughed Moikel, “he'll have neither when he returns, my brother, Tural, has a way with dung covered carters, and the horse trough, that brings them round to thinking a night of lifting cups off of the topboard, with coin from another's satch, is a might more pleasant than petty vengeance, and the funeral that would follow.”
The crowd hooted loudly as Tural and Gibber, dripping wet and bootless, returned. “See there”, said Moikel as they looked on, “your mean carter is smiling, he is, tis a wonder, the effect that cold trough water, and the offer of dry tatershine, has on a carter.” Moikel turned back to Nab, “I'll be fetching your tucker now, Da, and stand Tural at the door in my stead, looks to me we'll see no more trouble tonight.”
“Well said, Moikel, I do believe you to be right, the mood is lighter.” replied Nab as he stepped back into the leaf room, guiding Gimphor with him, “speak noicely to your mother, Moikel, for the sake of our bellies” he finished as he swung the door shut on the hoots and calls of “For Distance, and Boots, Poli!”

We have several more pages written, where the story diverges into the groups "it takes 3 Ethiels and the "it takes 4 Ethiels"...Each has their own reason and I am sure they will work it out,,,they have to, the whatsits in the Dim Cellar be knocking...

More to follow, soon,
SeerBlue and the FHCO's, and no I do not recommend carter tossing.

07-10-2008, 01:16 AM
Okay. last post for the night, as I just finished combing through my files and deleting tons of stuff I probably never had a use for,,,odd how that happens.
This was one of the first sketchup works the FHCO's did, which I just stumbled across. Lemur did the buildings and Tanner Sinks with a random protrude ruby script by herself, just click and make shapes, then Raith helped her pop roofs on with roofs.rb, again just click and choose a roof style, but with some options they always fiddle with to get variety. Its a small version so not as clear as the humongous ones they render.
As this was done whilst the Tell of Alfert Kier was coming to life these are the piddle pits that caused his demise, so this is actually Haughley and things were in much better repair, and the grass is greener (David Gilmour).. It didn't become known as Snapgallows until some time after Alfert's head rattled forth his 2, of 3, curses.
I really like it because it is so simple, yet has enough variety to make a tell of in itself,,,,so someday, we will conjure up a few Younglings to scamper about around in the Tanner Sinks and see what happens. edit: I am thinking dye, bright dye, now just to find out how they made it.

One of these days I have to figure out how to make a template for open office documents, so our pdf can be as purdy as the e-zine.

SeerBlue and all the FHCO's are sleeping

07-10-2008, 06:21 PM
well we finally got the FHCO's to set down for some pics, tried to get a group shot, failed miserably, only seems I can get 3 of them to set still at once, now I just have to figure out how to get them from the camera to a folder I can find!

Oh, a question of importance for those who know better than I, what is the correct pronunciation of Wyvern, I and the FHCO's say Why-vern, but a D-n-D adult told Raith that is stoopid, its Wi-vern, with the i like in Idiot, the online talking dictionaries say it Why-vern, after the river Wye...if the Wi-vern camp is wrong I think his "I like in Idiot" suits him, as he hurt Raith's feelings, now if I could just find Alfert's Head.......

07-10-2008, 06:56 PM
Hi Seerblue - check your PMs!

07-10-2008, 07:44 PM
Oh, a question of importance for those who know better than I, what is the correct pronunciation of Wyvern,

Your pronunciation is more correct. I'm not sure why D&D players say wih-vern, but it seems to be fairly well universal within that subset of fantasy lovers. There must have been a pronunciation guide at some point that got it wrong, and it was taken as gospel.

My pronunciation of the word was "corrected" a few years ago, and unfortunately, the short i has stuck with me. I know it's not correct, but I keep saying it anyway.

07-10-2008, 07:58 PM
I have always called it Wih-vern but I know well that many people say Wye-vern. I believe your right tho in that it comes from Wye area which I pronounce like you. I would imagine that it could be treated as a local dialect difference. Perhaps northern Thrublanders pronounce it one way and Southern the other leading to much local mirth... Maybe we should have it as a West-East thing instead what with there being such a North-South dialect thing going on here in UK. Do you have such a difference in US ? I know of the Southern drawl like country music stuff and New Yorker and the Canadian difference which is so frequently poked at in Southpark but over here it is so vastly different over such short distances - 50 miles and your in whole new language. This is an area which has barely been acknowledged in fantasy. The Belgariad made references to localized customs a lot tho but even in that I don't remember the language or accents being highlighted.

07-10-2008, 09:39 PM
Well as far as local dialects go, before I went in the Air Force and got a vanilla dialect, I said Cah for Car, he-ah for here, as in "you cain't git they-ah from he-ah,,which used to be the common reply for strangers (we called them Sunday Drivers ,edit it were Soonday Drivahs) asking directions, because if they wanted to go someplace two places away, say from my home town of Lisbon to Franconia Notch, which meant they would have to go through Sugar Hill, the common perception was you had to go to Sugar Hill, and from there you could go to Franconia Notch......probably led to a lot of lost flatlanders wandering around the backwoods,,,,for decades,,,"Nope, you cain't git they-ah from he-ah, you cain git to Landaff, though. And off they would drive again....Of course this was back in the days of 1 channel of TV,,,and the one Weatherman was Marty Angstrom from Maine, who lived year round on top of Mt Washington, with a cat for company,,,so thats probably where we all got our accent..I am amazed I remember him, guess black and white tv made him an Icon.

