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02-25-2013, 06:00 AM
Hey guys!

I'm happy to join this magnificent forum. Absolutely love the work you do here. It's very inspiring.

It was inspiring enough for me to start pitching the idea of online map editor. 'Cause I've never found a proper one and I'm a prop-whore. I love to design and print out cards, minis and other hand-outs. Never tried to make a map though, was using maps from this Guild in my D&D campaigns.

So the idea is to make the online battle-map (at least) creator, where you would be able to build beautiful maps using intuitive, clean and simple, user friendly interface, Save them on the site and print out say as a poster (bunch of A4s, cut white edges, ducktape them together). I'm almost a decade in game-dev (mobile and casual games) so user experience is a big thing for me.

And here is my very first quick mockup. I've used Dungeon Tiles and WotC poster-maps as inspiration (hopefully this won't get me into any troubles, if I stick with this design and go live with it) and tried to understand what I can achieve in Photoshop.


Tell me what do you think! Any feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to kick it to the ground %)

Also I'm VERY interested in what you (potential users of the editor) would want from the editor? Which features are essential? Are there any good examples of of map editor, usability- or art-wise?

Thank you beforehand! Looking forward to spend more time in this creative community and make some good maps.

02-25-2013, 12:24 PM
Sounds cool but there are a number of apps which make maps and a number more which do these sorts of things collaboratively. So what aspects of the ones you tried did not deliver what you needed ?

From the printing out of posters we have numerously linked to posterazor which I find real easy to use. That takes a large bitmap and prepares it for printing onto multiple A4 sheets with overlap etc.

So to that effect I think the issues are more to do with the poster creation.

02-26-2013, 02:19 AM
Well, I guess I haven't researched existing editors too deep yet, but from what I've seen interfaces are horribly complicated and graphics are usually unsatisfactory. But can you give me names or links to the editors, which you think are good? Thank you!