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I want to introduce my latest project in my Gunoshiva series. I said I was going to make maps of all 28 towns. I think I am wasting my time, when I should be producing maps of the major cities that appear in my book "The Janu Grimoires". The book is over 1,100 pages of material, so I think I should flesh out the world it is set in. The book centers around the Rokat who live on a planet called Kidasuna. I have mixed feelings about the book whether I should sell it as fiction, despite my having channelled beings claiming to be from said planet. The maps I have been working on thus far are of a couple of local communities where my sources claim to live. The book is a series of religions taken from Kidasuna.

Shikodu is the largest city I plan to map fully. The maps will be presented on here at some point. The full map is 21 pages. I've calculated the full size as 6 to 8 feet by 3 feet. The map will be large. I'm planning to produce a book with the history of Shikodu that others can turn into a game. The longer I work on The Janu Grimoires, the more I think the story is best told in an RPG format. The book contains working rituals that are just like the material used in RPGs. Along side my MUFON credibility, I'm also looking to find ways to tell the stories described in my book. There is nothing more interactive than an RPG board game.

I'm currently working on the map of Shikodu and after that I will be turning my projects to other major cities and territories that are talked about. Once I'm able to update my album the maps will be up. I'm sure this map will be really out of this world when it gets finished.

Even if nobody believes what I'm claiming, the map is of a college or university town. The fact is this map will come with floor plans to each building on the map, which makes it veryuseful to anyone wanting to use it. I am not sure where I will be able to post the 200+ building floor plans that will accompany this map. The map will be on here of course. I am thinking of making a PDF of the eventual book when I get done with this project. I am hoping to finish it by the end of this year.

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HUge project in perspective ! Hope to see some snippets soon !

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I hope this works. Here's a photo of my map I took with my cell phone. It's not very good, but it shows the size of the map. I have a more detailed shot that shows some of the houses. This map will be done in the same style as my other two.

Work on this map is going faster than I thought, but I might get hung up on the commercial and industrial, since I have to get floor plans for all those buildings. I'll keep this thread updated with progress on this. I'm currently writing down the history of Shikodu. So far it's interesting, so I'll post a chapter of it in the next couple of days.

This site conspires to block me from posting images. Anyway, for now my album seems to be working again. I hope the images are showing up there.


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I'm sorry for the long delay, but I had to get the channeling juices flowing with a good drunken state. The connection was crystal clear and this is the history I got from my sources. I might change the name of the project to the name given in my channeling. Anyway, here is the material I received from my source. I'm crediting the entity that is giving this material. I'm up to chapter 4 on this story. I hope it's interesting enough.

This is chapter 1
Zigoto Village
(Michiro Hutaki)
The village of Zigoto was built during the early centuries of the First Age. The Rokat and Vinori worked together during this time to build the village and establish the Heraldic School of Sorcery. The town was laid out in full at the time of its founding. The land was sold off rather quickly after a small village had formed around Fairy Hill. The Plaza was built with a park and shops. The rest of the town was used as farm land.
The Gunoshiva Trail reached Zigoto, which is the 28th town. Zigoto was going to be the last town until Puthade. The road ahead was only a path and that path was not always easy to follow. Beyond Zigoto was the wilderness of Kidasuna. The location of Puthade was only known as a set of coordinates and nothing more. Travelers would have to prepare for the 120 day march to Puthade across the grasslands. The forests tended to hug the river banks, so it was easy to spot the river and follow it to Puthade.
In the First Age Year 166, the harbor was built to allow boats to sail down the river in the spring when the water was at its highest. In another 150 years, the city had a deep channel harbor built to take advantage of the Puthade River’s deep cut course next to the village. Zigoto became the northern front line for several thousand years. Kidasuna was a tough planet and the people here had to learn how to stand at the head of the growing Rokat civilization.
The Gunoshiva Trail was turning into a defined road between the 28 villages and towns of Gunoshiva Prefecture. The rolling hills that Zigoto is beautiful backdrop were now cleared of forests. The town was built from the wood harvested there. The town was able to rest its construction frenzy and begin to lean towards its current steel industry. Over the first centuries of the town’s initial construction, it was slow to grow.
As the other towns remained small, Zigoto was always adding a house here and there. Shanibala was growing and was always sending people to fortify the frontier lands. The Gunoshiva Trail was now the Gunoshiva Road. It was dirt most of the way, but stretches of brick began to appear in well traveled stretches.
The Vinori began to move away from the town’s core, because of the urban feel and the immerging steel industry. The Rokat began to work iron in Zigoto. Industry was soon coming to Zigoto, because the region was high in mineral resources. The hills had iron. The soil had iron. The metal was everywhere; it just had to be refined. Zigoto was becoming a steel mining town.

