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02-02-2013, 03:14 AM
Hello, my name is Sean (I go by Socks online because I have an unhealthy obsession with them [Socks, that is]). I am working on a general RPG type world and I've been having issues with the cartography section in general as I don't understand the first thing about geology. For now I plan on it just being a forum RP but if things go well I plan to take it into a legitimate tabletop RPG similar to D&D.

This is a request for what I've drawn up to be revised and condensed into a world map.

There are 5(-ish) relatively large continents with a long string of islands (both individual, and chains) going from the south of one continent to the west of another continent.

Again, I have no knowledge of geology, thus, I am asking you for help with this map. Scaling is another issue I have. Something relatively realistic for these I guess. Largish continents.

For all of the continents I'm going to describe I have an image that I will show to those who are up to possibly taking the job. I just don't want to show them to the general public for fear of embarrassment.

Continent 1:

A long, thin, continent. Longer than it is wide. Something like how the United States is compared to Europe.

Snowy mountain region to the north
A densely wooded region
A flatland region good for horses and maybe growing things as well
An oddly-shaped peninsula breaking off to the east
A dead wasteland bulge of the west
A desert in the south

Continent 2:

A wide, short, continent. Similar to Europe. It stretches a long way with not much on it.

A double-peninsula to the western side
A large swath of land to the east of the double-peninsula country that a nomadic culture would thrive in
An island between the two peninsulae[? - not sure how to make this plural]
A peninsula off the south of the nomadic region
Another stretch of land to the east of the nomadic region

Continent 3:

Another wide continent to the south of Continent 2.

A desert region for the most part. With oases and rivers to sustain life.

Continent 4:

A round(-ish) continent to the west of continent 1. A way to show that it at least looks like they were attached at one point. Similar to the arms that I have in the map I sketched. With islands and and things to indicate a broken-ness.

an island off the south

Continent 5:

A deserted island-continent. Think Australia when considering scale maybe? Smaller than the rest of the continents. Hoping that you can find a way to make it look perfect for civilization but just that it lacks civilization.

I'm looking for something similar to these in that they show the sites of geological importance. I.e., mountains, forests, rivers, that sort of thing. In addition to these I would like dashed lines representing different nations, states, or holdings. As well as the cities pointed out in some form or another.


Quality and Size

Obviously a professional-level illustration would be ideal but semi-professional is more realistic in that I have no money to offer.

I plan to be displaying it on my forum board. But I was thinking that wallpaper size [1920 x 1080p] would be the ideal size for the map. It would be shrunk down to fit the forum, but there would be a link to view the image in its entirety in a new tab or window.

Time Constraints
None whatsoever.


As I am a highschool student without a job, I cannot pay you CURRENTLY. But I am really hoping to get a job (I'm not sure how realistic or likely this is in this economy). So, when/if I get a job, I will be coming into money. And when I come into money, I plan on reimbursing you for the work that you have done. That means that you would be doing this on faith that I would pay you in the future, which, I know, may be a bit risky for some. But know that if I were to start making money off this, I would also give you royalty fees. So that is also a part of the payment plan. Email me to work out payment in private.


I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

What I Need From You

What I need from you is realism. I have a general idea of how I want my nations, and states, to be divided/ how I want my borders to look. But there need to be geological reasons for this. I can make political reasons of my own but if you had any suggestions for this as well I would be all ears.

My Contact information

I have a Skype: SnookyofNasonex
Email: SnookSean@gmail.com