View Full Version : Major Kira reporting for duty.

02-24-2013, 07:34 AM

I'm a long time lurker on this site and finally decided to make an account. I'm a designer in real life.
I've always liked doodling maps and reading fantasy/sci-fi. And books with maps. And now I'm trying to make something nice with all those doodled cities.

I recently discovered SketchUp. So hope to mess around with that too in the future. And hope to learn a lot from all the talent on this site. Makes one feel smallish.

02-24-2013, 10:52 AM
Welcome, you can checkout the 3d subforum there are a couple of folks who do sketch up in there. Enjoy

02-27-2013, 01:55 PM
Welcome to the Guild MajorKira!


03-02-2013, 01:08 PM
Thank you! I will certainly enjoy my time here. *Is inspired agin since a long, long, long time*