Pronunciation wasn't a big thing really, neither of us knew how to say it so we checked online and went with that, it was just the way that the ADULT corrected him I guess, I don't think anyone should stifle a child's creativity, they are much more original thinkers than we grown ups.

We will go with Snapgallows dialect, we've already added Fick, Yelping, and a slew of other words...and I will have Raith point him to the online talking dictionary,,,,if he can figure out how to type it, and I don't me Raith......I know that was moighty Fick of me, by Heret.

The slew of dialects in England used to throw me, and I was amazed that even cities, it seemed, had dialects named after them,,,,,,,,you guys aren't running some secret clone zone operation over there are you?

Thanks for the answers guys, we'll be Why-vern all the way, so don't be alarmed if you send a message containing orders from Thrub via a Wi-vern, and we send back a Why-vern, with questions....

SeerBlue and Raith Eliathy

07-10-2008, 10:10 PM
Apparently it's even worse in China. I know a woman who while growing up could not talk with her own grandfather because their dialects were so different. They could communicate in written form, though, because apparently China has only one written language, even though they have hundreds of spoken ones.

07-10-2008, 10:23 PM
Here's a pic of the Four Happy Carpet Orcs.
First there is Bumblemouse, she of the Purple Bowtopped Wagon, Gifter of Ethiels, First of the Good Sort, and many other things beyond. Stories are her favorite, and she spreads them throughout West Fentor every Harvest Burning Festival, every town, village, clave, or camp, all on the same day..We don't know how, but any ancient who can be both a mouse and a bee, at the same time, can be everywhere at once. Bumblemouse has a memory that is stronger than the best lock box Cagil the Artificer could craft, forget who was the first Yelper, Bumblemouse will tell you "Oborro of the Silent Voice",,,and whisper the rest of the tell.

Next is Raith Eliathy, Snapgallows Wyvern Master and Trainer. Inadvertantly shrunk to a smidgen of his natural size by a rather befuddled Odduck the Grand, he now strives to regain his stature, in height as well as respect, by being the best Wyvern Master ever.......and he has this strange clutch of eggs his oldest wyvern shuttled to the roost one day....
Raith is also an excellent builder of things needing built,,,,,complex roofs, switchback stairs, the master of the Explode button in Sketchup,,,,only a truly wise Wyvern Master would click Explode on a model he worked on for hours.

Then there be Ol' HorseHair, Royt by calling, Horsehair by accident.
Once a member of Bedell's Ranging Company, now Snapgallows unsung defender, Ol Horsehair ranges about striking down Fen Nasties at will, with his trusty DogWallop and Squirillo's, don't even think about raiding a caravan on its way into Snap, you will wake up the next week with a moighty headbumper and not even remember why. Ol Horsehair is a quick wit with a tell, taking in everything around him to craft a story.

Lastly, but only in this list, is Lemur, a little wisp of a musician by day, collector of objects and artifacts that should never be allowed to rest within the grasp of the Seven Families, or 'praps even see the light of day, in the mid of night. She has an affinity for rocks and leafs, and she is wiser and more creative than her apparent age....she often says "When I was Older" followed by the most interesting observations a 3 year old could formulate.... skilled at anything with freeform color and nature, a master of pdparticles.

That's a bit of who the FHCO of the Snapgallows Circle be....


07-11-2008, 09:10 AM
Awwww! Well that's going on the back of the certificate!

07-13-2008, 08:30 PM
Put a bit of an update to Hebbies Ale House (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?p=26353#post26353) in the Challenge thread.
I figure I will try to track the updates to that thread here, so once it is locked I don't have to move any info about.
Snapgallows is still expanding, I just have to sit down long enough to drag some neighborhoods into the .skp file with the terrain, the laptop bogs so with the full file open I dread it.

Four more, at least four more, tells got started, it seems each bit character that comes through the door ends up having a tell of there own, I had to buy a couple new journals and a bag to put it all in, my usual routine of scribbling on what ever was handy was seriously NOT Fick, proven by the fact I found several old envelopes with outlines of tells we had done dashed on them, as paper memory, and now I wonder if I sent my utility bill off with page 4 scrawled on the back of it, as I can't find it......Awaiting a visit from Homeland Security any day now, any day now.

