View Full Version : Jester's Tomb 2 versions. March Challenge entry and 1 Page Dungeon Contest entry.

04-10-2013, 02:24 PM
As the title states, this map was originally made for the March Challenge. Ravells suggested that I enter it in the annual One Page Dungeon Contest that runs in April. The Challenge map and write-up are way to large to compress onto one page so I cut the map in half and whittled down the room and trap descriptions. What I finished with just barely fit on a single page. The map is so reduced it has no details so I included a link to the full map that I posted at rpgMapshare.

Now I'm going to post both maps together here so you can see what changes I had to make.

53529 53530

In the attachments below are the full map write-up in .rtf format and the One Page Dungeon entry in .pdf.
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