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04-09-2013, 11:12 AM

So i have taken it upon myself to finally start working towards my dream job. That is being a self published writer (short stories, and novels.) I plan to do mostly sci fi and fantasy stories where i blend the two genres to some degree.

Now my plan is to write all of these stories set in a world my girl friend and i have been working on in our spare time. She calls it her "Happy Place" because she literally goes there every night while she is trying to fall asleep. This world is pretty in depth, but there is still room for artistic freedom too. I have a basic map outline and a rough drawing that we tried to do, however, we are not artists nor cartographers by any means. It would just be used as reference material i think.

I tried to do what i could with it like i said above I'm no artist and it just looks half assed. For my purposes i really want something professional looking, or at least more professional then I'm capable of creating. I am also very willing to hire an amateur map maker if the price reflects the quality of the work. I would prefer it if you're more capable then i am though. You can see how horrible my map making talent are by looking at this Third Draft by ~lokiie1984 on deviantART (http://lokiie1984.deviantart.com/art/Third-Draft-292569659?q=gallery%3Alokiie1984%2F36864949&qo=19)

What the map will be used for: The map will be featured on my books website. As well as having smaller sections cut out and blown up to be used in the stories. To show the reader where the story takes place at. Something similar may be done on the website to show where each race lives and what their territory is.

I would like to have the map be colored on the website but if need be i can do that myself.

Payment: First and foremost your name will be featured in each story and on the kindle page for each story (below the title where it lists Author, illustrator, editor and all that.) I have a small budget to offer cash payment for the work, but it may be less than a job like this would normally get. I don't really know what prices things like this would normally run. Also please be open to some negotiations on your price. I'm willing to work on it if you are.

Rights: As long as i have the rights to use it online and in the books, i don't mind what you use the map for. I would, however, like it if you linked to my main page if you post it online.

Contact: Please email me with offers, if possible provide a link to past works, or attach it in the email. My email is Macinley1 [@] yahoo [.]com I did the extra symbols in the email to hopefully avoid the spam bots. You can also contact me through my website Tainted Legacy - Tainted Legacy (http://taintedlegacybooks.weebly.com/) or my deviant art account lokiie1984 on deviantART (http://lokiie1984.deviantart.com/)

Thanks, i look forward to hearing from people :)

04-09-2013, 04:00 PM
Posting to let people know this job has been filled. Sounds like it will come out looking pretty cool.

Thanks to all that were interested :)

04-09-2013, 05:44 PM
Thanks, thread marked taken.