07-13-2008, 11:55 PM
Well I got off of my duff and moved some of Raith's neighborhoods onto the terrain, and threw up a wall around the Seven Families compound, got to keep the Seveners, and the unwashed Snappies, out.
The towers, for the compound may get scaled down, unless we decide it is where the outlanders who are hired to guard the compound and the Seven Families trade caravans are billeted.
Most of it has the textures hidden in sketchup, so I can work on it, and I have a lot more buildings to move about.
The color scheme is just for identification, as textures will replace them done the road, the long road.
SeerBlue and The FHCO's

07-14-2008, 12:19 AM
As the end result for the FHCO Snapgallows adventure will be something they can actually hold and play/read, I've been fiddling with a pdf and "Adventure Cards" for them, just something with a simple illustration and a wee bit of a tell to get them started, and let them run from there.
In this one, Lemur has to slip into the Seven Families compound and recover an ancient LongBlade. So, the FHCO will have to decide how to do that, a clue for the easiest way is mentioned in the text,
use the wells, Lemur, use the wells
Of course that would entail finding someone who can work Limestone with the Silent Voice of Yelping,,,(which Snap has a good few, hiding deep beneath the Dimways).
Being that The FHCO is a force to be reckoned with, I am sure they will succeed.

07-14-2008, 03:05 AM
Narf, I spelled compound wrong three times, fixed it, then posted the wrong pic, wellllll, I blame it on the Squirillos.

07-16-2008, 10:12 PM
Lemur made me an avatar in Spore Creature Creator, he be BumbleMook.
She even gave him a story,,,,,which I really need to write before I forget.
SeerBlue and Lemur

07-18-2008, 05:13 AM
If you introduce someone named, say, Nils the Sunderer, in a tell, and say he has an ancient map of the world hidden away, a map that was the reason for his success upon the seas, sooner or later some liddle one will ask to see it.
Things get forgotten and then the map gets mentioned again, that same liddle one will ask where it came from.
Other things come up, like the Haskwood Canifers, and Redrobes tale of ancient forests dwindled to secluded heartwoods, and the focus is shifted.
Things get forgotten again until it comes time to have a tell about two of the FHCO characters who haven't heard just where they came from yet in any great detail, and half born ideas all come together.
Nil's ancient map becomes the map of the world in its first ages, when the world was in the half light of false dawn, the Haskwood Canifers become the FirstHome of the Naim, Bumblemouse becomes the Last of the Naim, and Lemur becomes the Tells speaker.
From there the story grows and grows until it is firmly rooted in Snapgallows lore as one of many of the tells and songs Lemur relates at each visit to the Village.
From there more goes in, and some comes back out, until it becomes the creation myth of the Naim and the Traveller's Sky. The lighting of the ink black sky by Jahk Jahk Flicker Flahk, son of Bien, who is Bumblemouse, one star at a time as he strives to light the World so he can find his lost mother, taken by forces unknown come to slay both the Naim and the Haskwoods.
The world is dark, the forests deep, so a bit of Redrobe's firefly lamp is borrowed and the Naim are enabled with the Light. A soft glow that they can summon when needed, like a fireflies fluorescence. Jahk can't find his mother Bien by her light, or another Naim by theirs , and is lost.
So we pinched inspiration from Redrobes, Torstan, and Toff, leaping from Haskwood Canifers, to Black Holes, and finally to Star systems and the vast distances of space.

12 mice and a hamster appear, the Loahm and a Tantan, who accompany Lemur both in her travels and in her music. Nil's map gets started and it develops its own life, now the map needs a reason, so it shows the Haskwood Canifers as they covered the world in their youth,,,,,but it is a seafarers map, and the Naim are forest dwellers and caretakers of the Canifers ( a major "Oi" on my part once pointed out) so others appear who sail the seas, transporting their brothers the Naim where they would go, in their service to the forests. They become the Timen, and of them we only now there name, their map, and their brothers the Naim.
So the land detail is basic, the Timen were folk of the waters, and only the seas were of their concern.

So indirectly the map below is related to Snapgallows, as it is central to the inhabitants story for the FHCO, much more needs done, tracks and plots, sparse ports of safe harbour, an ancient script for names and such, and whatever else they think of. As it is right now it is just the Heightfield Redrobes kindly supplied us ( as he does for everyone, busy guy) a few shaders generated in Global Mapper, layered in Photoshop, and down sized from its original 8k+ by 4k+ size and converted to jpg. All in all a nice way to spend an hour after an excellent day at Wind Cave, dungeon touring at its best .
SeerBlue, Bumblemouse, and Lemur

07-19-2008, 09:32 PM
One way to keep the FHCO's interest is to give them something new to do, that once it is set up, they can do on their own.
And as they are way ahead of me in making structures for the overall Snapgallows map, and with all they have done for Hebbie's, I need something for them to fiddle with while I do renders and move neighbor hoods into Snap.
One of Lemurs fav programs to "watch" while it runs/renders, is Terragen 2. So I took the imagery made in Global Mapper from the whole world heightfield and set up a .tgd file, that being Terragen 2's native format, which will allow them to do Planetary renders.
So here be an example, straight out of Terragen 2's free tech Preview edition,
of the file they will play with as I catch up. These are 8 minute renders, 800x600 (the max res in the free version), they can ad clouds and starfields if they want to theirs, but the render times will increase.
I didn't work out exactly the image scale to planet size, though it looks a little large if what is visible is covering that much of the globe, I'll have to check to insure I am using spherical mapping in the tgd

