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01-27-2013, 07:32 PM
If you like designing worlds and creating maps, then hopefully we can work together!

Project Scope:

I am seeking a talented cartographer for a fantasy world building project. This is a paid project with a negotiable fee based on the quality of the work and time to delivery. I am seeking the following maps, each of which may be taken by a different cartographer if need be as I recognize that different types of maps may require different skill sets:

World map
[24x36" Map with 0.5" margin and 0.5" bleed, making full map dimensions 24.5x36.5”]
Map of a major imperial city
[18x24” Map with 0.5" margin and 0.5" bleed, making full map dimensions 18.5x24.5”]
Map of the above city but showing the sewer systems
Regional map of the primary setting area (a peninsula with various city states)
[18x24” Map with 0.5" margin and 0.5" bleed, making full map dimensions 18.5x24.5”]

(Please note I have two additional 18x24” city maps planned for later in the year which I am not including in this proposal, but I’m wanted to call out that there may be additional work for you should we work together).

I will give you a great deal of flexibility about designing the continents, placing the cities, determining the geographies, etc. This is something I hope you will have fun as it will truly be a collaboratively designed world.


I am looking for maps that are professional.

I really like the "Fantasy Realms" style of Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3 master mapper Allyn Bowker
The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3 (http://sub.profantasy.com/2009/february09.html)

Which is seen in variations on maps such as these:

That being said, I’m open to other styles :-)

Examples I Like for a World Map (For Map 1):
Golarion: Maps / GolarionMap.jpg (1159×1500) (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485267782830/)
Westeros: http://www.cartographersguild.com/feature/WesterosMap.jpg

Examples of Cities I Like (for Map 2):
Greyhawk:Maps / [City+of+Greyhawk.jpg] (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485267948330/)
Pitax: Maps / City map for Pitax, city on the Pathfinder roleplaying game located in the River Kingdoms, on the world of Golarion. (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485268130613/)
Blackwall: Maps / http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/mapofweek/Nov2006/04_Cityscape_72_bm30_ppi.jpg (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485268130568/)
Sutulak: Maps / http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/mapofweek/Nov2006/05_Cityscape_72_493yw_ppi.jpg (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485268130570/)
Waterdeep: Maps / Map of Waterdeep, City of Splendors (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485267718981/)
Freeport: Maps / Freeport City Map (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485267246787/)

Example of a City Sewer System (for Map 3):
Sewers of Waterdeep: Maps / Waterdeep's Sewers (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485267718982/)

Tools, Files and Filetypes:

I don’t have a strong preference about the tools you use (Photoshop, Campaign Cartographer, etc.), however, I would like you to tell me the tools you will use and the final file types I will get.

I need the layered source files for the final product so that if I needed to pay another cartographer to make changes to the files I could do this (though I would come to you first for such future projects).

I also need to understand what brushes, external images and other elements were used in the project (this is so I can mimic your style if I need to make more maps like this and you’re not available).

I don’t want to dictate vector vs. raster file format, though as an output I would like a high quality (300 dpi or better) PNG file in addition to the source files. I can also accept JPG if it’s extremely high quality.

Design Process:

Since this will be a collaboratively design between you and me, I expect we’ll have phases to each map project such as:

A) Cartographer creates major regions and topography.
B) Cartographer create small prototype with some detail filled in to work out the colors and style of the terrain.
C) After agreement on the terrain and style, Cartographer would place cities and roads with placeholder names.
D) Stan (my, the client) would update the names of regions, cities, roads, etc.
E) Cartographer creates final version.


I need this maps in preparation for a Kickstarter for this fantasy setting which will run in June. Here are the deadlines:

Map #1 — May 20th (with a prototype sample by March 15) 2013
Map #2 — June 1st 2013
Maps #3 and 4 — Sept. 15th 2013.


I will retain complete rights and copyright to the maps and names on the map; however the artist will have the right to exhibit the image in a smaller scale as part of his/her portfolio, but may not resell the map for commercial gain.


