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03-18-2013, 08:17 PM
Hi everybody.
I maked my first project of a fantasy ortographic map, on photoshop, for D&D.
I searched a video tutorial on YouTube and in the descriptions there was this site.
This is my project, it isn't finished, for example i want to change the sea.


I'm proud of this, it isn't perfect like some maps i've seen on this site, but i have a limitate knowledge of Photoshop, and for first project it's good.
Now i need some elements for finish it. Like brushes of trees in plants, and some symbols like cities, castles...
Can you help me?
And if you have an advice to improve it tell me.

And then i would make other maps, so if you have a video tutorial not hesitate to posting this thread.

I'm sorry for my bad english, i'm from Italy.

03-18-2013, 09:25 PM
Hey, welcome :D

I liked you shape, looks like exactly a world for a RPG :D
About help, i believe this thread will help you in a first search ( i like alots): http://www.cartographersguild.com/tutorials-how/16819-%5Baward-winner%5D-assorted-tips-tricks.html

After there u will find t he way to find more info.

03-22-2013, 02:02 AM
Hi. Welcome. Thank you for sharing your map work. The land surfaces look nice in roughness and colors. The sea color is too bright for me, like you said, you are going to change it. Ok, now some constructive feedback. I do not think it is orthographic projection. Orthographic shows the world as viewed from space, so, you see one side of the world, and it looks round. Also on orthographic projection (and many map projection types) your graticule (grid of latitude and longitude) would be curved. Your grid appears square. So study about "map projections" to learn some things that can help make this better and help you understand the size, shape, distances of your world surface. A related thought: you are showing part of the world, not the whole world, on this map. If it was the whole world (on a round globe world) any land crossing an edge would continue on the other side. For example your continent at the top goes off the top edge but where does it continue? That is why this is a large regional map, something less than entire world.

Next also study about rivers, how they flow (downhill). Some of your rivers look nice (such as the river on the southwest side of central continent, and, what looks like a dried riverbed or muddy river on the southeast side of same central continent). Some of your rivers are confusing, and need work, such as the river complex in the white snowy area, top left of same central continent. Here the river makes an unexpected X shape.

Good luck with your map work. Please post again.

03-28-2013, 02:08 AM
Welcome to the Guild! We appreciate you being willing to contribute right from the start - a map in your first post is worth a bit of reputation.

The map does look nice; as Gold says attention to a few details will improve it. An excellent tutorial near the top of the tutorials forum tells all about getting your rivers in the right place. The general rule you need to observe is that rivers do not usually split as they run downstream - rather they join. Other than that, there may be a few places where you have water flowing downhill where all that nice shading seems to indicate a rise instead of a valley. That trouble is not severe, since the shading is subtle.

Keep at it though - it is looking good.

Oh - and your English is plenty good enough to be understandable - no worries; you obviously speak fluent "map" :-).