07-27-2008, 05:48 PM
The FHC0's have been experimenting with taking what they build in Sketchup and rendering it in Terragen 2, the free tech preview version. Terragen imports the .obj file great, but as we did not pay great attention to normals or texture limits we had to disable some and go with a plain surface layer instead,,, lesson learned
Here is an example of Lemur's work with clouds, she just fiddles with sliders in the node network and hits render.
She calls this one "Taste Clouds" as they are so low, and of course we had to make a tell to go with it, which is about 3/4s typed and awaiting her and Bumblemouse's "no, you got that wrong" review, as they remember better than I do just what I said, most times.
SeerBlue, Lemur, and Bumblemouse

07-27-2008, 07:32 PM
Huh, I didn't know TG2 imported obj files. That interface confuses me so I never really worked with it too much, like that other program that uses the same type of interface where you hook things together like a flow chart rather than draw something. Gonna have to go back and check it out some more. Cool pic btw.

07-27-2008, 08:22 PM
Yup, the object import is in the top menu, Object, when you click on that you get the choice for add object, and after clicking that you can choose object, for a single instance, or population, which will add multiple instances of the same object,,,used for trees and such on the terrain.
In the pic above it is all sketchup for the buildings and terrain, the atmo, clouds and shader on the town walls is terragen ( the walls is where we flubbed the normals here and there so the texture was spotty).
Once you get used to the node network it is really quite easy to connect things up, the hard part is making a good render, there are so many inputs I just stick with the basics for the FHCO's,,,though they add things here and there, like the hint of field rows in the foreground grass, which is not in the model, haven't looked to see how they did that yet.

07-28-2008, 02:40 AM
Well here be, attached in PDF format, the tell that Lemur's "Taste Rain" render from above, led to. It is written to make a three year old laugh, and to give the older Orc's somethings to ponder, lots of things, it turns out. As it is quite long, and it is quite late, cutting and pasting it into separate posts seems too daunting, so, if your interested in Pochard, Ducks, Crick Toads, Quills which never forget whats written, and boots that bite, you'll have to download it, or wait til I have the where-with-all to post it here.
There aren't any illustrations in it, Lemur and Bumblemouse are still searching for ones we can FHCO, well, not right now, as they are both sleeping, but we will be again tomorrow I am sure.

Steel General
07-28-2008, 07:46 AM
The 'tell' was quite enjoyable, though at times I had to re-read parts to make sure I understood what was going on. :)

07-28-2008, 01:09 PM
Thanks for reading, it is appreciated. I guess it is Odducks rather inexplicable jumps and scurries from one thought to another, which lead to confusion.
When we are sitting around doing a tell, Odduck seems to get the most laughs, but what works then is hard to translate to paper, perhaps they are really laughing at the actions of the teller, mimicing poor Odduck.....and that would be me...hmmm
thanks again SeerBlue and Bumblemouse (who named Fallump, Fallump, and made him a satch)

07-30-2008, 05:59 PM
Snapgallows heads into the Golden Age of Transportation, or at least its tin age.
Lemur noted are Village was missing something, Squiggly Ways, or roads and paths outside of the realm of 3 years old.
So we forcred good old Sketchup to spit out an orthographic render and Raith and Lemur are experimenting in Photoshop at different ways of making Squiggly Ways for Snappies to trundle along from Gate to Alehouse, Smithy to old Quarry dig.
So a couple more layers and filters are being added to the mix and we will see where they end up in a day or two. They have added a few buildings, which I have to add to the key we are keeping up to date as we can, and they have even done a few specialized buildings after browsing through the dundjinni forums....more updates to come.....and we still have to swap out Hebbies with the updated version, once we move the furniture out.
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

The Cartographist
07-31-2008, 03:50 AM
SeerBlue - I haven't had the time to really read through all of your posts, but what you are doing is really inspiring. Involving the kids in this creative endeavor is fantastic. The benefits to you, to the children, and to the Guild itself are really fun to watch.

07-31-2008, 06:17 AM
Oooohhh an ortho view of Snapgallows... :D now don't forget to let us all know where on the hills Snap sits ! I can then update the main map - not that its big enough to show up much but I like to keep it up to date.

08-04-2008, 08:54 PM
Now I will have to search thru several gigs of Snap renders to find out exactly where we put it:o, I guess that is one of the problems with growing old, forget where you put your keys, your wallet, and if your lucky, your Village.

Lemur, Bumblemouse and I have been fiddling around with the latest terragen free release, as I have been working for ages to get a realistic Anduin River and loads of streams and such into a terrain made by Monks, and with the new release Lemur and I have had a good bit of success, worked out some kinks in my process and am quite happy now.
Weelllll back to the Anduin Vale, then of to Hebbies for a bit of Pochard after that.

08-04-2008, 08:57 PM
oops, forgot to upload this for Lemur, its her render of the CWBP world in Terragen, with clouds. She is so glad she can make clouds.

