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02-18-2013, 10:53 PM


I am looking for a cartographer who can craft a map of a fantasy town. I am hoping the map can be fairly detailed, as the town has several named districts and points of interest that I would like to highlight. I have a VERY rough map that I would send to anyone interested in making this map.


I really like the "bird's eye view" style of maps that Blaidd Drwg used in crafting his map, "city of Val Nevan", highlighted on the main page.

Quality & Size

I would prefer a vector image (is that right? I am computer graphics illiterate) that I can use on a website. I would prefer a colored map, again similar to what Blaidd Drwg created.

Time Constraints

I have no time constraints, so I can be very flexible about deadlines.


The artist will retain copyright of the map, except that I would like reproduction rights to the map, and I would like first refusal rights to purchase any original print of the map before its commercial sale.


I am willing to pay what is reasonable, up to $100, payable upon delivery of the final files. If this amount is grossly unfair based on the job requirements, talk to me.

Christopher Perkett
Please use subject line Avencourt Map Assignment