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Chapter 2
(Michiro Hutaki)
The Vinori hated and fear iron. They were moving away in fear of the metal that was being worked in abundance in Zigoto. The Heraldic School of Sorcery was about to loose its Vinori teachers. The Rokat were saddened by the loss, but they kept on working iron.
The Vinori moved in the hills near where the iron mines were. The mines were closed that had runoff in their water supply. The Rokat were respectful of the Vinori. As time passed and Zigoto became wealthy, the people had become arrogant. The mines near the Vinori settlement of U’ailli was becoming polluted by the mines.
The leaders of U’ailli went to meet the Rokat Council in Zigoto and got turned away several times. After a few years of bad treatment by the Rokat, the Vinori began to hold animosity for the Rokat. The Vinori in U’ailli opened a magic school of there own.
The Rokat began to train sorcerers in other than just Rokat magic. A secret program was set up to learn about Vinori magic and how to wage war against it. The Rokat began to fear the Vinori’s malevolent magic.
In 1266 of the 1st Age, there was about to be a war between U’ailli and Zigoto. By this time both sides knew what each other’s magic was all about. The Vinori decided to strike first and burn down a refinery. The Vinori know that iron is the life blood of Zigoto and by destroying the refineries, it would hurt business.
The Rokat tolerated the sabotage, but at some point it had to stop. The Rokat decided it was time to train a real army. Hara Naruchito, the immortal head of Zigoto’s government ordered some of Shanibala’s generals to train an army for her use. General Kithana Harube told the Zigoto to except a shipment of gold and to make wire and have power running in Zigoto.
At this time the Rokat used iron wires to power the industrial heart of Zigoto. It was time to upgrade and get electricity in all the houses. The rest of the city used gas lighting, which in a war could be a weakness in defending the city from attack.
The Vinori saw the enormous shipment and attacked the wagons. They took the gold bars and tried to hide it. The Rokat knew this was likely and had some of the new recruits waiting in the forest around U’ailli. They shot flaming arrows into the Vinori town and it burned hot.
Vinori women and children were running from the homes. It was not the intent of the Rokat to kill the Vinori. The attack was to simply destroy the village and force the Vinori to put their resources into rebuilding rather than attacking the Rokat.
U’ailli was burned to the ground and the Vinori were very mad this time. The plan is about to fail. The Vinori instead of rebuilding, try to invade Zigoto and kill enough Rokat to house their population in a neighborhood south of the main city core. A large suburb had grown south of downtown, which is now being targeted.
The following morning after a night in the crisp air, the Vinori came into Zigoto’s Garden Village neighborhood. Many Rokat were killed, but the city’s military was able to send the Vinori back. It was now late Fall and the weather was getting colder. The Rokat dscided they had enough of the Vinori in U’ailli. A group of about 7,500 Rokat went to U’ailli to destroy the town and kill any who remained upon there arrival.
The surviving Vinori warriors came at the Rokat at full speed with their arrows. The Rokat charged with Kimachies of iron. The Vinori did no longer fear the black metal. They attacked the Rokat in open combat. The Vinori were slaughtered. Only a few Rokat died, but the Vinori were killed down to the last child. It was a complete slaughter with little fight.
In 1267 of the 1st Age, U’ailli was abandoned and the few who hid from the battle had a hard winter. We do not know what happened, but a few Vinori survived in the forests. They spread across the region and reported the slaughter to the other Vinori towns.