08-05-2008, 08:49 PM
I know, I know, this has nothing to do with Snapgallows, at all, but I am quite happy, I have spent years, yup years, trying to get realistic water for Monks Anduin Vale terrain, right down to streams, and not just the look of water, but water with volume and transperancy, so if one was to do a render the rocks and peddles on the bottom of the stream would show BENEATH the surface.....Well I am finally getting close to where I want to be, and yup, this is a crappy render, and yup the colors are horrid ( I used them so I could find my 10 pixel wide water on a 4097 terrain), and yup, my water is thicker than the channel it flows in, but that is just because this is all by hand, GTS should take all the hand generation of water terrain out of the process...so any way this is two terrains in terragen2 (free), one is terrain and the other is just water, merged over it to give the water volume,,,,a real pain in the butt to draw a water terrain in any program...
Nothing great to look at but it took me ages to get here, and I don't think anyone else has given it a real go, so I am happy.
The elevation at the top of the render is about 600 meters, at the bottom about 325 meters, so this isn't a terragen lake plane, it is a water terrain for the water, which means some day I could do Waterfalls.....

08-06-2008, 05:50 AM
I pulled out Anduin Vale last week and had another play with it. I was toying with the idea of taking the full map and just running it through the first stage just to see what it would look like but then I found that I would have to do all the flow maps. All 3600 of them and then I quickly lost the will to live again. Gonna have to find a better way of doing that. Maybe I should just go for it without them and see how it comes out. I really want to see that full map textured.

Coincidentally I was also doing a stream with pebbles at the bottom yesterday as part of my tile texturing monthly challenge. As I said there, I am doing that for many reasons other than the challenge itself and this sort of thing was one of them. If you want the textures I used then I can send them over. Are you trying to do it completely procedurally instead ?

08-06-2008, 07:29 AM
The water looks great, but it does have an odd effect near the back where it looks to me like the water is sitting on top of a flat plain. I don't know the software but it might help to deepen the banks a bit. That said the water looks like water, which is really nice.

08-06-2008, 12:24 PM
Hey RR, right now it is all procedural, if I throw to many textures or imae maps in it slowwwwws down the render alot, on this laptop that little render, at like .3 quality, took an hour,,,a long time to wait to see if nudgin the water terrain a meter up or down fixed the water on top of the terrain oops.
I have been watching your tiles thread, looks really cool, the snow and stream are especially well done.
Hey Tancread, yup in some places it is on top of the terrain, becasue what I did was chunk the places water flows on the terrain out of the heightfield in Leveller and the used levellers brushes to add height here and there ,by eye, so in some spots I was heavy handed I guess, turns in the river are the hardest, it is a bugbear keeping the water level from bank to bank along the arc after the terrain generation app did its best to erode it realistically.

Well back at it before I forget where I was and what I was doing.

08-08-2008, 02:54 PM
haa, I fixed the water on top of terrain problem, and then had the thought,,,well I have the snapgallows heightfield, why not do some terragen renders with some streams, so I added that to my list, but haven't done it yet, and it may be a bit before I do, as I have 2 job interviews today, and after 5 years of retirement, meaning just being a child minder,tour guide, cook, storyteller and so on, I may, hopefully have another thing to add to my plate.
Nothing really hard, or intellectually challenging, just stocking shelves at Wally Mart at night, so I can upgrade my system in a few weeks, and get the kiddies a laptop down the road..
So, if I do start work, there may be a drop in Snap posts for a bit until I work out my sleep, work, entertain the FHCO's schedule,,,oh and eat as well.

08-08-2008, 04:03 PM
Here is the latest bit of Snapgallows detailing we have been working on, its a lift for the Quarries/Tunnels. Once we built it it was decided we needed some way to power it, so we went for a windmill, then the question was asked "what if the wind is not blowing", so we did some creative medieval thinking and decided we would use the wind mill to fill a large reservior with water, (the big one is out of view), the wind mill would fill it, and when the lift needed to run on days no wind was blowing the water would be used to push the large moving gate back and forth, turning gears, pulling cables, and raising and lowering the lift...overkill yes, did we learn oodles, yup, does it work with sketchy physics, for the most part, are cable leaves the wheels/gears at some points as Sketchup sees it as a rod and not a flexible cable.
SeerBlue, and most of the FHCO's

Steel General
08-08-2008, 05:45 PM
Cool stuff! :)

08-08-2008, 06:58 PM
And next week Raith's character straps four exotic fire breathing wyverns to a stick and the folks of Snapgallows audition for the first Thrub astronaut... The one smelling the most of piddle probably gets it tho.

Heh - I have designed loads of real stuff in 3D art packages. Got lots of renders of stuff I tried to make. Usually it goes wrong at the bit where I deviate from the 3D model of it...

08-08-2008, 10:58 PM
ohh, don't mention firebreathing wyverns, I just convinced him they don't exist! Though if Horsehair's Squirillo's can "warsh brains" I guess Raith's wyverns can breath fire at some point, maybe that is what the eggs he has, and is so secretive about, is all about..

Modelling things and working out how they would "work" is turning the FHCO in to quite the little group of critical thinkers, though if we can't figure out or find a plausible way to do something we resort to mahgikko, wijjery, and just plain, cause it does.
In fact, we, or I should say I (they might have known), learned that old dutch windmills, or at least some of them, had the whole structure spin to catch the wind. Seen scores of them in my travels and never thought about it..It was one of those kid like "wow, cool" moments.