To be negotiated, payable via Paypal upon delivery and acceptance of the final files. A $100.00 earnest payment will be made via Paypal to start if needed with the balance paid upon delivery and acceptance of the final files.

What I Need From You:

Pitch me. Pitch me a style you want to work in, show me examples and why I should go for this style. Show me your previous work and above all else convince me you can make a map that sweeps me away!

Please also let me know your rate and rough timeline for the below maps. Please bid on each separately in the chance that I decide to use multiple cartographers. Assume a timeline in which you do all the maps, and do them sequentially.

World map
[24x36" Map with 0.5" margin and 0.5" bleed, making full map dimensions 24.5x36.5”]
Map of a major imperial city
[18x24” Map with 0.5" margin and 0.5" bleed, making full map dimensions 18.5x24.5”]
Map of the above city but showing the sewer systems
Regional map of the primary setting area (a peninsula with various city states)
[18x24” Map with 0.5" margin and 0.5" bleed, making full map dimensions 18.5x24.5”]

Contacting Me:

Thank you for your time and interest. As I am new to the forums, I cannot receive PM's, so please send an email to stanshinn@gmail.com or contact me on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/u/0/117532355355980125530/posts . Of course, you may also simply reply to this post.

Additional Map Specifications

Here are some more details on the maps.

Map #1 Overview:

The main ‘atlas’ 24x36” map will have a layout something like this (but I will give you carte blanche to move things around, improve coastlines, add terrain, etc.):

The main ‘atlas’ 24x36” map won’t have hexes or gridlines, but I will be putting a hex overlay and chopping up the map into 16 areas called ‘regions’ when I put it into the setting book (each of the 16 regions will then be a standalone map). You can get a sense of how I’m chopping up the large atlas map in this mockup:

One big requirement is that the map look well with Hexes. I can provide a hex image (SVG or PNG) if you like in any color. The map will need to look well with a hex overlay such as this:
Maps / Greyhawk+full+greymap.jpg (1600×1192) (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485267948907/)

We may need to iterate a bit on hex grid colors to make sure the contrast will look good.

Cities and topography should be placed with the hex grid in mind so that you don’t have a city on top of a hex line.

Here is mockup of how the 1/16th region will look like in a page of the setting guide:

Each of the 16 regions must be separated by some natural means, such as rivers, mountain ranges, etc. I'm looking for plausibility more than contrivance, so please no Mordor Mountain Enclosures.

Map elements will need to include a Compass Rose, a Map Title (e.g. “The Land of Zool”), a legend, and some sort of Border to the map. I will also need a version of this map that does not include these map elements since I will chop it up into smaller maps.

Setting Topography & History:

This fantasy setting is tentatively called ‘The Land of Zool’ (though the name may change).

It will follow standard fantasy tropes with Human, Elf, Dwarf and Hafling races. Thematically, I share with Tolkien the conception of history as a 'long defeat' and this worlds design will touch on this theme that each generation must stare Evil in the face and bar the way of its advance, even if it's ultimately just a holding action, for Evil can never truly be defeated in this life. To the west is an another continent (connected by a land-bridge in the top left region) but is the stuff of legends. Using the labelling convention in this image:

In Row 1 (the top 4 northern regions) will be a snow/ice type realm at least in the top ½ or 2/4 of each region (cf. this map’s icy north
Maps / Tarduril by ~markus4 on deviantART (http://pinterest.com/pin/102175485266947534/)). Mostly unsettled

In Row 4 (the 4 southern regions) will be combinations of jungle and desert. This is a mostly unsettled area.

Rows 2 & 3 (the middle 8 regions) will be general Middle-Earth style fantasy lands. This is where most settlements and cities are located.

With the exception of few citystates with populations of 50,000, most of the regions are wilderness with lost empires and sparsely populated.

01-30-2013, 10:15 PM
This project has now been taken. :)