View Full Version : [Unpaid] A map for a story

02-02-2013, 10:14 AM
Hello folks
I need an map for a story Iím working on. And if I like the map and the story will come in the storeís what is what Iím hoping for.

My idea of the map:

Iím making an medieval styled fantasy so I would like a map without roads and cityís.
The cityís and roads I will add myself.
I would like to have 4 continents of earth size.

Continent 1:
-Mid size European themed land.
-Much forest and some big rivers
-Some alpines
-A few lakeís
-Maybe 1 or 2 plains
- One or two great forests
- one Mediterranean area

Continent 2
-Like Africa
-Some livable areaís at the coastís

Continent 3:
-Like #1

Continent 4:
-Some good livable lands
-Much dessert
-A harsh plain area

I found an good map. The style I liked very much.

It would be great if it could get done this month so I can write my book.

The maker will hold all the rights until the book get published.
When it gets published I would like to buy copyrights!.


Manny thanks!.