We are still plugging away at Snap, but with the impending school schedule it is going to take a bit of schedule work to get everyone together about twice a month, I don't want to co-opt their project, the really have a sense of pride in their work, even if they just contribute a bit of color or a funky roof to another orcs work they are happy.
I am working on tidying up what we have that is DONE, at least for now, so I can zip and archive it, pdf it, and so on.


08-09-2008, 05:42 AM
Don't forget the pictures!

08-09-2008, 01:50 PM
Yes, normal Wyverns don't breath fire - thats a feat for their bigger cousins. They are supposed to have a poisoned spiked tail tho.

Windmills used to have that little wheel on the back with a mini windmill on it. I thought that when the air went through it and turned it, the mini fans turned and that was geared to a sprocket which ran around a ring to turn the big blades into the wind. A natural and elegant negative feedback system. I used to think that the blades of the big fans were solid and like a propeller but I think they are made of small slats instead and I was told that they could be set for more or less torque with a given amount of wind. I thought that both of these things were really clever.

08-09-2008, 09:59 PM
ahh yes the poison spike tale, Raith, being quite creative has adapted that a bit, the wyverns in his care still have the poison spike, but, in a bit of whimsy he decided that he, being rather small, since Odduck shrank him, needed a cool defense, so he wears his hair long, in a wyvern tail (no beutyshop yuppie/ unwashed biker pony tails allowed in Snap) which conceals two small poison tipped iron needles. Some one picks on the little guy, swoosh goes the hair, ouch says the bully, thump goes the floor as he drops and writhes in pain.
It is quite hilarious to watch him act it out, a cross between a shampoo commercial and a spaghetti western.
Well I have finally gotten the pics from the camera of the FHCO getting their awards in the mail, or almost, Lemur refuses to have her picture taken until she gets her hair cut, so I have a pic of the older FHCO's with their very much appreciated awards, and 1 of Lemur's reaction to seeing her award and the envelope with all the stamps and stickers, she is very much about stamps and stickers, which the door at my place is evidence of,,,,,tons of little stickers from the floor to as high as she can reach. And she gets taller everyday.
Thank you again, all who were involved, for all the creativity and care that went into the awards, they will soon be framed and hanging on the walls of their rooms.
My picture taking ability is sadly inferior to that of a blind bogwallop, so the composition is pitiful, as I took the group pic, Raith did much better with Lemur's pic.
SeerBlue and the Thankful FHCO's

08-10-2008, 02:22 AM
Very Cute!

08-10-2008, 06:23 PM
Thanks for posting the pic, Seerblue! I'll put it on the 'news'!

08-18-2008, 09:33 AM
Thanks Ravells, the kids love it.
Just thought I would post an update, as our postings have slowed, we are still plugging away, but since I work overnights now, and my "weekends" don't match the rest of the worlds weekends, our postings will most likely appear between tuesday and thursday.
I am now spending most of my time stocking pet food at walmart, sounds relaxing doesn't it, except this walmart is always in the top 3 for sales in the US,,,,,means a lot of 40 lb bags of doggy food every night, all night. And googoogaagaagillions of cans of cat food,,,,,,you cat people feed your cats the oddest things, and since when do dogs drink bottled vitamin water....
But it is fun, after 5 years of retirement from the real world. Great characters work at walmart, if you happen to need some for inspiration.
I have along list of things I have to catch up on, for both Snapgallows, Inspired Cartography and the CWBP MAPS, AND ,of course, ME-DEM.
so we are still here, and will be for a good long time.

09-28-2008, 11:14 AM
We are still here, the FHCO and I, it is just that now I only see all 4 of them together perhaps 2 days in a month, as my work schedule has my weekends fall in the week, instead of with their week ends.
In my solo time, when I am not sleeping thru the daylight, I have been knocking their tells and maps about, and every once in a while they have a short bit of story to add or a crayola'd pic for me.
Other than that, work and PDF'ing, I have been searching out a missing link in my family tree, circa 1590 Suffolk England, to connect a bit of my line running from about 1200 to 1640 to another bit running from circa 1590 to me,,,,I appear to have them all, but for one, begging the question "who's your Daddy?",,,of the 3 possible connections (, 4 men with the same name, first and last, alive at the same time, and Blogate is not a common name. 1 father, 3 uncles, or cousins, or siblings, as it is Suffolk and not Kentucky, sorry Kentucky) one has to be right.

09-28-2008, 07:55 PM
Wow thats going back a bit eh ? I did a bit of digging about in my family history after the family said they had a copy of a photo of some great aunt taken in about 1850 - 1860. Now if that doesn't ring any alarm bells then let me just point out that the photograph was invented in 1830's so it was a really old one. Going back before the 1800's is hard work as records seem to be spread about a bit and not so centralized. So doing work at 1200 - 1600 time frame is really impressive.

10-12-2008, 07:25 AM
Our family has a similar tree consolidation problem. A continuous line from about 950 to 1640 and another from 1700 to present. The bit around the Civil War period is there but a bit sketchy. If we can prove the line, we'll have a continuous family history from the Danish invasions to the present day. Don't know yet whether the family was Royalist and dispossessed during the Civil War, or Parliamentarian and dispossessed in the Reformation. On one side of the Civil War, the Kirby family had land in the Leicestershire/Rutland area, on the other they were parish clerks on the same land. All members of the family have been able to read and write from 1700 to present.

10-15-2008, 12:55 PM
My search is a little easier as it has been going on pretty much continuously since the late 1930's by one relative or another, and I was recently given copies of literally hundreds of documents to put online for the large population of Blogate/Blowgate descendants out there. We are all descended paternally from the same Thomas the emigrant, thanks to the Black Death.....
My Smith family research had a similiar break in the early 1400's, but we used genetic testing and months of online research to connect Stephen Smith of Bath NH to Samuel Smith of Nine Partners NY/Sharon CT, and from there the back to ancestors in England...Months of work,,,
Then two weeks ago I was walking around in downtown Rapid City and I saw a little used book store,,,cue the music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the knights see the Castle (or a cut out of a castle) on the Hill, choir voices rising,,,,so I went in and the first thing I see in a little locked glass display case, is a mint first edition of " Colonial Ways and Days" which is really a family history of my mother's paternal ancestors,,,popped it open and there was the link, in type, that we had spent alot of time proving..
Plopped my 8 dollars and 95 cents down on the counter and ran with it. It is even signed by a Smith descendant and dated for the year it was printed,1901,,, a real keeper.
(it also contained a very old deposit slip for the First National Bank of Gordon Nebraska, completely filled out, used as a bookmark I guess, but no cash...)

The amount of info now available online is amazing, google book search is loaded with old English family information. The oldest actual reference to a confirmed de Blogate ancestor that I have found myself,and which is the oldest yet found, came from google book search, Gilberti de Blogate, Magistiri of the Eye Priory in Suffolk, 1215.recorded in the cartulary...he may have also been Gilberti de Jakele when he was younger......
Now to find how the family surname was styled before de Blogate, as de Blogate was the name of their feudal farmstead between Eye and Athelington, perhaps in the Cranley/Redlyngfield area,,,,The British Library has been very helpful, (you Brits are exceedingly good record keepers, aren't you), though their online search engine is a horror, no fuzzy search at all, either get it exactly right or no hits. A real pain with so many variations of spelling in the documents.

This week I am working on finding a good template for the FHCO pdf, something with a D and D that will work in Open Office, as my just plain template that I used looks like pig poo, according to Ol' Horsehair, teach them to be critical and they will, but he is right.


10-15-2008, 01:11 PM
A few things I have learned form my genealogical research that transitions well into world building is how close together villages where, how focused on the early church villages were, and how dependent upon the land and the sea the inhabitants lived... and how the whims of the Monarch affected everyone..
Amazing stuff, the history of England, to me it isn't the history of the "Rich and Famous" but of the average moelman or villien, here is your chunk of land, you will work it for life, as will your descendants, unless some one else invades/becomes King or Queen/Duke/Earl/Countess, and changes the rules.
Imagine not being able to move unless permission was granted, or the Black Death swung through and created such turmoil that no one noticed you had traveled on without documents...." I'm not dead yet" "Yes, you are" thunk.
Wonderul terms in the old documents, as well, "hides of land", moelman, bailliwick, Magisitri, Comes and Cometissa, Feet of Fines, Moothalle, advowson ,,fertile ground for mining.


12-11-2008, 05:26 PM
Hi Seer, If your still listening, do you think that the ortho view of Snap in post #80 is the final or best you have ortho view for that town. I'll add it to my Thrub map if it is. I dont think you ever marked it on the high res tile exactly where it sat or where the body of Alfred Kier was on it too.

Just thinking it should be recorded for future use.

12-21-2008, 10:14 AM
Hey RR, been gone awhile ain't I, right now I am computerless, though I have bought a new one for the kids for christmas, have it all loaded with the apps they need, and I am just waiting to push it under the tree. They got a dual core computer, printer, video camera, digital camera, a wacom is on its way, and a desk to put it on,,,,plus tons of toys.
I have all our work on disk, here somewhere, and will look through to see if I can find the later images. Then I will pop out and see if I can upload it.
In January I am going to splurge for a new system, for myself, as all my paychecks the last 3 months have gone to christmas exuberance,,,,5 kids and over 30 nieces and nephews, and even great nieces and nephews ( and I am only in my 40's) really eats up the cash.
Its well below zero Fahrenheit today, so I may have time to find it today, I don't go out when the wind is whipping on cold days, I don't want to be a GRISLY statistic.

12-21-2008, 12:25 PM
Cool ! I mean wow Cold :) Coldest I ever remember was -22 degC and that was considered freak weather.

I'll update the Snapgallows area with a city map when you can do one. I heard from Monks that Osh will be interested in doing some more with MeDem too so maybe we can all get back to that and push it to at least some level of completion - not that its ever complete. Maybe the TG2 dev thrust is over and its got a little more quiet.

