View Full Version : The Lost Valley of Faenon~ An experimental Regional map

03-18-2013, 10:04 PM
It has been said by many scholars that it was in this place, the Lost Valley, that the Giants first took steps on this earth, and it was here that their civilization thrived before the arrival of Man and Fae. Underneath the surface of the valley lies a massive complex: primitive, crumbling, flooded in many places, but larger then any other city of Giants, with the exception of the Heart. On its surface is a city of man, shielded on one side by the mountains so tall, and on the other by the ocean itself. It is a place of legends and magic, the valley, and reeks of a forever lost history.

- Ednes Ithramar

This is very much WIP, I need to fix the text, add a compass, fix the trees and add some other stuff, but I like it so far.


(I cant seem to upload it for some reason, so I have to just link it, sorry.)

03-24-2013, 06:17 PM
You can't upload files larger than 4.7 or so Megabytes

It's an interesting concept, IMO you should make buildings less square and randomize the streets a bit to, so that they don't look like a grid. The rivers also seem to smooth, in real life, rivers erode the softest soil, which isn't always in a smooth curve.