View Full Version : A few small Vmat maps

06-13-2008, 09:38 AM
These are all built out of snatched dundjinni .pngs. They're for use with Maptool in an adventure that I'm currently running (a Shattered Lands adventure, nonetheless)

Anyway, much as I like the notion of yanking other people's work to do my own, if there are any suggestions that point away from using 'borrowed' textures and .png files, I'd be happy to hear them!

The files are: Blackwell Hideout - a ruined building located in the Oldtown section of Puimur, which is a sunken portion of the city that has been pushed down by the weight of time into the bed of soft loam, a sort of Undercity.

Duke Embri's Hall - a fancy dress dinner party in the noble quarter that turns sour when assassins emerge from the crowd (planning on using "servant" labeled tokens for them, so at first they will be hard to find/see)

Throne Room - the throne room of the traitorous Edward the Bastard in Duke Embri's country manor, Savorhall. This was the first one I did. Can you tell? Not very interesting in terms of movement or combat.

The Temple of Nyx - a ruined temple filled with diseased standing water. Any suggestions on how to get better diseased water are welcome.