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02-15-2013, 07:43 PM
This is just the Spiritual Structure that i am using in my world creation. What i need is some discussion about the places, if it is all right following dogmatic concepts, and the map style and if possible, some typos correction :D

Follow all the text content:

Basically the cosmos has three cores scattered throughout the universe. These cores only can be sustained with a quintessential poer that only humans can feed: faith. Three planets throughout the cosmos are in the their own universes and create around themselves, their own spiritual boundaries.
Known as Haled the cosmos, the Earth is the world where the will does not predominate, the reason is the structural basis of the mortal soul and society. Egos, called Manah,'s world, driven by the desire and hope, where magic still dwells and rules governing physical. Aos, the world Avan-teh, the existence of equilibrium, where magic and reason coexist in harmony.Based on this structure, the existence of the First Heaven and Limbo spans 11 layers, 5 of them toward the heavens and 6 of them directed to Limbo.
Up into the heavens, we have three sixths heavens housing simplest caste of angels, each world has its own heavens . Inferno, as it is called the fifth heaven, harbors potentially transmutable souls waiting for the return. The fourth Heaven, Angelica, is the plan governed by Angels, controlled by Archangels. Angels can surf heavens below, however, the fourth Heaven is the limit to rise. The third heavens, known as Eden, is home of the pure souls, soul with a and spirit illuminated live on this plane.
Supreme and powerful, these beings have a spark of the creator keeping them alive. Eden has a direct connection with the three cores. Archangels and powerful Angels , waged in a journey to the cores returning to the gardens of Eden.
Paradise, the second heaven is where the own creator used for creating the archangels. Reserved only for the gods, this heaven has a connection with the Gentiles Axis. While connected to the fourth heaven, only archangels have light enough to visit this heaven. Enlightened from the cores who ventured gardens of Eden about to light up, became deities living in Paradise.The first heaven is the Creator's Secret. Only the self Yahweh and the archangels know this place. is the top of the cosmos, the abode of God.
The seventh heaven is called the existence consecrated by the Wheel of Fortune, which controls the rotation of the cores in the Gentiles Axis. The seventh heaven is precisely the plan that hosts and supports the existence of three cores.
Umbra and Deep Umbra have the same constitution, the basic difference is that the Umbra is specific for each core and more evolved spirits emerge for. Deep Umbra is is a shared between the three cores. Heaven is the first step to the rest of the spirits. Those who will not return under development and have not been to Inferno. Hence the spirits or turn to the core or fall to the lower realms. Purgatory, Gehenna and Jyhad are the three kingdoms of penance for the souls in evolution. Here is where souls are directed back to the Heaven or in the fields of Sheol.
Sheol is the deepest place of the lower realms. Currently under the domains of Lucifer, this place is dominated by demons, fallen souls at this level are slaves to the demons will.
However, even the lords of darkness can not sympathize with some souls, these are discarded to the Hell. The realm of eternal burning fire of penance souls. Here for an eternity souls suffer, until redeemed or until they are discarded forever in Limbo.
Limbo is the infinite space of Nothing.

Thank you.

02-15-2013, 11:04 PM
Interesting, both the text and map/diagram. I don't think I have seen anything like this on here before (I am relatively new though). Nice work.

02-16-2013, 10:15 AM
when i see all thos maps i start to imagine if the deities are involved. Parallel of my world building, i try to think about everything, and i believe deities are the principal reason where the cities can be placed. Basically all is defined by religion. Depending of the beliefs, the kingdoms will be formed with personal target.
After the beliefs, economics and social will define the power of each place, giving the vision about other features like military and technology.

Sometimes i see just defined deities and not a origin, so i decide make a structure to find out where and how the inhabitants of the will will bear a life.
My power Structure follow this hierarchy, relating from the 1st heaven/ Limbo to the cores ( where the world is created)



High Demons (Archangels in the opposite side)

Dukes of the Deamons

Blessed Souls ( like Buddha and Jesus)
Mitical Deities with independent reasons, but extremely powerful (like Zeus, Odin)


Independent entities, fairies, gnomes

Feeding all this, we have specially humans, that create everything with the power of Faith. the other creatures that living in the world will just follow that creation. With some importance the other creatures do not contribute with the sustenance of the all structure, using the power of the Faith. But they can influence the other people to believe in what they believe.
Sometimes some deities need some power from the believers, but maybe don't earn enough faith to keep living, where enter the sacrifices, like elves sacrifing the best person of your generation, for example.
I forgot to meant that all the structure co-exists and all places need each other to keep existing. in this case, each thing that happen in one world can affect the other layers. just figuring a war btw angels/ demons can explain a unespected volcano eruption or a tsunami. It gives a nice sense why some countries are powerful in some ages, some economics flow nice in determined part of the history.

02-22-2013, 09:06 PM
i guess other important thing in all structure is the time line of the cores.
Every core is situated in a different time line. Note necessary to define what core came first, but they have different eras and technology.

the triangle of the sustenance of the time line is composite by:

First Era
Second Era
Third Era


All eras end with something, a disaster, purification or apocalypse. When one era ends, other will start, and all 3 cores will start after a big event.

Just a example of reference.

We live in earth in a era of the reason, going to totally technology era. So the other cores need be in the other of the 3 points of the triangle.
One with magic ruling and other with technology. The earth passed for 2 big events changing the era, something like big water flood putting the end in a era starting to hide all magic in the world, it as a big process, finishing only in the 1st and 2nd war, when definitely the era over. Now earth wait for other huge event, some believe in a 3rd war, other in Apocalypse, other believe that the both are the same. What really doenst matter, the important is the change of the era.
At this point the other 2 cores passed by big events to, changing the era, one world with a damn advanced technology, came back to the primates era, starting again the evolution of the spirit and magic, and the other core, just went to a cyber technology era.

Cool believe in the theory of the cores that it make gain a nice cosmos reference of the time. Where gods never change, they have a lots of things to do that we have no idea :) but their decision will impact directly in the destiny of the cores.

04-09-2013, 02:42 PM
Interesting concept!