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02-09-2013, 12:47 AM
First let me say I hope this is the correct forum. Second that, despite my best efforts, I am truly awful at mapping. Though time is limited and I haven't been dedicated, the simplest GIMP tutorial sends my head swimming. So I decided I should build my skills the old fashioned way - hand drawn maps - which unfortunately I draw in the old D&D fashion.

The map image should be attached.

This is a fantasy map of an ancients' complex that's now underwater but within a protected bubble. There are no traditional stairways, and those marked are deep step-like constructions. However, there is extensive use of slopes and ramps. My immediate issue is that I don't know how to encode that data economically, the direction and slope.

For instance, the walkway/parapet is supposed to rise up gradually until it is at an elevation of 20' over the oddly-shaped room (referred to as the cathedral) at the same level as the center columns, but the center of that room has a bowl-shaped depression (it says 12' but it's been changed to -6') and thus the two center columns are 6' taller than the other two putting the highest point of the walkway at 26' (possible a bit more because of angle required to view that point from the opposite side of the cathedral). The four columns support an oval, gently sloping canopy that extends slightly over the depression. What's more: the walkway, rather than extending out actually passes over the cathedral matching its northernmost arc (sadly too, I have forgotten how to use a protractor :blush:)

There is a ramp that extends across the three square rooms at +12', meaning the ramps off the straightaway slope 12' to the floor in a sort of partial cloverleaf. I'm using dashed lines now but may move to color.

All the slopes should be quarter grade (if I'm using the terminology correctly), that is -3.5' per 10' vertical movement (not all the values on this test map are correct by that calculation).

I guess I'm asking for constructive criticism on how to clean this map up, be more precise, and encode symbols accurately. (I did a google search, without really understanding what terms to search for, which returned topographic maps which are not the best solution here, I think.)5200952010