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I do not have a map of the city during this peroid in history. This predates my map of the city by a very long time. The Rokat are in the 4th Age. After the project is completed, I might made maps of the city as it was during key periods in history. I believe this will be the campaign setting I put my life's work into creating.
Chapter 3
Zigoto War 1
(Michiro Hutaki)
The Rokat are beginning to fear an uprising, so they build guard towers around Zigoto. The city was becoming a military stronghold. The Rokat in Shanibala are sending troops to the front. The town was arming up for the battle they knew was coming now.
In 1269 of the 1st Age, things are about to be really bad. Over 30 Vinori towns now know about Zigoto’s slaughter and the name of the general behind it. The Vinori are determined to kill Kithana Harube and bring her head back to the Kinship of Ellia.
“The Rokat were chatting amongst them selves in an attempt to locate the Vinori government if they had one. At this time in Rokat history the six regions of the Rokat world had not found each other. Only Puthade and Shanibala were connected.”
Hara had enough of the Vinori getting in the way of the Rokat in Zigoto. She ordered guard towers to be built all over the region around Zigoto. The city and it’s farm lands were to be protected. The city was making miles of gold wire to start bringing power to all the houses. A telecom system was also in the works and later the telephone was brought in.
The importance of being able to contact the military was utmost importance. The Vinori are posing a real threat to Zigoto’s people. Hara was not going to stand for a frightened and vengeful public. The public as a whole praying for revenge on the Vinori for all the hardships brought upon the region. At this time the Vinori only sought justice in destroying Zigoto.
There was a problem in letting the Vinori do what they wanted is that Zigoto was Kidasuna’s largest Rokat city at that time. Letting it fall would make the Rokat look weak. Hara brought the Council together at the bathhouse for a meeting. They decided they would fortify and let the Vinori try. It was clear that the Rokat and their iron weapons would be deadly.
Shanibala sent message to Ellia to gather an army to attack Zigoto. It was to her knowledge that the Rokat were allowing the Vinori to have justice. The Vinori came upon Zifoto to find it fortified and the public as a whole was trained to fight with traditional weapons.
The Vinori through themselves upon the razor sharp blades of the Rokat and were slaughtered. The armies kept on coming until the land was littered with Vinori corpses. It was the idea of Ellia that she would martyr enough of her kind to poison the land.
To her dismay, the Rokat were able to find other way to grow food in the iron rich soil of the region. Ellia’s plan failed miserably and it led to the deaths of 25,000 Vinori. By the end of the year the Vinori were out of soldiers and were ready to send their children into battle. Zigoto has held strong against the enemy.
Zigoto’s population was beginning to strain the resources of the region, so they decided to send an army for a final battle with the Vinori in the Kinship of Ellia. 5,000 trained Rokat were sent southward. The vast army was more than the total population of the Vinori in the Kinship of Ellia. Shanibala was probably going to defend Ellia and her people, so a vast army was sent to deal with them too.
It took 28 days for Hara’s army to reach Shanibala and Rellia. The army set up a huge camp north of the two towns. Hara did no go with the army, but she gave orders for the army to seal off Sipani Pass to the south and the main camp on the north. The armies ready for battle.
At night the battle was set to happen. Both the north and south legions closed in and seized the two towns. Shanibala was ready for battle. The noise of the Rokat battling woke the Vinori in Rellia. The Rokat in Shanibala was trained in traditional weapons, but Zigoto’s army had dimories.
Shanibala was surrounded and no one was able to escape that city. The night was bloody. The dimories had been chosen well and made by the finest crafts men in Zigoto. The blades cut the traditional weapons like meat. It was easy to bring them down. “We sent our women to do battle and left a slaughtered ruin.”
In the morning the Vinori saw that the Rokat of Shanibala were all dead. Their heads were piled high in Teahouse Square. The Vinori were no less easy to slaughter. Rellia was burned during the battle.
The Vinori hid along the cliffs and used their bows to kill the Rokat. “It was not enough, because we already held Shanibala.” The Vinori stood no chance against Rokat dimories. Zigoto’s warriors were fast as lightning in the night. They stuck like lightning and all in their path was dead.
Shanibala was taken in an hour and all were dead. The Rokat do not bother to run, no matter how dire the situation is. “All fought to the death so valiantly that I shall build a monument to them. The Vinori however scattered like rats when they found that defeat was near. It is true that we will have to defeat all of them in order to establish lasting peace.”

