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01-21-2013, 03:01 PM
I was going through some old map work and found that I had done a number of different variations on a single title created by Torstan (his name be praised).

The original tile was called "academy" if I remember correctly and I loved how the design looked.

Rather than try and redraw the design I cut and chopped it up into a number of variations using the shapes (buildings) in the original tile.

I'm posing the variations here for anyone who might like to use them can grab them. They're quick buildings all based on the same architectural theme that you could mix and match for any city/townscape.


This first map was one of the first 'chop' jobs I did with Torstan's tile. The simple building combination at the top right (which I called the 'Kitchen' of the Academy) was replicated to create a set of four, connected structures that had the feel of an east and west dorm.

A modification to the 'Kitchen' construction was to use the domed building (which I called the 'Library' of the Academy) as a central feature as though the library was the main structure and the dorms were on either side.

I wanted to capture a sort of 'studying on the quad' feel with this one so I kept the design simple. This could be used as a small magical school, a library or any official building you might need in a town or city.

An elaboration on the 'quad' design gave me a more complex series of buildings with entrances to each quad so that you could have four colleges (of magic?) or something.

Same as the above but I wanted to change the central fountain idea into some foliage and stick the library dome back in the center. Again, this could be a college of magic or perhaps some part of a town's bureaucracy.

Same as the above but I replaced the library dome with a central hall perhaps as the home of a town's magistrate or some other official personage.

Ok, this one, I'll admit, was sort of just a weird direction of thought. Some jumped up at me and said 'try this' so I slapped the 'Kitchen' building around a central tower complex to make several private yards and such.

Once more, a simple elaboration of the library dome around in the corner of some lecture / dorm halls.

After watching LOTR:ROTK I had the idea of extending the library dome out on the edge of a cliff or perhaps just on the edge of a hill so that the dome looked out over the city / village / water.

This is the best iteration of the 'chop' work that I did with Torstan's tile. I loved combining the library dome with some of the 'dorm' buildings to create an oddly hexagonal shape. I like the combination of the square 'bell tower' designs in three corners with the large library domes to counter them. The courtyard in the middle just makes it feel more like a college (of the arcane?)

These last two are my attempt to turn the tile into more of an Arcane University - something that you would find in a capital city or the like. The combination of four, separate library towers in the center would be an awesome sight especially if they were double or triple the size of any other structure around them.

Essentially the same as the above but with the four separate towers turned into a central 'grand' tower.

- Max -
01-21-2013, 03:06 PM
Great! My taste will go with more contrast but you sure did a good job on it!

01-21-2013, 03:08 PM
This was done all in an afternoon. I'm sure I could chop it into different things but the idea was to take the component elements of Torstan's original tile and create new designs .

I wonder if he reads these forums anymore?


01-21-2013, 04:00 PM
Great job Green-Pilgrim. Nice mods. I never saw this map of Torstan's before, thanks for bringing it back up.

01-21-2013, 04:14 PM
I wonder if he reads these forums anymore?

He's posted today :D

01-29-2013, 09:50 AM
I've been on and off the forums :) The Game of Thrones Commission basically took me off the internet for much of last year and I've been getting back into news on the guild more recently.

Nice work on the chops. One recommendation I have is that you should take a little care with the direction of the light. In your 'Kitchen' tile, some of your roofs are getting light from the north, and others from the south. I realise that's probably an artifact of collating the buildings from a fixed image, but I'll leave that as an exercise (in the clone tool).

Good to see this tile getting some use!