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Scribbler's Emporium
03-30-2013, 12:53 AM

I am a closet map-maker for self-use FRPs. I was pointed to this site by a friend and there is much talent here.
Hoping to learn some tricks of the trade.

Will post some maps soon.


04-01-2013, 05:33 PM
Welcome to the Guild Scribbler's Emporium! Well a lot of people come here lacking confidence in their own fledgling map-making abilities, but find that once they've tried out a tutorial or two, they are capable of much more than they imagined. So hang in there, practice working through a few tutorials, and ask for feedback on your WIPs. Look forward to seeing your work.


Scribbler's Emporium
04-06-2013, 02:56 AM
This is a great place for ideas. Lots of talent here!