View Full Version : Not Hexagons...or Pentagons..but CIRCLES!

01-21-2013, 03:26 PM
Ok...this may be a bit hard for you guys and gals to grock but I have a thing for geometric themes in my design.

In the spirit of religiously-inspired architectural design (cathedrals built in the shape of a cross, etc.) I experimented with the idea of a temple to a god built in the shape of his holy symbol.

The Holy Symbol

Rather than try and make something fit within triangular walls I decided to go with the three circles around a central circle in the middle. That lead me to the idea of a circular wall with three towers set within the wall itself.

I tried to make some connection between the diameter of the towers and the diameter of the central circle. I figured that since there were three outer towers that it should be a 1-3 ratio. This would give me a smaller central courtyard than something vast and epic but I figured that these temples could be in almost any town and are built quickly. Smaller is cheaper than bigger and how much room do you need for a temple library for anything other than books and study?

Each tower and the surrounding wall would house both library, living and work space.