12-30-2008, 08:32 AM
Seer, get in touch as soon as you can pal. Sounds like you're having a great Christmas...ENJOY!! :)

monky magic

01-01-2009, 10:25 AM
hey Monks, I will pm you here or at me-dem, I had to ditch my gmail account as the vast supply of questionable offers for quick money and increased virility where filling in quicker than I could shovel them out....Now if one of them cagey mooks would combine quick money and increased virility into one got to have product,,,,they might just succeed.


01-18-2009, 11:53 AM
well the FHCO have been experimenting with Greenworks xfrog, a tree/plant modelling app that has a rep as being hard to come to grips with,,,,,well we read through the docs and had a go for a bit, and then they kept at it until their demo expired ( I hear tiny voices whispering "buy it for us" ) .
I thought I would post a few examples of their work, from the early alien creations to some way cool ones, like the waekuhl tree.
They may even end up in Snapgallows, once I get my own computer, and some time when I am NOT working,,,retirement was sooooo nice...

so this is fan coral, ther very first creation, its rendered in Terragen with a default beach/ water sand terrain we made, then silloh, for silhouette, which I couldn't spell with out a spell checker, then loedhan thicket, supposed to be razor sharp, keeps the beasties out.

more to follow

SeerBlue and the FHCO

01-18-2009, 12:03 PM
from the bizarre to the odd, to the really good..
The first is the spinybujjer, the word with the two g's in it close to bujjer is not allowed, they live in the water, kind of like an anemone, until i screw up the render settings and invert them, and then toss them way up in the air, then you get the spinybujjer migration, or invasion.

Then is my favorite the waekuhl tree, I think they all had a hand in it, and if I do by xfrog down the road some time, we are going to do an animation where the branches with the big berry things reach out and sway,,,xfrog will export the models for each scene and terragen will render it..

I think that is it, i have to check my email to be sure.....

But, xfrog is great, once they got a handle on scale, primitives , and materials, they loved it,,,,if we do get it I will have to learn it as well


01-18-2009, 12:52 PM
I've got that xfrog thingie but never did anything like that...nice.

01-18-2009, 01:03 PM
I tried the demo myself ages ago, couldn't make anything, of course, as I did not READ the doc's, but having to explain it to the kids as we went along the first couple hours really worked. Best bit I learned was you have to select a primitive when adding things, otherwise nothing shows up, primitive type "none" is the default,,,,,,,I did not know that, way back when, so I gave up ......

01-28-2009, 05:08 AM
Well, the FHCO were over again, and it was decided that as the weather is awful, too awful to go out, that we would make a start on their website in MS Expression.
So a few hours later we have the basic page structure and layout done, several ideas for how and what to post to it, and we are (finally) rolling again.
Thanks in part to their new computer, my new laptop, and the awful weather.
Eight pages of Snapgallows, coveriing imagery, maps, stories, and links to what we used for software,,,and more.
Here is a sneak preview of the home page, subject to minor changes, like font color, the orange was a compromise between pinks and reds...
SeerBlue and the FHCO

Steel General
01-28-2009, 06:51 AM
Very cool SeerBlue - Good to see you and the FHCO back at it again.

You might think about changing the color of the title text in the graphic at the top, it was barely legible at all (at least for me).

01-28-2009, 06:54 AM
Yup, that will get changed tonite, thanks for the second, or 6th, set of eyes, once we decided on a title i don't think we ever went back to select a better color, besides pink or red....SeerBlue

02-27-2009, 02:37 PM
Well, we finished the kids website, though it is only served from their local network to their computers, them being kids and all. They are quite happy, though I am not sure if they know the link doesn't really take them to the web...
I am sure I will find out if they try to give the addie to their friends,,,,,

02-28-2009, 07:40 AM
That's good to hear. Glad they are still interested in the fantasy stuff. Why don't you nab a bit of medem / inscarto space to host them. They'll will get a domain name soon....

01-05-2011, 11:40 AM
hmm being the dead of Winter here in the Dakotas, I may just be able to entice the liddle orcs to once again stroll thru Snapgallows SeerBlue

01-05-2011, 12:15 PM
That's great news! Welcome back! Hope the little orcs are well!

01-07-2011, 12:26 PM
alls fine here,,only change being there are now 6 orcs, Kimi who is about 2 or so and soon to be a stellar keyboardist, and Sachi, who is 13 months,,,,Sachi is Moby's biggest fan, grooves to the little idiot and dog everyday, being the somewhat uncle,thrice removed, of liddle uns is grand

01-07-2011, 01:07 PM
Welcome back! Glad to hear the 4+2 HCO are doing well.

01-07-2011, 05:41 PM
Yes, welcome back - good to see ya around Seer !

01-09-2011, 09:58 AM
Well thank you,very much, really. I finda little more time available now, what with winter here and the kids housebound,,,wind chill is a season here. Browsing thru my scads of Snapgallows files, images and tells, to reacquaint myself and the FHCO+2 with what we were creating so we can blunder in again.