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Yolandie Horak
02-08-2013, 10:31 AM
Hi there, I'm Yolandie (you-lun-dee).

I just finished my first novel, which is a kind of fantasy meets sci-fi with a little steampunk undertone read. It plays off in a different world, and I'm in need of maps. I was referred here so I really hope someone can help me.

Basically, I'll need four maps, one of the world and three of the cities in which the bigger part of the story plays off. I may use a zoomed in part of the world map of just the kingdom as well, though that's still undecided. Because of the genre, I'd like these maps to look kind of old and grungy and a little different from the usual things you find in fantasy novels. I'm planning to self publish as an e-book and then go on to print if the novel does well enough, so I'll really only need the maps in digital format. Because I'm from South Africa, the maps would probably get lost in the post otherwise. :)

If possible, I'd like the maps done by the end of May. I have rough sketches of the cities, as well as written descriptions of each of the them. As far as the world map goes, I can offer simple points of places and landmarks, but the design would be free game to whomever takes this commission.

I'm also willing to pay for this.

So, please, drop me a line if you're interested, with a link to something you've done before, so I can see your style.

Thank you for reading this,


02-09-2013, 06:55 AM
Sounds interesting. Examples of my work are in my signature.