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03-29-2013, 07:09 PM
It is a bundle of comfort on the edge of the trade ward a place run by two former adventurers and frequented by many more, just passing into town to sell their loot or staying to explore the catacomb under the city. It has the reputation to be the safest inn in town, after all, who would be stupid enough to mess with such a concentration of might warriors?

This is a large inn that I made for two of my players, their characters plan to buy the place and retire one day...
As of right now, I have not worked on the furniture, mostly because I want to give my players the opportunity to pick up what they want once they buy the place...

This is the ground floor, with the kitchen on the top right:

This is the first floor where the customers' rooms are located:

This is the flat roof of the buildings. Two towers are also present on this floor:

Finally, this is the top level of the towers: