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Cunning Cartographer
04-05-2013, 02:04 PM
So whilst walking the dog this afternoon I was thinking about the One Page Dungeon Contest (http://www.cartographersguild.com/general-discussion/22864-one-page-dungeon-contest-2013-a.html) and I think that my head is still in puzzle mode from the CG March Mapping Challenge. So here's the rough start of the top'ish level of my future entry for tye OPD.

Adventure Synopsis

For centuries man has tried to use magic and science with a common goal in mind, to be able to transmute a worthless mundane item into valuable gold. For centuries man has tried and failed, no manner of spells or alchemic potions yielding to this potential discovery, or so it was believed. Deep in the heart of the Ahy'yhu Mountains the wizard and infamous alchemist Midas Goldcloak has dedicated his life to making this discovery, and against all odds it is rumoured that before he died he achieved it. Now his hidden trove has been uncovered, with your band of adventurers you aim to plunder his hidden workshop and try to uncover the truth in this rumour and, if it is there, the secret to transmuting gold and bringing you both wealth and fame beyond your imagination!



The main purpose of this adventure is that the players will find very little challenge as they work their way into the dungeon, very few (if any) creatures or beasts would be found, though a few puzzles to make it interesting for them. When they descend and reach the bottom level they will find Midas Goldcloak's ritual written in a book, an odd look item with jagged edges around the page. Unfortunately the book has been turned into solid gold and from the visible page only part of the ritual/alchemical formula can be read. The book is fastened tight to the golden pedestal and all are too heavy for the players to remove from the room. However, there is another notebook left by Midas to reverse the transmutation process so the players can turn the book from gold back to its normal property.

The Twist

The ritual will spread outwards from the book and begin to turn everything that is made of gold into it's natural property (items that were already gold aren't affected), as the effect spreads monstrous golden statues will come alive, traps will be activated, what seemed like a floor lined with gold was in fact a pit of acid that the players would not have to leap from step to step to cross. When the book is returned to its original state so to is the jagged edge that lined its pages; fire, Midas had set fire to his book before turning it to gold and so the pages burn and his secret disappears with him.

The players must then race back through the dungeon as fast as they can, removing as much treasure as they can before it becomes worthless, each room being effected after a number of turns (including the giant snake they would have climbed down at the entrance)!


04-05-2013, 03:26 PM
If you have not already, make sure you check out the previous entries / winners from the previous OPDC challenges! They are all on the OPDC website.

04-05-2013, 03:32 PM
What is the golden snake/dire caterpillar looking thingy? Is that one of the Goldtrified beasts?

I'm still trying to think of something for my entry. I want to do something mushroom related again but obviously, very different.

Anyway good luck to you! Just keep in mind text space is at a premium in the contest especially as your map gets bigger. I had to cut a lot of text last time.

Cunning Cartographer
04-05-2013, 04:01 PM
I've checked over a few Rav so I have a good idea on space and how much content needs to go on the page. This is just a section from the 2000x3000px (100dpi) main image, about 2/3 has been assigned for the map/images and so just a right column for text, etc.

The gold dire caterpillar (lol) is a snake that was turned into gold, the players will climb down it when entering the dungeon, when they try to leave if they dont get out soon enough then it will have turned back into its normal form and be a giant snake for them to fight.