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03-31-2013, 08:57 AM
This month's challenge was to map a puzzle dungeon - a map that requires brains as well as brawn to navigate - and we got some fantastic entries.

Look through the month's submissions:

Challenge Thumbnails (http://www.cartographersguild.com/challenge_thumbs.php?type=regular)

This month it's especially important to check out the WIP threads for the maps to understand the fiendish logic behind these puzzling dungeons.

You can vote for as many as you like. Be sure to rep all those entries you vote for and may the best map win!

The voting will last for 4 days and the winner will receive honour, glory, bragging rights and a golden compass.

- Max -
03-31-2013, 01:55 PM
Nice entries guys. My votes went to Larb and Yospeck dungeons, since I like the palettes used and the hand-drawn style. Bogie did a very good one too but my taste go more to the hand-drawn style. Some rep for all three though :)

03-31-2013, 02:17 PM
Yep, they got my votes as well, in addition to Larion. ...And I wish just once Schwarzkreuz would stop teasing us with awesome ideas and actually finish one... :D

03-31-2013, 02:40 PM
I think there's a trend here. nice challenge and nice to see some dungeons feature in the challenge.

looking forward to seeing what april has in store :)

Cunning Cartographer
03-31-2013, 06:48 PM
I love the look of Larb's map, but I think Bogie really went to town with his puzzles.

03-31-2013, 06:56 PM
I liked Yospeck and Bogie's maps because they looked good and had some great puzzles.

The others were good but they weren't really complete. The jigsaw puzzle one was a nice idea, and the forgotten crypts was nice, but there was not detail of the puzzle aspect (although cfds did explain that a puzzle just means jigsaw puzzle in german). Schwarz did a great picture again but no map! So I couldn't vote for it.

03-31-2013, 08:33 PM
Love this challenge. So hard to choose.

Though A Jigsaw Dungeon by cfds didn't get much attention, if one thinks about it, it could be quite useful.

For example, what if only one door could open without springing a trap or loosing more monsters. There's only one safe way through the map, winding around through several rooms, many with monsters lurking in wait. By the time the players get to the treasure room, if they've taken the right path, they made it pretty easy. Keep choosing the wrong door, however, and players are going to eventually start to die.

This would make characters who can detect and disarm traps vital, as well as scholarly ones who can decipher codes and cryptic, arcane writings. Many rooms could contain a riddle and solving the riddle would tell the players which door is safe to open. Maybe a door requires faith and a knowledge of holy scriptures to open. Also, maybe the correct door is just really hard to open, requiring great strength.

04-01-2013, 03:22 AM
I love these and all for different reasons.

04-01-2013, 06:53 AM
Great maps, my votes went to Bogie, Larb and Yospeck for not only great looking maps, but great puzzles as well. I would have loved to see what Schwarzkreuz would have come up with, the illustration sure wet my appetite ;) Thanks for all the work you've put in, I think some of these will make it into my ongoing D&D campaign :)

04-04-2013, 02:46 PM
Gah, missed the voting on this. Congrats to Larb on the win. :)

04-04-2013, 03:35 PM
I'm sorry I missed the voting on this. Wow, the quality of the entries....gratz Larb, Yospeck and Bogie (which were the three I would have voted for). Sorry Yospeck, it won't let me give you rep right now, but I'll do it later.

Cunning Cartographer
04-04-2013, 07:10 PM
Congrats to Larb on a great map.

*looks at Larb's map on the table as he starts walking out*
*looks back at Larb*
*pushes the map off the table onto the floor and walks out*


04-05-2013, 01:37 AM
Yospeck, you silly.... Congrats Larb! Great Map!

04-05-2013, 03:28 PM
Thanks everyone!

04-05-2013, 03:38 PM
Congratulations on your new shiny golden compass Larb!

05-24-2013, 01:36 PM
Hello guys...I missed the voting that is but i want to know that when the upcoming date is for the vote of the puzzle dragon?If any one tell me when the date is started?I shall be very thankful to you.