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02-03-2013, 05:56 AM

I happenned to be here because a friend of mine is working , together with me , on a fantasy world for
our Dungeons and Dragons game . Well at first it should have been just a game , with some small local
map for a short adventure . But quite quickly we started with doing the background for the story and
then background for the background ... and soon after we were creating a whole world , from its very
creation .

We do most things together , but nevertheless there are few areas in which ones just one of us is capable
of doing it on some nice level - there he is making new creatures , monsters and races , since he is a student
of evolution and genetics in his college and I am the one more skilled with some art work - therefore all maps
are my job :) . Originally I was going to make all of the maps just hand-made but there is just so much ...

So I started to look for alternative ways to do it , I tried some map making programs ( like CC3 , Autorealm ... )
and wasnt exactly thrilled with the results , which I admit is probably fault on my side , but still those programs
just dont offer enough tools to do what I want . So I decided to take on the Photoshop , but so far I am quite
struggling to deal with it . So I started to look for some tutorials about mapmaking and I come across this website .
I cant wait to see how others are dealing with cartography making and hope to learn a lot here .

So thats how I get here :)