View Full Version : Ereira Kingdom Map - Very Much Beginner's WIP!!

02-08-2013, 11:45 AM
Hi. I wanted to share my first attempt at using GIMP to create a map.

I downloaded it yesterday and found a few tutorials online for photo manipulation, but wanted to turn my hand to some degree of mapping today (after all, that is the reason I wanted it!). More tutorials ... and the attached is what I ended up with.

Its a map of a kingdom/region/country that has been in my head for many years. I went so far back then as to sketch out a rough map with ink and coloured pencil, and this scanned was the basis for the map here. I downloaded the 'Tolkein-esque' brush selection and a pre-rendered background and, after a couple of false starts, this is where I got to ....



You'll notice the lack of labels ... compass rose ... any kind of real perspective ... The first gave me some real issue (despite the otherwise-excellent tuts hereabouts - user error lol), and I want to render my own compass but not ready to attempt that quite yet. The last ... well, I guess that'll improve in time!

It was a conscious decision not to colour the various landforms in any way. But I couldn't give you any kind of proper justification as to why!