View Full Version : Earth-Like (Think Blue Marble) and/or Vintage (Think old/yellowish paper) maps

03-06-2013, 04:10 PM
So, here's a map I recently made: 52673. I like it, but I would like to also try to re-make it in Blue Marble style and a Vintage style. Also, a more realistic style/approach would be well.

The thing I HAVE TO note, though: I want it to be HIGH RESOLUTION. (2000px or 2000px x 6000px). I liked Saderan, but it's made for 512x512 :/. Would love feedback and comments on that. (with links!)

EDIT: The attached map is something I would also like to see. It's some mix between vintage and atlas :) (I didn't make the attached one)

03-06-2013, 07:02 PM
Lookin good Edward. I like the political boundaries, countries on your map. What is the size of the region depicted? I will guess a medium size continent, in the Northern hemisphere, with the equater somewhere below the south edge. It does not appear to be a global, world map. So I think "earth like" and "blue marble" in the subject refers to the coloration, not the scale. I like your map's sea floors more than the other map shown!

03-09-2013, 09:53 PM
my advice for a bigger saderan is to bump up all of the values from the tutorials. It works for most of them, but a few get weird since the values max out, especially in the layer styles. It's still possible though. You might have to create some effects by hand instead of the layer styles if you want to go really big.

I did this using saderan's tut but also incorporated some stuff from one of the wilbur tutorials. It's 8in x 6in at 300dpi. it still needs some tweaks as far as the scaling of the patterns, etc. but overall it only took some minor adjustments to the tutorial to make it work. The nice thing about layer styles and adjustment layers is you can keep going back and changing values until you get something you like.