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Any size that will be big enough to zoom in to read the titles would suffice.


The left continent will be steppe at south and tundra through north.
The continent on the top right will be full tundra.
The one on the bottom right will be steppe most of all, but below the #15 there will be a little bit of a desert.
There are lines, that starts from 4* and goes to 22*, it's a road and i would like to see it on the map. 'Tuz Yolu' for the name would do.
From 13' to 15* there are coastal mountains, some red mountains. Literally. And including 13' and 15*.
The lines near 14* are rivers..

As it is seen, there are numbers with symbols near them on the map. I would like to clear them out. So maybe you can use different symbols for, castles and cities.

The ones with (*) near them are castles.
The ones with (') near them are cities.
The ones with (#) near them are landmarks.

Symbols for castles and cities and also the names of them would be good. Only names for landmarks would suffice. Here's a list:


1* =Revar
2* =Beloton
3* =Vujdavir
4* =Alomour
5* =Karabul
6* =Cinkirai
7* =Cinkiradel
8* =Yerald
9* =Unadir
10* =Tij
11* =Ticariz
12* =Vuvanor
13* =Kızinsan
14* =Kandaniar (There are two number 14 at the first continent and that's a mistake, the one on the left's name is 'Scheis' )
15* =Elebor'un Deniz Feneri
16* =Ducarun
17* =Gelâhar
18* =Diktor-ûn
19* =Zikaril
21*=Yaban Kral
22*=Jaban-în (It's tagged as a city, by accident. It's a bit upper of 26* )
27*=Art'ın Yolu
33*=Eselon'un Deniz Feneri


1' =Nehirveji
2' =Don
3' =Sabanul
4' =Alendar
5' =Philador
6' =Cinkiradoj
7' =Cinkiradon
8' =Kostan
9' =Meriklah
10' =Gri Geyik
11' =Dil
12' =Beş Yumruk
13' =Yüksek Tapınak
14' =Vijdanor
15' =Tuz-ârun
16' =Krakdol
17' =Ana-Lur
18' =Yemberil
19' =Nokaban
20' =Bord
21' =Bilbârun
22' =Palâbun
23' =Pilakir
24' =Dupra
25' =Likân
26' =V-ur
27' =Tabanköy
28' =Maron
29' =Nehir-in
30' =Batûl
31' =Dügmerûn
32' =Partavin
33' =Çamurköy
34' =Kül Öfke


#1 =Yüzlükler = Islands, hundreds of ıslands, spread through south and east of the sea.
#2 =Keçi Koyu = Only a name.
#3 =Koyu Çimen = A Marsh
#4 =Güneş Adaları = At the map i've put for style there are island at north-west of the map. If it's possible those islands at here would be good.
#5 =Gri Deniz = Only a name, but the sea will began to be grey to south after here.
#6 =Yengeç Körfezi = Just a name.
#7 =Dört Altın Körfezi = Only a name.
#8 =Dikaril Ormanları = I've bordered it up as it is seen on the sketch, this place will be a forest.
#9 =Beyaz Ayı Ormanları = A green forest.
#10 =Çukur = It's a pit. Like the one on the style map, at up-right corner.
#11 =Beyaz Ayı Ormanları = Yep, the same name, but this one will be a snowy forest.
#12 =Viradokre Gölü = A lake.
#13 =Sivavos Adaları = The islands at the bottom left of the style map.
#14 =Gün Nehri = It's a river, that goes through the line i drew at the sketch map. But some forks going out of it would be extra great.
#15 =Jivavon Gölü = Another lake..
#16 =Dukarın Gölü = And another lake..


You can contact me from these adresses. I will give the paying information while in contact. Have a nice day and thank you!
If you let me know, when you start doing it. That'd be great.
I'm not sure if i've forgotten anything, but if i did. I'll edit it.

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Anyone interested? I really need the map. :/