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I finally started working on the map again. I'm going to have some new photos up today or tomorrow of it. I think after a while I'll pull down the older pics and replace them. This project will take a very long time to finish. I've just been busy with trying to find help for my roommate to get services to help her cope with her emotional issues, but I think it's just waiting for the appointment. I finally added some commercial buildings to the map. I'm still trying to push through the middle class homes. I'm going to do a building census once the map is done. I tried doing one while I worked on a map and lost track. Another map I did have over 100 of a single type of house and 80 of another, and when I did the count I was off. This current map has thousands of buildings.
Zigoto War 2
(Michiro Hutaki)
Ellia was becoming fed up with the events taking place with the Rokat throughout Kidasuna. Following the actions of a single Warrior, the Rokat damned their race to be hated by the Vinori for all time.
Inuga had become Janu and he showed that he hated what he was by starting the oldest of the wars of our people on Kidasuna. He was born in Zigoto in 1358 of the First Age. He was born to a demon in a house near Fairy Hill Plaza. There was a park across the street from the house and it was used to host evil rituals to the Seuwrhanic Gods.
No respectable school would take him in and only his mother was able to teach him. He only learned of evil and the ways of evil. It is believed that his mother was Shipa Suka Chathu and Shimuk Chathu. Shimuk only had one wife, for she was all that would marry the Elder God of Kurane on Kidasuna. Zigoto was large enough, so that few would know what was growing in their midst.
The road to Puthade was built and the people in Zigoto were now building a railroad to Puthade. Trade was booming across Kidasuna. Janu was about to make life a lot harder. Janu was so evil that he could not be taught in the regular school system. His mother taught him at home. He will only learn about magic and the Seuwrhanic Temple.
Janu cast Tribal racism and made our hate flow like rivers of blood. The rage over took us and we had no choice but to let loose on the Vinori. The Rokat were so driven by the curse that we ran out of our towns and cities to murder the Vinori wherever we could find them. We chopped them up with our swords and butchered them like animals.
Glory rode high upon this curse, because it was evil and in the Names. Janu then casts the Judgment Day and all of us can feel the wrath of Seuwrhan as he turned and writhed in Kurane. The demon was about to manifest upon our world to bring this curse to us. The power was too great for any one Rokat to hold.
They sky turned red and the sun went dark as the ashes of disaster blew over the world. It was clear that a great evil fell upon Kidasuna. The sky became black over Zigoto and the rest of the world. The Rokat were able to thrive during the darkness because their souls had become evil.
The Rokat as a whole were about to commit the most bloody atrocity of all time. It began in Zigoto and spread across the world. The sky was now black and day and night were lost and of clouds of ash. The Vinori did not know what to do, so they prayed to the Names for answers and the power to part the clouds. The clouds could not be parted by Vinori Magic. We also tried to part the clouds, but they were cursed into placed by Janu.
After what was believed to be eight days that were marked by a slight warming of the air. We saw mountains fall from the sky in fiery heaps upon the planes of Puthade. The sky was red once again. Janu had brought down the sky upon us. The Vinori were in panic, but we knew to slaughter them for food. We turned out steel mills into smoking houses to preserve the meat and flavor it for the hard times ahead.
Janu’s power was about to grow further and lead us to doom. The glory of the Rokat in battle was about to be marked by blood. There was no judgment; there was only the strong that could kill without thought. After a year we could find no more Vinori to kill for food and the animals had all but died out. We were living on the food stock we had already made.
After the year was done, the winter rains cleared the sky enough to see the difference between day and night. The trees began to grow again. The Vinori were in hiding from us and we could not find them. It was not clear if we ate them into extinction, but it was clear that very few lived.
In spring of 1377 of the First Age, the sun shone for the first time in four years. We planted our fields and got ready for the next year. Kidasuna was coming back to life. Janu did what he wanted. He brought Kidasuna to complete and utter destruction.
Zigoto’s High Council decided to change the name of the city in an attempt to forget the past. Janu’s evil was so great that it was better ignored and forgotten. On Summer 38th of 1378 of the First Age, Zigoto will be renamed to Shikodu.

