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03-23-2013, 10:56 PM
I am the one known as killme226 and you shall bow before me as if I were a god 8|

...... Right, now that that's out of the way (what a strange quirk of grammar, "that that", but the first one really sounds more like "tha" more often than not doesn't it?), onwards to obligatory introductory forum post!

My hobbies and projects are many and varied, all linked together by the shared fact that I finish none of them. I enjoy things such as food, water and shelter and non sequiturs (oh god this chocolate rabbit tastes like sugar doused in old milk why am I still eating it). In my free time I like to draw with my trusty pen tablet and GIMP, become obsessively invested in it for one night, then put off finishing it until I forget about it. Maps are quite new to me, but seeing as I'm starting a very large-scale D&D campaign I figured I should make one, probably more for my benefit than the players. Still, I shall be using it as a reference throughout the campaign and it needs to look official and pretty. Then I figured out that my most extensive cartography experiences took place mostly during any class where I could sit in the back and use my left hand to make coastlines on a lined sheet of paper. Now all I have is a lined sheet of paper with the rough outline of a country and teriyaki stains scanned into my computer, ready to become awesome. Onwards, to the tutorials!