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This is the final chapter of my story for the Shikodu Map. This sounded like the best place to stop before it turned into a book on its own. The full story is 7 pages long. I think I'm going to look into how they structured City of Spenders Waterdeep. I think my map is of a similarly sized community.

New Beginnings
(Michiro Hutaki)
The great city of Shikodu stood strong and proud over its achievements in industry and it was quickly forgetting the past. The Rokat knew it was best to never look back. The history books were changed to hide the 1,377 years of tyranny and evil.
The city was founded under its new name and all the past was hidden. The Vinori were further outraged when they found out that the Rokat hid all evidence of the atrocity they had committed. Janu was never punished, because it would require the Rokat to acknowledge a past they have said does not exist.
Janu went on to found the Seuwrhanic Temple and was building up to the next atrocity. The Rokat never learn from the past and are doomed to forever repeat the events they try so hard to forget. The Seuwrhanic Temple is at fault for all evils.
Janu traveled to Shanibala and brought technology with him back to Shikodu. Janu used this technology to make the High Council immortal, so they would always be in debt to Janu and thus under his sole control. Janu used this power to quickly take over the Gunoshiva Prefecture. The lands prospered under his demonic and immortal rule.
The growing power of Gunoshiva quickly spread to any region aware of him and his immortality. The Puthade Prefecture tried to stop Janu once they connected enough to know what was actually happening. Puthade’s Rokat were far fewer in number, because Janu was evil and sought power above all else.
By the time the year 1984 of the First Age came, Janu was ready to seize control of the planet. The year came and Janu seized power over all the Rokat. All the size capitols became nothing to the power of Janu and Shikodu.
Janu’s Grand Design was made and in it was a plan to populate the planet with enough Rokat to make sure that no immerging civilization would pose a threat. Janu was eager to develop space capable ships and later develop warp capable ships. It was Janu’s mission to educate the Rokat and send them out to conquer Creation while it had few to stand in his way.
It was never really a fall, but rather a shift in power. Janu saw that Kidasuna Toki was more beautiful and sacred with holy sites. Janu moved the High Council to Kidasuna Toki. The people of Shikodu were happy to see the fame go. The city went into obscurity and hid this past as well. Shikodu was trying to return to a normal pace of existence that would otherwise have been if it were not for Janu.

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I hope this works. This is a newer picture of my map.

Travis Campbell
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I hope this works. This is a newer picture of my map.


I am trying to get hold of a copy of The Inugan Prophecy. Is it still available to purchase or download? I can't find it on scribld or lulu or any of the other links out there on the web.

Any advice would be appreciated!


02-26-2014, 01:42 AM
This is a really amazing historical account fictional or otherwise. I can see that you've either put a lot of time and effort into it or at least that its very important to you.
I've always been interested in mapping and I'm now a student in college studying simulation and game design. I'm currently learning unity 3d and would love to help you if you really do want to turn this into a game. I don't have that much free time but something this epic deserves attention, so if you wanna email me at causbyma@go.wpcc.edu I would be happy to help in any way possible.

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I am trying to get hold of a copy of The Inugan Prophecy. Is it still available to purchase or download? I can't find it on scribld or lulu or any of the other links out there on the web.

Any advice would be appreciated!

The book is a work in progress. This is the only location where material concerning the book can be found. Sacred School of the Prophecy (http://sacredschool.webs.com/)

The book is only available on my forum. I will be updating the Rokat Mysticism section probably in the next few days. The book contains rituals and incantations that actually work. I plan to create a single huge document for the book. It goes by the new title "The Janu Grimoires" right now, the only access is to post material on my forum, because I can't do that here. There is too much violence across the document.

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I am going to give this map another try, possibly my past attempt at it. I might only make three or four pages of the original planned map. I an already working on an overview map of the city of Shikodu and once that is done, I plan to only map out no more than four pages of the high detail maps showing the buildings. I know downtown will be my first. This is going to be slow going, because I want to draw something that appeals to be in a way that I keep the project going.

I am getting disappointed that many of my projects end up never being finished. I am really fond of this city, for its story within my greater universe.